Why Leverage Social Media to Build Your Email List?

Social media and email listing

Why Leverage Social Media to Build Your Email List?

Social media is a great channel to create a buzz about something. The instant reach and the visibility a social media campaign creates has is unrivaled in the marketing world. You can reach out to a person one-on-one real quick. The engagement and the response rates are far high too.

Social media and email listing

Social Media goes perfectly Hand-in-Hand with email Marketing!

The only catch with social media is that a campaign does not live for long. Once the buzz is over, a campaign fades out of the minds of people. Here’s where it becomes important to consolidate the reach of a social media campaign to create a consistent list of people. Building an email list is the best way to do this.

Have a look at how people like to spend time online!

email listing on social media

Internet is the world of FUN!

Social Media – Stepping stones for better Email Marketing!

If you are a marketer and want to improve your email marketing list, then leveraging social media to strengthen your email list building is an important activity.

Social media Statistics

Fans and Followers, a Fleeting Phenomenon

It feels nice to see 10k or 20k fans or followers on your social media accounts, be it Facebook or Twitter. These numbers sound reassuring. But, what if for some unexplainable reason, your account is suspended? It’s a tricky position.

You will lose access to all those 10k or 20k fans or followers instantly!

If you have the email id of these fans and followers, it’s not such a bad situation.

Popular Social Media Channels for Email List Building

Facebook and Twitter are really the top two, when it comes to social media marketing. The reach these two channels have across all age groups is amazing. YouTube is the king when it comes to videos. Nevertheless, channels like LinkedIn, Vine, SlideShare and Google+ enjoy their share of dedicated users. These are some of the channels we will explore in this post to understand their role in email list building. Let’s take it one at a time starting with the popular ones.


Twitter started as an online news and social networking site. People can express their opinion in 140 characters and had the option to be seen by one and all. Soon it became a very popular micro blogging site that allows its users to express and also to impress. Individuals became brands. Brands had more personal reach. With all this reach it wasn’t long before the marketing potential of this channel was tapped. Twitter ads were born.

Twitter for Email Marketing

Make your Email Marketing Better with Twitter!


Twitter Ads and Lead Generation

Twitter ads are key to creating lead generation cards. Lead generation cards are a brilliant way to add images and call to action buttons on your tweet feed. These directly feed into your email list.

Sign up for twitter ads, find the cards option in the drop down menu of twitter ads and create a lead generation card. This is where you need to add the image and a call to action button.

Twitter Chats for Email List Building

Another really popular way of using Twitter for email list building is to host a Twitter chat. Many brands and companies host Twitter chats on a regular basis. Hubspot for instance, hosts weekly Twitter Chats about Inbound marketing.

A Twitter chat effectively brings together like minded people about a particular topic to discuss, ideate or even brainstorm. This brings in three benefits. First you as a brand create a social clout. Second, you have access to a ready pool of interested people. Third, this pool of interested people keeps changing.

A combination of twitter lead generation cards along with twitter chats will help you host a topic for discussion and collect email ID’s of interested people. A simple segmentation of the email database made so can help you create country specific email lists, for instance all email ID’s of Chinese participants in a twitter chat can be made as China email address list.

Participating in a Twitter Chat (1)


Close on the heels of Twitter comes Facebook. Facebook is probably the most wide spread of all the social media channels. It has literally captured the imagination of young and old alike. Though it started out as an online platform to exchange pictures and updates in a group of friends, Facebook now is a potential marketing engine.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads offer huge potential for demographic targeting. The possibility of minute customization and detailed audience insights make these ads a powerful tool. Naturally, the ad has to be appealing, timed right with all things in place to ring a bell with the target audience. In a single word, the ad has to be optimized.

Creating a Facebook Ad is a simple process. You just have to sign up for it, create an account, go to the ads manager, click tools and find audience insight.

Demographics are Crucial

Identify the age, country, gender, interests and other insights that feed into creating your target audience. Once this is done, create the ad and run the campaign. It is a good idea to give 48 hours to study the results of the campaign before casting the net wider.

Another important thing to do when running a Facebook ad is to choose a simply defined audience as a trailer to test your ad. This helps in studying the results better.

All leads generated via an FB ad naturally are linked to the email ID’s of participants which feed into your email list building. It is easier to build country specific email lists like Brazil email list through the demographic targeting that Facebook allows.

Social network Demographic


YouTube is the biggest channel when it comes to video content. If Google is the god for text based search then YouTube is nothing less for video content. You can practically find a YouTube video for everything, right from how to breathe to how to build a skyscraper! It is no wonder that YouTube is the second largest search engine.

