Australian Mobile Number Database And Directory

Price $199.00

Data Count

  • Total Records: 850000
  • Phone Numbers: 850000


  • First Name
  • Surname
  • Initial
  • Street
  • Suburb
  • State
  • Phone


  • MS-Excel
  • CSV
  • XML Data
  • DIF

Data Accuracy:

  • Over 95 percent


  • Data is verified once a month

Last Update:

  • Lists are updated every month.


  • Through Instant Download


About Australian Mobile Number Database:

Australian Mobile number database is the best mobile number directory available for Australia. If you are planning to run a mobile marketing campaign in Australia, this is the best mobile directory you can get your hands on.

The list of numbers though has to have the important information about the user such as name and address and without this information, the list is virtually useless.

Our Australian Mobile number list does have the essential information and it is up to date and accurate, this avoids what could so easily be just shooting in the dark.

Why to choose Australian mobile number list?

  1. The list is accurate and up to date.
  2. It contains 850,000 individual records and opens up more than just telemarketing opportunities.
  3. The data allows an individual to be marketed to personally 24/7 and should the person have international roaming than anywhere in the world.
  4. Text messaging and the use of social messaging platforms become tools that can be added to the marketing mix and provided the spam legislation and other laws adhere make our Australian Mobile number database a truly valuable acquisition.

Mobile marketing activities are becoming more popular with consumer-driven companies and having the right list of mobile numbers in Australia enables these campaigns to be implemented with ease.

The cost effectiveness of mobile marketing is a key reason for its growth and popularity. However, this cost saving can be lost with the wrong list of mobile numbers and having an accurate, reliable and up to date list is more important.

Like all our solutions our list of mobile numbers in Australia is accurate and frequently updated and our reputation for quality is upheld. You can also add these to your lists like UK mobile numbers lists etc.

Our Australian Mobile number list is available in a variety of common database formats that include MS-Excel, CSV (Comma Separated Values), XML and DIF (Data Interchange Format) and means your company can select the format that best suits your existing systems.