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Tips to Buy Quality List for Lead Generation Finding new leads can be fairly easy, but finding leads which turn out to be quality prospects can be difficult. Lead generation is an important part of the marketing industry which ‘leads’ to a huge number of prospects. However, what happens most of the time is, the businesses/clients fail to know which lists are perfect for them. In these cases, you face various problems such as outdated informa
Call Script for Financial Advisors Financial Advisors in general advice clients and customers on how to manage their finance or money properly. However, their job just doesn’t end there. The advisors also render financial services to clients/customers on the basis of their financial situation. And sometimes the financial advisors need a call script to persuade a customer or a client for a financial product. These products are obviously deemed
Top Softphones of 2019 for VoIP Telemarketing Calls Softphones were once a craze with mobile or home users. But, recently, office agents are also choosing to use softphones as a convenient replacement for traditional desk dialers. And it doesn’t matter if you already have an established service package for your phone, everyone wants to take advantage of low-cost calls for their business. So, our selection of top software phones in the market w
Factors to keep in mind while choosing a Call Center Software A corporation or a call center not only thrives because of well-trained employees and executives or excellent cold calling scripts. Other than some of these prerequisites, an excellent Call Center Software plays a vital part too. And it doesn’t matter if you are a digital marketing company or a traditional marketing company, you need a perfect software to keep your company going. B
Complement your email marketing with SMS.
For every business to survive and grow it needs a good sales plan. Businessmen often draw up a quarterly sales plan depending on the seasonality of the products or services and employ measures to achieve the sales target accordingly. Telemarketing is perhaps the most powerful tool that any business can have to generate lead and convert it into sales. A telemarketing phone number list is perhaps the most treasured weapon a business has to mak
Marketing Campaign for people over 50's
There was this YouTube video of Paddy and Nico doing a salsa dance that went viral. It hit about 55,262,684 likes – a really huge number. The reason why this video went viral according to me is that it features an 80-year-old woman, Paddy doing the salsa. Salsa is a dance known for its moves – the sensuous and also the quick ones. Imagining Jennifer Lopez doing the salsa like in the movie, ‘Shall We Dance?’ is easier compared to Pa
Marketing to Consumers vs Businesses. Is Just Apples vs Oranges.
Marketing to Consumers vs Businesses. Is Just Apples vs Oranges.   ‘Apples and Oranges’, is the very first thought that pops in my mind when I think of B2B and B2C marketing. They are both marketing aimed towards people who decide, but the differences are enough to make them as different as an Apple compared to an Orange. B2B or Business to Business marketing is when you as a business owner are marketing your product/service
Telemarketing still works. You had a long week at work and a successful one too. You are looking forward to the weekend. The weekend is here. You just want to relax, sit by yourself, and catch up on a favorite movie with your favorite drink in hand. Everything rolled out just the way you planned in your mind. There are the drink and the movie. Your cozy ergonomics recliner is adding to the joy of the moment. Nothing can go wrong! You
Cost of telemarketing.
If you are thinking about starting a telemarketing campaign for your product or services. The first thing which might come to your mind is the cost. The cost of running such a campaign and the expected return on it.   Your campaign’s ROI would depend on the product you are selling. So you are the best person and probably the only person, who can do a practical estimate calculation. Unless you are in an industry where telema
Telemarketing works.
Telemarketing works. To answer this question let’s see some of the telemarketing data or stats available in the public domain. Let’s talk with the USA first. This is to the market research website statistics. There were approximately 2.2 million people employed by the call center industry in the US alone in the year 2015.   Telemarketing data or stats on telemarketers in the US. Granted, most of the people working in the US
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