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The Australia Consumer Database is your one-stop solution for finding prospective leads in Australia. With the help of this consumer database, you would be able to market your products and services effectively to home owners, working class people, senior citizens and many others. And our consumer database of Australia is one of the better database on the internet currently.


You would be able to target specific customers from places in Australia directly on their home phones. You would find the information to be invaluable, increasing the chances of your marketing campaign’s success. Moreover, this lead generation list would give you the power to increase your prospects by threefold. With access to 6 million consumers, your call center would have enough potential customers to make a sale with the help of predictive dialer and progressive dialer.


Furthermore, you can use this Consumer Database of Australia for telemarketing campaigns with the phone numbers included. As well as, you can use the addresses on the record for direct mailing purposes by using techniques such as EDDM, etc. You would generate hundreds and thousands of B2C prospects by using this Consumer Database. Plus, it would give your business the necessary boost that has been missing!


Why Choose Our Consumer Database

We, at, strive to accomplish our objective of providing you with a Consumer Database list which would not only bring potential customers but also help you increase your revenue. Plus, unlike other data vendors, we look out for you even after you have purchased the database with our excellent customer service.


Our database is a powerful tool which has the power to help with your outbound marketing campaigns! Furthermore, the Consumer Database of Australia is available at a fraction of a cost of other such directories on the internet. Other data vendors might charge a monthly payment from you, but not us. We know paying a monthly charge amounts upto a huge total amount, in the end. So, what we have done is, we made the Consumer Database of Australia available at only a one-time payment. That is, you own the list and can use it in any way without any restrictions. So, now you tell us, why not our Consumer Database?!


Details of Australia Consumer Database

Buying the Consumer Database of Australia gives you access to contact details of 6 million consumers in Australia. This database includes the complete information of customers such as:

  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone Number
  • Zip/Postal Code
  • State
  • Address

Information such as the name helps you establish a personal contact with your customer. Moreover, the zip/postal code helps the salesperson schedule appointments in specific areas.


Things to keep in mind for the Australian Consumer Database

Consumer Database

Australian Communications and Media Authority

The phone numbers provided in the Consumer Database of Australia are checked thoroughly for DNC. Even then, we suggest that you check the listing for compliance with Do Not Call Registry in Australia. Moreover, there are some other telemarketing laws stated by the ACCC that you should follow before contacting the prospect. Some of them are given below:


Consumer Rights: You are supposed to follow rules when initiating contact with a prospect through unsolicited consumer agreement such as discussing the time and way to approaching the prospect. It also includes giving the necessary information to your prospect before making a sale. And the most important rule of the prospect’s freedom of changing his/her mind.


Salesperson Visitation Hours: This law states the time during which a salesperson can visit a prospect’s home. A salesperson isn’t supposed to visit a prospect before 9 am and after 6 pm on weekdays and before 9 am or after 5 pm on Saturdays. Moreover, they are strictly forbidden to visit on Sundays and public holidays. And if they are visiting then, they must absolutely tell you that a prospect can ask them to leave and if asked, you are obliged to leave immediately, not return for 30 days.


Telemarketer Calling Hours: The law is the same as the one above, that is, you are not supposed to call them on Sundays. Furthermore, if you call, you are to call between 9 am and 8 pm on weekdays. And between 9 am and 5 pm on Saturdays.


Identification: The law requires the salesperson to identify themselves. That is, you must tell the prospects your name, corporation’s name and address, and the purpose of their call or visit.


You should also check out the rules and regulations issued by ACMA.


Price, Delivery, and Update of Consumer Database

You would find the Australian Consumer Database to be cheap and cost-effective. Moreover, we don’t have any hidden or extra charge during or after the purchase. And investing in the Consumer Database would give you better ROI than any other Australia database on the internet.


With the help of our Digital Download, you won’t have to wait for the list to arrive through the mail. You can download the database instantly at the comfort of your office.


Furthermore, the Consumer Database is authenticated from various public and private sources for your benefit. Also, the list is updated on a monthly basis so that you would have access to any new information.


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