Top Softphones of 2019 for VoIP Telemarketing Calls

Top Softphones of 2019 for VoIP Telemarketing Calls 1

Softphones were once a craze with mobile or home users. But, recently, office agents are also choosing to use softphones as a convenient replacement for traditional desk dialers. And it doesn’t matter if you already have an established service package for your phone, everyone wants to take advantage of low-cost calls for their business. So, our selection of top software phones in the market would help you select the best of the best. That is, you would find these softphones to be beneficial according to cost savings or any other benefits relevant to your business. Choose from the list of softphones which you would find tailor-made for your business!

Top Softphones of 2019 for VoIP Telemarketing Calls 2

We have used the word Softphones quite a few times, now let’s define it. Well, a Softphone is a software application that can be used in a computer, smartphone or a tablet for making calls over the internet using a VoIP service. The most important feature of a softphone is eliminating the need for a phone base unit or handset to make the calls.

That is, the software itself acts as a phone interface which enables the user to make, manage and receive calls from the interface screen. The conversations can be achieved by using a headset or a microphone attached to your device.

Benefits of VoIP Softphones

The installation and maintenance of desk phones can be difficult. And having a landline becomes a bigger hassle when an office moves into a bigger space. So, the VoIP softphones make it possible to maintain without any disruptions even when the office is moved as the software is installed on a computer and doesn’t require any re-routing.

It doesn’t require any additional hardware cost as a simple headphone with a mic would suffice.

The software makes it easier for agents who are travelling to communicate with prospects or team members. And the software makes it possible for them to use the same phone number that they use at their desk.

It gives you the option to convert smartphones into communication tools used for business. That too, at an affordable price.

Now that you know what softphones are and what are its advantages. You are ready for the list. And with this selection, we are sure that you would find the right softphone according to your business requirements. And it doesn’t matter if you are a small firm or a big establishment.

So, here are the top softphones currently being used by various call centers and businesses:

Top Softphones of 2019 for VoIP Telemarketing Calls 3

Skype Connect is easy to use software that helps to receive Skype calls on the office phones. It helps to make low-cost calls by integrating Skype with a VoIP phone system. And by adding Skype Connect to your business, you would save on communication costs with little or no additional upgrades.

Pricing: Custom Pricing. Although all incoming Skype calls through Skype Connect are free.
Key Features

Buy channels and allocate credit to your Skype SIP profile.

Configure your PBX or VoIP gateway with the profile details easily.

Instant Messaging

Video Calls


Top Softphones of 2019 for VoIP Telemarketing Calls 4

3CX is a multi-platform phone system that you can choose to use in your office or in the cloud account. It is easy to install and manage. Plus, it saves ample amount of time. It also has the capability of cutting the phone bills down by 80% a year. The software can be used on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android operating systems. The softphone saves licencing costs and licencing administration because of being free of cost.

Pricing: Free


Quick Installation

Ease of Use

User-friendly Interface

Key Features

Self Host (on your Cloud Account)

Automated Admin Tasks

Advanced Security

WebRTC based Web Conferencing

Instant Chat


Top Softphones of 2019 for VoIP Telemarketing Calls 5

RingCentral is an all-in-one phone, team messaging and video conferencing software which includes a robust and flexible cloud-based phone system. With the help of team messaging, you would be able to have effective real-time communication. The software keeps participants engaged with the highest quality video conferencing. It also helps share necessary files easily. It operates on Windows and Mac operating systems and provides a range of VoIP features on desktops and other devices. The software has four versions: Entry, Standard, Premium and Enterprise which offers a different range of functionality according to your needs.

Pricing: $16 to $55

Free Trial: Available


HD Quality

Intuitive User Interface

Key Features

Omnichannel Routing

CRM integrations

Agent Management tools

Actionable Analytics

Audio Conferencing

Instant Messaging


Top Softphones of 2019 for VoIP Telemarketing Calls 6

The 8×8 Virtual Office is a comprehensive unified communications softphone application with functionality for Windows and Mac desktops. The software integrates business softphone with visual voicemail, corporate directory, instant messaging, video calling, fax and many more options. This software is not a standalone softphone. As in, it is only available to download as 8×8 Virtual Office or 8×8 Virtual Office Pro. The softphone offers all the VoIP functionality of other similar applications.

Pricing: Free for Virtual Office


Integration with Social Media Applications

Key Features

HD Audio with Transfer, Park, and 3-Way Calling

Video Calling

Visual Voicemail

Call Forwarding

Caller and Calling Line Information

Premium Features only available with Virtual Office Pro:

SRTP Secure Audio

Call Recording

Sending & Receiving Faxes

Web Conferencing

X Lite

Top Softphones of 2019 for VoIP Telemarketing Calls 7

X Lite is a softphone application which combines video and voice calls in the phone’s interface. The software helps with the seamless transition from a traditional phone to the world of VoIP. the X Lite is basically the free version of Bria, which is another excellent softphone. It incorporates some of the best and popular features of Bria. The software includes video calls, voice calls, and messaging. Although, in order to use X Lite, your system must have a SIP-enabled IP PBX or access to an Internet Service Provider. And that the softphone is intended for evaluation purposes only. Plus, it supports Windows 10.

