Argentina Company List with Updated Information


This Argentina Company List is your all-inclusive resource for finding new sales lead. With the help of this listing, you would be able to reach the right customer in a very short amount of time. And you can expect more by paying less for this comprehensive listing database.


The marketing resource is useful for generating prospective leads, marketing your goods to the right client, and exchanging invaluable information. Which, in turn, expands your base of operations. The Argentina Company List can also be used for effectively using your direct marketing campaigns.


The information in the Argentina Company List has been accumulated from sources which had been deemed authentic by our team of data brokers. Moreover, you would use this lead generation database for various business purposes such as acquiring new contacts, enhancing your business relationships and improve upon your outbound marketing campaigns!


Details of Argentina Company List

Argentina Company List

Argentina World Trade Center Association

You would find our Argentina Company List to be complete with 1,50,000 records of prospective clients. Furthermore, it also includes phone numbers of the same. Buying this lead generation catalogue would also give you access to 70,000 email addresses of several C-Level Executives such as HRs, CEOs, COOs, and more. We can guarantee that your telemarketing campaigns, as well as your email marketing campaigns, would benefit from our listing. Our business database includes the following categories:

  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Travel Companies
  • Real Estate Companies
  • Bakeries
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels


And more to choose from.


Things You Should Know Before Doing Business in Argentina

The Argentine Government plays a crucial role in the country’s business relations and new measures to stabilise the domestic business environment. Some of the things that should be kept in mind before starting a business are:


Time Period

There is a specific time period to start doing business in Argentina. It takes 14 procedures and 26 days to start doing business in Argentina.


Construction Permits

Getting a construction permit is a time-consuming aspect of doing business in Argentina. It takes 24 procedures and a year to get a permit. Obtaining a construction project permit and an Environmental Impact Assessment Certificate takes 150 days in total.



Getting approval for Electrical Plans from, say Edesur, an Argentine distributor of electricity, takes around 30 calendar days.


Property Registration

The registration of property for a business takes about an average of 55 days. Furthermore, the business has to acquire a Certificate of Ownership (Dominio) and a Certificate of Good Standing (Inhibiciones) from Real Property Registry first. It further increases the cost and time to the overall procedure.



Payment of Taxes in Argentina is a complicated procedure. They require nine payments throughout the year plus 405 hours. It becomes harder to navigate the system with multiple overlapping taxes which are extremely high and can become a significant business chore.


Overseas Trade

Trading across borders can become a challenge in Argentina. It is due to the country’s use of non-tariff trade barriers which can cost at least $2,260 to import each container and a minimum of 30 days to deliver.



The phone numbers in the Argentina Company List is scrubbed for any DNC. Although, we still recommend that you check the list again by conforming to the rules and regulations set by the Argentine Government.



Our team of data brokers have checked the email addresses in Argentina Company List to be free of spam. However, it would be wise to check the list again for your benefit. Moreover, you would find the database to have high deliverability. That is, the emails you send are guaranteed to land on the inbox folder. Furthermore, our listing has a low bounce rate!


Available Formats & Accuracy of Argentina Company List

It is our duty as data brokers to provide you with a listing which is easy to use. As a result, we have provided the catalogue in an MS Excel format. It is used by multiple companies and doesn’t require you to pay an expert to operate your data. Moreover, you also have the option of choosing to download our database in the following formats:

CSV (Comma Separated Values)

XML (eXtensive Markup Language)

DIF (Data Interchange Format)


Furthermore, you would find our Argentina Company List to be compatible with various Dialers and Call Center Softwares used by the Call Center Agents.


The information in the database has been authenticated from multiple public and private sources. This way you can be sure that the data you purchase is useful and not a heap of outdated material. Plus, we try our level best to give you a list which is at least 95% accurate, if not 100%.



Our Argentina Company List pricing is reasonable, affordable and cost-effective. We charge no extra fees or rental amount during or after payment. That is, once you buy our list, you would be able to use it without any restrictions. Furthermore, investing in our list grants you better ROI than any other list on the internet currently.

Argentina Business Environment for Investment



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