Canada Business Database with 1 Million Records


If your business is looking for new prospects in Canada, without having to manually spend your time and resources in finding them. Then emailnphonelist is your perfect solution. The Canada Business Database with its 1 million records would provide you with everything that your business might require.


This Canada Business Database works as a mechanism which helps you to acquire new engagements, solicit sales and enhance business relationships, that too at a marginal cost. Our database also works as a B2B email marketing database. It gives you the power to maximise your marketing campaigns by reaching the right target audience.


The lead generation list of Canada would help you market your products and services more effectively. You would be able to filter your search according to the industry, category, number of employees etc. This listing is the most comprehensive, updated resource for finding business leads.

Details about the Canada Business Database


Canada Business Database

Griffin Business Centre, North Vancouver

The Canada Business Database gives you access to 1 million records of various companies currently active in the country. The list includes key information about a corporation such as the company name, address, industry, city, province, fax number (if it is available) and email addresses of various businesses in the country.


The Canada Business Database includes the unique SIC Code of the enterprises. And with our catalogue of prospects, you can geotarget a specific business from a city of your choice such as Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ontario, Calgary, Winnipeg, Hamilton etc.


Below you will find some of the major business categories you can choose your prospects list from:


  • Hospitality
  • Medical
  • Retail
  • Services
  • Trade


And more.

Email Marketing

The email addresses in the Canada Marketing Database are guaranteed with a high inbox hit and low bounce rate. You would also find our list to have deliverability of at least 85%. Although we don’t ensure the checking for Spam entirely, it would be wise to check the database once more. This way, you can comply with the the rules and regulations set by the Canadian Government.


Telemarketing Tips for Newcomers

Without the right Call Scripts, Lead Generation list and outbound marketing campaigns, your dreams may come to a hold even before it starts. Sometimes your prospects may sound rude, or sometimes you end up being tongue-tied, not knowing what to say at the crucial moment. However, there’s no need to worry, some of our tips might just be of immense help to you. Professional B2B telemarketing is an effective way to boost sales opportunities and drive revenue. Below are the tips you should follow:

Sounding like a Telemarketer

There is a big misconception that you should always say what’s written in the sales script. However, there is a difference between focusing on the objective of the script and blindly following every letter in it. You are supposed to sound relaxed and comfortable when speaking to a potential client. Therefore instead of using, say stock intros, try to sound more genuinely interested plus interesting. And your conversation will have some fluidity.


Planning is everything when you are targeting prospective clients. A dialer can only do so much as screening calls which are going to voicemails or are invalid. After that, it depends on the information of a leads list. But, bad information might just make it ten times difficult to pre-plan your conversation. Thus, your planning should incorporate the identification of your target market. That is, the ideal customer for your product. And this is done by purchasing a quality lead generation list like ours.


It is always wise to get some guidance on the techniques which ticks in telemarketing. It helps in enhancing the results of a cold call. Sales people love to talk, but, successful are those who also listen.

Being Resilient

Telemarketing is as difficult as talking to someone who you don’t know, have never spoken to and who isn’t willing to talk to you. Thus, you should prepare yourself for some rejections. Your focus should be on the goal, and not on how your prospects talk to you. It is essential to learn dealing with rejections and moving on to the next caller.

Handling Rejections

Rejections are a part of the telemarketing business. And there will be more No’s than Yes! Therefore, it’s a good thing to embrace the rejections. Rejections give you the opportunity to learn where you went wrong and find new ways to convince them. These rejections shouldn’t come as a surprise to you as it prepares you for the worst and doesn’t affect your long term goals.

Motivating Others & Good Questions

Customers wouldn’t want to converse with you if you turn out to be bland or uninteresting. Telemarketing your products can be tough, so you should always assume a positive outlook when conversing with a client. After all, they don’t know what happened in your last call. Proper questions are vital for a good performance as it on relies on the prospect willing to speak more than the call center agent.

Starting a Business in Canada


Update & Delivery of Canada Business Database

The Canada Business Database is updated on a monthly basis with changes being made in the data accordingly. This ensures that the data you receive is always the current one.

With our instant delivery service, you won’t have to wait for your list to be delivered in a CD. You can download the Canada Business Database in a matter of seconds with our digital download.


Pricing & Investment of Canada Marketing Database

Along with our speedy delivery, the business database comes with no hidden charges or any rental cost. You would become the proud owner of our business leads which is valid for a lifetime!

For your reassurance, we send a detailed order receipt after you have bought the list. And you would find our listing to be cheap and cost-efficient. Furthermore, investing in the record would guarantee double the returns!

Don’t wait! Buy the Canada Business Database now at just $249 for your business’s successful growth!


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