Pricing: Free


Soft Version of Bria

Presence Status using SIP SIMPLE

Key Features

Standard Definition Voice and Video Calling Support

Instant Messaging

SIP-based Call Signalling for working with a Wide Number of Networks

Comprehensive Contact List Support

Voicemail Support


Top Softphones of 2019 for VoIP Telemarketing Calls 8

Bria or Bria 5 is a dynamic Windows or Mac application which gives next-generation abilities for managing communications efficiently and easily. Bria replaces or complements your desk phone which allows you for making video calls and voice calls over IP. It also enables you to see the contact’s presence status, transfer information and files along with sending instant messages. Furthermore, Bria for Desktop can be enhanced with branding customization and options for features for large-scale deployments. The softphone can be integrated with many of the industry’s standard platforms and devices. On top of that, it includes features specially designed for enterprise and business users.

Pricing: $49.99


User-friendly Interface

Advanced Configuration

Extremely Reliable Application

Key Features

High Definition Voice and Conference Calls using various Voice Codecs

Send and Receive high-definition Video files up to 1080p Resolution

Telephony Features such as single click to call, speakerphone, 3-way calls etc.

Call Recording

Comprehensive Call History

Do Not Disturb Function

Instant Messaging

Presence Status

Enhanced Contact Management

Microsoft Office Integration (Windows Only)

Missed Calls Indicator


Top Softphones of 2019 for VoIP Telemarketing Calls 9

Line2 is a cloud-based softphone service which allows you to text and talk easily. Its unique feature separates business from personal calls and messages with a second phone number on all your devices. The software is flexible, that is, it gives you the power to handle business anywhere. Whether its taking calls or answering texts. The softphone provides an affordable full-featured solution for VoIP. It also offers an ideal solution for mobile workers who want to enjoy the full benefits of VoIP service.


Standard Plan comes at $8.30/Month

Pro Plan comes at $12.45/User/Month

Elite Plan comes at $16.63/User/Month

Free Trial: Available


Mobile Office with Business Features

Key Features (Standard)

Unlimited SMS & MMS Messaging

Unlimited Calling

Works over WiFi/LTE

Compatible with Phones, Tablets, Macs & Windows

Port Number for Free

Team Calling and Messaging

For Pro and Elite features, check out their website given above.


Top Softphones of 2019 for VoIP Telemarketing Calls 10

ZoiPer is an excellent VoIP softphone that searches through your contacts and displays them in a combined list for easier access. The software displays information of incoming calls so that you know who is calling before you answer. It supports multiple platforms such as Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS or Android. The intuitive interface incorporates Audio, Video, Fax and Instant Messaging. It improves upon the efficiency of the communications through CRM integration, number recognition and Thunderbird plugins. ZoiPer doesn’t run on Java, Flash or .NET Framework. However, it is written in C/C++ and assembly which results in low memory and CPU usage along with running perfectly even on older systems.

Pricing: $39.95

Free Trial: Available


User-friendly Interface

Contact Integration

Call Conference & Transfer

Key Features


Video Calls

Click 2 Dial Addon

Audio & Video Codecs

Phone Number Rewriting


Call Forwarding

Auto Answer

Instant Messaging

Unlimited Event Rule Handling

Cisco Jabber

Top Softphones of 2019 for VoIP Telemarketing Calls 11

Cisco Jabber is a softphone application which doesn’t limit productivity. It allows you to message instantly, supports video and voice calls, message through voice, desktop sharing, conferencing and others. It is available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. It also features integration with Microsoft Office so that you can call while working on a database. It provides up to 8 lines for audio and video calling within the Jabber Client. Moreover, developers can create Jabber Bots whose sole job is to send and receive messages along with launching chats and calls.

Pricing: Quote-based Pricing


High Definition Quality of Calls

Business-class Voice and Video

Key Features


Auto Integration of Android

Contacts for Phone Mode

Jabber Bots

Instant Messaging

Presence Status


Voice Messaging

Desktop Sharing


Top Softphones of 2019 for VoIP Telemarketing Calls 12

iSoftphone is a specifically designed software application for Macs and iOS operating systems. It is an easy to use application with a one-step configuration process which allows talking to other iSoftphone users in seconds. It is available in ClassicOS X, ProOS X, iPhone and iPad. The versions offer a full-featured VoIP service with a combination of a wide range of communication methods. The softphone has an intuitive call panel which provides quick access for functionality.

Pricing: $45

Free Trial: Available


One-step Configuration

Full-featured VoIP service

Key Features

High-Quality Video and Audio Calls

Quick Access to Contacts

Instant Messaging

Call Management

Desktop Sharing

Secure VoIP

CRM Data on Demand

Acrobits Groundwire

Top Softphones of 2019 for VoIP Telemarketing Calls 13

Acrobits Groundwire is an application software which allows making phone calls without the need for a physical device. Groundwire is a feature-rich mobile SIP client available. It is capable of replacing your desktop phone. The softphone comes preloaded with all the features you would expect in a softphone application. Moreover, it has been designed to run efficiently on mobile systems such as Android and iOS. And it supports multitasking and push notifications.

Pricing: $13



Push Notifications

Key Features

Video Calling

Call Conferencing

Voicemail Notification

Instant Messaging

Call Recording

This is our list of excellent softphones which would help you in ways you see fit for your call centers or businesses. If you have some knowledge of other outstanding softphones we might have missed. Feel free to contact us!

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