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Ideal Partner for Email Marketing Sign-up form is your Answer 14
Sign-up Form, an Ideal Partner for Email Marketing I teach Email marketing online. My philosophy behind teaching is ‘the more you teach, the more you learn!’. I also believe in engaging my students throughout the session by asking questions. Sometimes a question can lead to really interesting discussions. One such instance reproduced below for your reading pleasure. Me - What is one thing common to all websites?        Student 1
My sister loves to travel. She finds visiting foreign nations a very entertaining and enriching experience. She explores the food, the local cuisines, and shops (a lot!). She also spends time understanding their cultures of that country. She was once in Japan and was in a similar culture understanding mood. In the flow of conversation, she wanted to say something. The twist is, she wanted to say it in Japanese. She found the relevant words for i
What happens when you end up talking business with a Spanish client who takes your English to be French? Or a Chinese client who thinks you are speaking Tamil with them? You feel stuck in the midst of an ocean with no rescue and no companion to understand your pain, cause they don't understand your language! Trust me, it's not funny, you are trying to expand your business to every corner of the world and if language serves to be a barrier it is s
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