Small Business List for B2B Leads

Leads Generation occurs when a particular customer takes interest in your products and services to become a potential buyer. Business leads generation is the exchange of products, services and information among two or more business corporations for profit. And our list includes information on companies active in the USA or UK you can generate leads with! Business Leads we offer are of the highest quality available on the internet right now. Our business database includes everything that you would look for in a business lead. Using our leads would boost your campaigns by almost 60%!

Our collection of company database works as a:


B2B Telemarketing List: A Business to Business Telemarketing List is also known as Cold Calling. It is a marketing tactic to interest a prospective business into a commercial transaction. It builds rapport between two companies or more over the phone. It involves raising awareness about a brand. And building the company’s image and credibility among new and old clients. Most importantly maintain profitability with a continuous supply of leads. Our business leads are scrubbed of any DNC so that you can push through to your client.


B2B Email Marketing List: A Business to Business Email Marketing list involves using emails to send advertisements, request businesses, solicit sales. And it is meant to build loyalty, trust and brand awareness among different companies. It is significantly cheaper and faster than any other marketing tactics. Our email list has a high inbox rate with fewer bounces. In other words, the emails you send would land in the Inbox page instead of the spam folder of your respective clients. And the emails wouldn’t return to you after being sent.


Direct Marketing: Direct  Marketing is a form of advertising where organizations communicate directly to clients through a variety of media including cell phone, telephone, emails etc. Both Telemarketing and Email Marketing falls under this.


What You Get




Our business leads include the company name, its address, its postal code, its telephone number, its email address. We also provide the unique 4 digits SIC, NAICS and ANZSIC code of respective businesses in over 80 countries. With the help of our leads, you would be able to geotarget the location of business companies of your choice. Our leads also have a greater conversion rate than any other list! You would be able to reach prospective clients in a very short period of time.


SIC Code

We provide you with a unique four-digit code of various businesses. The SIC or Standard Industrial Classification is a system which classifies industries with a unique four-digit code. It is basically a classification to identify industry areas by the Government. In the United States, it has been replaced with NAICS or North American Industry Classification System. Although some governmental bodies still use the SIC code.


Some of the other unique codes are as follows:


  1. International Standard Industrial Classification (ISIC)
  2. Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS)
  3. Industry Classification Benchmark (ICB)
  4. Australia and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC)


Who Benefits The Most

The Business Leads database is not only limited to the corporations who have already established themselves. It would especially benefit many smaller businesses as well as start-up ventures with our small business list. Since the list is available at reasonable and cost-effective pricing, these businesses would be able to start off at a high note. That too, in a very short amount of time! These lists would help the small businesses expand their client base with a steady stream of leads. By identifying the right target audience, these ventures would have successful business growth.


  • Cost-effective
  • No rental charges
  • No hidden costs
  • Instant download
  • Monthly updates
  • Monthly verification
  • Available in different formats
  • One-time payment


Other than the mentioned features, you also have no restrictions for its usage. That is, you can use the business leads in any way and as many times as you want! So, don’t wait! Start ordering now!