Finding Better ROI with Email Marketing & Display ads
Finding Better ROI with Email Marketing & Display Ads. Marketing has been a concept as old as our civilization. The 1960's became a saturation point for markets since their size remained same. Which led to a need for a competition which gave birth to marketing as a concept. Return on investment or in short ROI is the total profit that you get when you invest in some business. In this post, we are discussing and comparing the ROI of email
7 Must Avoid Email Subject Lines.
7 Must Avoid Email Subject Lines. The subject line of your email marketing campaign is extremely important. It lets the receiver know what the email is about. It is one of the most vital pieces of information receiver can see before opening the email. Hence, email subject line does have an effect on the receiver's decision, to open the email or not. Avoid making silly mistakes and blunders with these tips.   1. Email Subject Line
Increase Email Deliverability.
Increase Email Deliverability. A lot of things can go wrong in your email marketing campaign, to affect email deliverability. While this is a vast subject. And it takes time and experience to become an expert in it. There are still a few basic things. Which can help you increase your inbox delivery rate; Get more inbox rate from your marketing list using these 5 basic rules.   1. Use a Domain with Good Reputation. In
Trump Campaign Email
Trump Campaign Email. Did you receive an email from now president Donald Trump urging you to donate or to make America great again? That too without signing up to receive emails from Donald Trump? If yes, you are not alone. There are probably a few million like you who didn't subscribe to his campaign but ended up receiving the emails. This doesn't only include US voters. Reportedly many foreign dignitaries received the same
How Donald Trump-Used Email Marketing Successfully,
How Donald Trump Used Email Marketing Successfully. Donald Trump won the election against all odds. Even his biggest critics would agree, his use of media is phenomenal and it is the single biggest tool to his rise to become the most powerful man on the planet. Along with TV he also played his cards right for email marketing as well.   How Important is Email Marketing In US Polls? Here is a quote from Micheal Beach, who wor
Email Marketing With Gmail
Email Marketing With Gmail Email marketing can be made simple with Gmail with the help of google apps. Gmail is the most used email client around the world. Most of you probably feel at home with Google. So, why go for a complex email marketing service, when you can do email marketing with Gmail for free. But how can you use Gmail to send emails to hundreds of people? Well, you could just write an email and paste your whole ema
SMS Marketing Guide Pic 1
Here's a step by step guide for starting your own SMS marketing campaign - This would give you an outlook on SMS marketing. Before you dive in deep and do your own research. You will still have to do your own hard work, to put everything together. But this guide will allow working smartly. And more importantly, work in a structured way.   1. Define your prospects. The first step of any marketing campaign is to identify your p
Cost of telemarketing.
If you are thinking about starting a telemarketing campaign for your product or services. The first thing which might come to your mind is the cost. The cost of running such a campaign and the expected return on it.   Your campaign’s ROI would depend on the product you are selling. So you are the best person and probably the only person, who can do a practical estimate calculation. Unless you are in an industry where telema
Buy email list or create one.
There has been a lot of debate on whether you should create your own email list or buy an email list. From your website, visitors or just buy email list online. If you are new to email marketing and just learning about email marketing or digital marketing in general. It is very easy to become confused about whether to buy email list online or create one from scratch yourself. There are plenty of blog posts which advocates one method
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