Create your own email list from your visitors' email addresses, even before you launch the website. Are you are creating a hobby website for casual readers ? or "THE" website for your startup which you intend to grow rapidly. You would always need to reach out to the potential readers on the "launch day" of your website. Launching a website has become the norm for quite a while now. These tools do not only provide your emails from your
How to Design Email Newsletters.
  Design an email newsletter that people would want to read. An email newsletter is a great tool to engage your users. But most newsletters fail to get the attention they deserve. As a result, it gets sent to trash after a quick scan. Or even worse, it gets sent to the spam folder. Once your newsletter is sent to the spam, none of your future emails would reach the inbox. You only have a short span of 3 to 4 seconds to captur
Yesware Email Tracking Tool.
Here's a list of 10 best email tracking tools, with their features and pricing. Use them next time before you hit the send button. The email tracking tools work like google analytic for your emails. Helps you keep your email list clean and single out readers who are more involved in your email campaign. Understand your user behavior with these tools.   1. Yesware Yesware is one of the most used email tracking tool, if not the
Telemarketing for sartups.
Telemarketing for startups. If you are thinking about mass marketing (such as telemarketing & email marketing) your product or services to target users or businesses. There are multiple ways to do that. If you are a small business or an early stage startup, it changes everything. your options are not as many as it is for a well established and well-funded business.   Are you running a start-up on a tight budget? For a startup
Telemarketing works.
Telemarketing works. To answer this question let’s see some of the telemarketing data or stats available in the public domain. Let’s talk with the USA first. This is to the market research website statistics. There were approximately 2.2 million people employed by the call center industry in the US alone in the year 2015.   Telemarketing data or stats on telemarketers in the US. Granted, most of the people working in the US
Rules of Buying an Email List
Rules of Buying an Email List. If you are reading this, You are probably looking to buy an email list for your business to grow sales; this is a common factor all over the world, no matter what industry a company is in. No matter if the economy is doing well or not. The fact is companies always need more sales. There are many ways to achieve sales some more hard work than others.  One of the most powerful ways to grow a business is throu
Contact Prospects on Their Email at The Right Time
Contact Prospects on Their Email at The Right Time Email is a powerful and cost-effective way to contact customers or prospects directly. In many cases, it is actually as good as free to use. Direct Email Marketing is NOT Spam. It is a sophisticated system of highly targeted and even individually created email messages aimed at a specific and direct audience being sent. With email marketing is relatively straightforward to use. It is easy
Money is in the right Email List
Money is in the right Email List Every email contact list has nuggets of success. Some have more than others. The success lies in extracting the information from any contact list. This information is easier to extract when it is matched to your needs. Your industry or your region. The more you understand what you want from a contact list, the better our chances of a greater reward. The money is truly in the right contact list. Understan
Contact decision makers directly
Contact decision makers directly Buying an email list has been given a great deal of negative press over the years.  Some say buying a list is like cheating and others can rightfully give buying an email list bad press because they have been duped or just let down. Buying an email list is not, as many would assume or hope for buying a customer list.  It is exactly what it is, a list and once this is understood the quality of the list
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