Cell Phone Directory

Price $299.00

Data Count

  • Total Records: 850000
  • Phone Numbers: 850000


  • First Name
  • Surname
  • Initial
  • Street
  • Suburb
  • State
  • Phone


  • MS-Excel
  • CSV
  • XML Data
  • DIF

Data Accuracy:

  • Over 95 percent


  • Data is verified once a month

Last Update:

  • Lists are updated every month.


  • Through Instant Download


Cell Phone Directory


Our Cell Phone Directory of Australia has all the necessary details you might need for your B2C telemarketing campaigns. Collecting and verifying a Cell Phone Directory by Name can be a tedious task, so we have done the job for you! Our data brokers have compiled a pre-packaged cell phone database of Australia, through which you can reach the target audience of your choice.


If you are looking for a customizable list of cell phone number directory, our website has that covered as well. We have given you the choice of viewing, sorting, and filtering as per the name, address, zip code, and especially the phone number. To make your very own customized cell phone directory by name!


This cell phone database of Australia has been scrubbed free of any DNC. So, you can push through to your potential consumers without any kind of difficulty. Our data brokers have prepared the list after sifting through a cluster of names, addresses and phone numbers.


The cell phone directory would prove to be very cost-effective with the risk for investments being very low. Our cell phone list is available to you as a one-time payment. That is, you just have to pay once and the list is yours for the lifetime. You can use the list in as many ways and as many times you would want without any restrictions!


So, what are you thinking about? Purchase the entire cell phone directory at just $299!



Cell Phone Directory
Australian Communications and Media Authority

With a total record of 8,50,000, our Cell Phone Directory includes the key statistical information of potential customers such as the name, initial, address, zip code, state and most importantly the phone number. This way you can geotarget your respective clients from the areas of Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Perth, Darwin and other such locations.


If you are planning to start a telemarketing campaign, the cell phone database list of Australia would give you a better ROI and help in soliciting prospective consumers. Our list would also open up newer opportunities for your business. With no hidden charges or rental fees, the cell phone number directory is available to you at a very affordable price.


Compatibility & Accuracy of the Cell Phone Directory

Our job as a data broker involves providing you with a Cell Phone Directory which is scrubbed free of any errors and would be easier to use. So, we have made the list available in an MS Excel format. It doesn’t require any kind of professional assistance and is known by many in the business community. Other than that, you also have the choice of downloading the list in the following formats: CSV (Comma Separated Values); XML (eXtensive Markup Language) as well as DIF (Data Interchange Format).


The cell phone number directory goes through an extensive authentication process. Where our team of data brokers verify the data every month and make the changes accordingly. Our team tries their level best to deliver you a list with at least 95% accuracy.


Update & Delivery of the Cell Phone Directory

The Cell Phone Number Directory of Australia is updated by our team on a monthly basis. So that the information which is provided to you is the current one. It involves making any necessary changes in the name, address, zip code, or even the phone numbers of potential customers.

Our website has an instant delivery service through which you would be able to receive this Cell Phone Directory by Name immediately. It means there is no waiting time for you to receive the list. And you would be able to download the complete list in a jiffy!


A Helpful Tip: Before you go ahead and jump start your business with our Cell Phone Directory, you should read through the Rules and Regulations issued by ACMA.