“LinkedIn is no longer an online resume. It’s your digital reputation.” – Jill Rowley, Social Selling Evangelist

“What can be an effective LinkedIn marketing strategy for B2B marketing?” – This is a common question among numerous B2B marketers who are looking for ways to promote their business on various social media platforms, including LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has been an underrated platform ever since its inception when it comes to marketing, however, ever since this social media platform was acquired by Microsoft, it has gained considerable traction in B2B marketing. LinkedIn B2B marketing strategy is quite simple to learn, and you as B2B marketer can take these up within a matter of no time. We bring to you 7 ways you can leverage lead generation on LinkedIn.

B2B marketing on LinkedIn

1. Make your company page on LinkedIn an attractive one

A compelling business page on LinkedIn, that is useful as well as informative is the first step to attract your target audience to the services or products that your organization has to offer. This similar to the business page you create from your profile on Facebook. On LinkedIn also, you can create a fantastic business page for your organization from your own profile.

Your company page remains discoverable by all LinkedIn users and will give a massive boost to your reach – you will have new followers as well as potential customers on the table with the help of your page.

2. Focus on content marketing on LinkedIn:

“Avoid producing random acts of content. Your content should be intentional and map back to business objectives.” – Alex Rynne, Content Marketing Manager, LinkedIn Content is king when it comes to marketing on any social media platform. Creating engaging content is the very essence of content marketing. You can be flexible in terms of the content that you put out on LinkedIn for promotion: they may be in the form of text, images, videos, pdfs, and docs.

Stats show that text remains the most consumed content on LinkedIn. Video content and docs also work well when it comes to B2B marketing on LinkedIn.

3. Turn your employees into influencers on LinkedIn:

Yes, you read that right! Your employees can turn into part-time LinkedIn influencers and help promote your business! B2B influencer marketing on LinkedIn works well with people who directly belong to your organization because it might be difficult to get CEOs or CMOs of other successful organizations to give testimonials for you.

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LinkedIn says that content shared by employees or salespersons of an organization receives 2x higher engagement than when shared by the company itself. Make use of this fact and let your workforce take over as influencers on this social platform.

4. Publish LinkedIn Articles:

You can directly publish articles on LinkedIn describing in detail about success stories of your organization, market research data, or even case studies of other organizations. The biggest advantage of publishing LinkedIn Articles is that these articles show up on the Google Search Results page as well.

Directly publishing your content on LinkedIn Articles gives you 10x more reach than simply making posts on LinkedIn with an external article link.

5. Leverage LinkedIn Ads:

LinkedIn Ad is one way you can directly reach your audience on this platform. You can directly target your audience based on their professional attributes, which include company name, skills, job role, etc.

Even though LinkedIn Ad is a relatively expensive option compared to the advertising that is done on other social media platforms, you will be directly interacting with the decision-makers through this, so better go for it.

6. Create LinkedIn groups for promotion:

Create a LinkedIn group for your company where you will be the owner and the moderator. This will open up ample networking opportunities for you.

Remember to focus on the members of the group and do not make it all about your company in a “salesy” way – this will lead you nowhere.

You can also search other groups on LinkedIn where you are likely to get potential clients as well.

7. Search for leads on LinkedIn:

The Advanced Search feature of LinkedIn will come in handy for you when you are looking for potential clients, because you may not find suitable prospects within your audience at all times.

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Even without having a Premium account on LinkedIn, the Advanced Search feature is available to you. You can make searches by applying suitable filters like location, workplace, and so on. Remember, the bigger your personal network is on LinkedIn, the better search results you will get.

Directly from the Advanced Search results page, you will get the ‘Save Search’ option in the upper right corner. This feature will help you to get back to that exact search and also set up alerts for the same if needed.

What not to do:

Taking up the same marketing strategies as you did in case of Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter marketing would not work for a professional network like LinkedIn, where your audience is more mature and is unlikely to respond to irrelevant content that does not hold much significance in terms of jobs, business or marketing.


LinkedIn marketing is all about increasing your brand awareness among your target audience through ads, posts, direct messages, articles, and more. We hope this article helps you with B2B marketing and generating leads on LinkedIn.