Cell Phone Numbers List for B2C Marketing

Since the advent of Cellular Phones, the distance one needed to cover for communicating with another had shortened significantly. Similarly, our Cell Phone Numbers List has been compiled from a cluster of information on various consumers to bring to you only the relevant ones. This way we have shortened the distance between you and your prospective buyer. With the help of our lists, you wouldn’t have to look for another list on the internet. Because ours is an all-inclusive list designed to take care of all your marketing campaigns.

The Cell Phone Database includes information, not only on prospective customers with a stable income but also those who are starting a new job: The Younger Generation. And with this list, you can easily reach these younger people who use Cell Phones on a daily basis. Our list is guaranteed to help you market your products and services very easily. And this is possible because of the seamless technology of mobile phones which can be carried anywhere and fits in a pocket!

Mobile Marketing

Our Cell Phone Numbers List can be used for any marketing activity by which you would be able to connect with your potential buyers. It is done through a personal mobile device at a sustainable pace. You can use this list to provide your potential consumers with information on your products, services, and propositions. Moreover, these lists would help you promote the goods and services offered by your enterprise.

Furthermore, our List of Cell Phone Numbers can be used as a:

SMS Marketing

Through the years, SMS Marketing has become a permissible advertising channel in many parts of the world. This marketing technique is very effective because, on an average, every user opens an SMS Message 98% of the time. This ensures that your sent messages would be read by 98% of your prospective consumers. This marketing method can also be used as an inbound and outbound strategy such as for lead generation, sending messages for promotion, contests, appointment, donations, reminders for events etc. SMS’s sent for SMS Marketing are read within 3 minutes and are highly effective in reaching the right recipients. This technique would help you send bulk SMSes to the potential customers without a hitch. And it would help you create an impression on the client’s mind with your goods which they want.

Some Do’s & Don’ts while Direct Marketing


  1. Use these lists to your advantage by connecting with the people who are willing to buy your goods and products.
  2. Explain to your customers why your product is better than other countless goods in the market.
  3. Be wary of when you are sending the texts. That is if you were in the customer’s shoes, you wouldn’t want to receive messages at odd hours, say 2 am on a Tuesday.
  4. Send promotional offers and discounts to regular customers who are loyal to your company. It will help hone your brand image in their minds.
  5. Break down customers according to the products they purchase the most. This way you can determine which product would entice them while making a cold call or sending a text.


  1. Bother someone by trying to market a product which they have no need of.
  2. Bombard them with messages which would, in turn, make them put you in a DNC registry.
  3. Try to entice them with fraudulent offers and products.
  4. Burden your precious customers with constant calls when they have already told you they are not interested.
  5. Be rude when a prospective customer declines your offer. Thank them and tell them to have a nice day.

What You Get from our Cell Phone Numbers List


Our Cell Phone Numbers List has been prepared with respect to the classification of a consumer’s data such as their name, address, mobile number, postal/zip code, city, state/province/county, country etc. The lists also include the following categories according to which you can search for numerous prospects:

  • Income Details (To determine the Spending Power)
  • Marital Status
  • Number of Children (If married)
  • Property Details

This way you can search for the customers from several cities & countries without any hitch.

Accurate Information

As data brokers, it is our responsibility to provide you with information on consumers which is useful. We ensure that the Cell Phone Numbers List you receive is accurate and free from any misinformation. That is you won’t find the list to be filled with junk. On top of that, our team of data brokers verify the list from numerous authentic sources for your benefit.

Affordable Price & Customization

You would find the Cell Phone Numbers List to be cheap and cost-effective. This way any business can buy these lists at an affordable price. And we can guarantee that you would find the list to be better than any other list on the internet. Plus, these lists are available at the same price for everyone, it doesn’t matter if you are a big company or a small enterprise. The list is generally downloadable in a pre-packaged format. But, you also have the option of customizing the list with information according to your wish!

Format & Investment 

Microsoft Excel is a format which is used by countless business corporations in their day to day handling of data. It is a format which can be used by someone with even a minimum computer knowledge. And we provide the Cell Phone Numbers List in this very format for your comfort. Plus, using this format doesn’t require you to pay any professional to handle your data. Also, if you invest in these lists, you stand to earn a greater ROI.

Digital Download 

We introduce to you our instant download service. With the help of this service, you won’t have to wait for your lists to arrive on a CD through the mail anymore. We have made the lists completely digital for your comfort and benefits. This way you can get your lists at the comfort of your office.


  • One-time Payment
  • Cost-efficient
  • Affordable
  • Monthly Updates
  • Monthly Verification
  • Instant Download
  • Available in different formats including MS Excel
  • No Hidden Charges or Rental Fees

So, avail all the above-mentioned advantages by ordering now!