Youtube marketing

Youtube marketing

Power of Tutorials

Tutorials are a common thing for most avid internet based learners. There are so many searches that start with ‘how to’. There are tutorials on almost everything on YouTube. From hair braiding to hacking, baking to building, making toys to robots, YouTube offers tutorials on every domain. Not just that, the tutorials extend to all levels of learners from beginners to people who know the subject.

Google and YouTube

YouTube was acquired by Google. This is good news because it helps rank the videos on YouTube higher on Google Search. Each YouTube video provides scope for about 300 words of content in the description field. This is your chance to include key words relevant to your video so that the search engine picks it up and throws in the search.

YouTube and Email List Building

You are done with videos and description. This is the major part of creating the tutorial. Now it’s all about using it for lead generation and eventually email list building. You can do this by adding in a call to action to subscribe to your email list.

In the parlance of YouTube these actions are done with a card. There are different kinds of cards that you can see on the edit screen of your YouTube Creator studio. Choose the option – ‘link’. This will help you tie up the video to your email opt-in page. People who come this far will leave their email id. This will help you build your email database. Sorting out the email database by country, for instance Australia email list, allows you to cater to a specific population.

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/M1_mXM5B9y0


SlideShare is more of a platform to present something online instead of just on your laptop. It is extremely common knowledge that a simple ppt on your laptop with limited viewers can be shared with the whole WWW family via SlideShare. However, it is absolutely uncommon knowledge that SlideShare is also a great lead generation tool to build your email listing.

how to generate lead on SlideShare

Time to generate More Leads!

Lead Generation

SlideShare has an in built lead generation tool which can be used for your email list building activity. This is how you can do: Access the form from the navigation bar -> Look for ‘collect leads’ -> Upload a new presentation or pick an existing one to go with the lead form.

Customize Your Leads

The lead generation form from SlideShare allows space for customization. The customization allows you to take basic data like name and email. It also allows you to pick details regarding country, demographics, targeting so on and so forth.

Get customized leads on SlideShare

Vouch on Better Leads!

People who come looking for SlideShare presentations mean serious business. They are looking for possible solutions. If you as a marketer want to present a country specific solution, then choose the country filter. For instance, if you have a solution specific to Belgium, the country option is a must for you to filter out the Belgium email list for a targeted marketing plan.

Placing the Lead Form

SlideShare allows placing the lead form anywhere on the presentation, at the beginning, somewhere in between or even at the end. It also allows making it mandatory, in which case, it is a powerful email list building tool.

Google+ Hangout

Google + Hangouts for lead generation

Make a smarter move for generating leads with Google+Hangouts

Google+ Hangout is a brilliant platform to host a webinar for conducting online seminars. It is an interesting and engaging way to be in touch with your current and future customers. It is also easier as you just need a gmail account. I mean, who doesn’t have a gmail account today! Right! Plus, it’s free. You don’t have to pay a penny to host a hangout. Can it get any better than this? Yes. How? Read on.

Expert Hangouts and Email List Building

A picture is worth thousand words. A video is probably worth thousand pictures. A live streaming video or a webinar is difficult to put value to.

You are the expert with respect to the product or service that you are offering. Host a free webinar. Create a promotional video. Make sure it is interesting and stirs up the curiosity value. Share it freely and invite people to be part of the Expert Hangout. Free advice from an expert is highly difficult to ignore for anyone! Let them get the advice free for a sign up for your webinar. You get your email list; they get their dose of expert advice. It’s a perfect win-win.

Engage via Hangouts

There are options to engage your participating audience in a live Q&A or use the showcase option to give immediate access to a document or a piece of content online to your audience. The more you engage, the better the chances of a loyal audience.

You can use YouTube to enhance the webinar as a video. Use the email list to engage with them way past the webinar by sending the video. This is also your time to send country specific material with segmented email lists like Dubai email directory. Attending to such details helps you improve both your social connect and email connect with your audience.

These are the really popular social media channels that can be used to improve your email list building. You can combine one of more of these channels to include others aspects for email list building like content upgrades, contests, giveaways or incentives. The idea is to tap the access to audience that these social channels give and consolidate it into something steady like an email list. Once you have the email lists in place, then slicing and dicing them by various segments is an easy job.

The bottom line for you as a marketer is not to neglect email marketing whether it is for an Austrian email database or a Belgian email list. All the social channels aid the process. Using the social channels helps you engage and retain even the contacts from the email list.

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