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What is a Cold Calling Script? To say the least, a cold calling script is a written set of texts which has been prepared to persuade customers and businesses to buy your products and services. When making an outbound call, oftentimes you would find customers hanging up on you. And that is even before you had the chance to pitch your product or service. Why is that so, you might wonder.


Well, often it happens that these calls turn out to be bland or boring because of which many prospective consumers are tired of listening to the same things over and over again. And dialers can only do so much as connecting you to the prospect. So, what are you supposed to do? Fret not as our Cold Calling Scripts would help you the next time you are about to market something to prospective clients. These scripts would especially help with your b2b telemarketing campaigns and email marketing campaigns.


cold caling scripts


Now that you have some knowledge of what Cold Calling Scripts are actually.


Let’s move on to some examples of Cold Calling Scripts that would be useful to you:


Example 1: Cold Calling Scripts for Real Estate by RealEstateExpress

“Hi, this is such and such (pause) from such real estate company.


(Pause) May I have a moment of your time?


If the prospect says Yes, then


I am calling because our company has buyers looking for a home in your neighbourhood. Are you thinking to sell in the near future?”


What makes this cold calling scripts so effective?

It’s Precise and Fast.

It’s is short and inoffensive. That is, the script saves time and even stops prospects from getting annoyed.

It is an uncomplicated and tactful script. It means that the message gets across without any trouble and doesn’t make the consumers confused.

The pauses in the script allow having a flowing conversation. It is helpful because the recipients are not waiting for your call, they are busy doing something. So, it helps them understand what you are saying.

It elicits a faster response from your prospective clients. The short script allows the customers to decide on the spot. As in, the last line “Are you thinking to sell in the near future?” calls for action. If the customer says Yes, then he/she is willing to sell and if No then you got your answer.


Example 2: Cold Calling Scripts for Sales by Yesware

Hey [Prospect Name], [Your Name] from such and such here. (Pause) Hope your day is going well.


I’ve had my eye on RealDrive for a while and (pause), I just saw you guys close a recent round of funding last month. BIG Congratulations!


So, I noticed that you guys are hiring for a Sales Op role right now. It sounds like you guys have a need to manually enter the data into [Software Name] and spend large chunks of time onboarding new reps. I imagine that can get frustrating.


(Pause) There’s something I hear often. [Company name] was built to alleviate all these issues. We auto-sync activities like calls, emails, and meetings to CRM so reps don’t have to, which keeps data accurate without monitoring. (Pause) Does your team currently use any sales enablement tools?


(Personalize from here and make your ask).”


What makes this cold calling scripts work?

The script starts with a pleasant introduction which sets the mood for the conversation.

It then introduces a connecting statement which furthers the goal of the cold calling scripts.

After setting the tone of the conversation and the client has lowered his/her guard, the script states the reason for calling. This reason makes the customer think long and hard.

It then proceeds to tell the customer what its product is all about and what are its qualifications. Moreover, it informs the customer what qualifying them to be better than their competitions.

The last part of the script gives you the freedom to personalize the way you want and ask them if they want to buy your product or service.


Example 3: Cold Calling Scripts for SEO by Ryanwashere

Hey! This is [Your Name] with [Your Business]. I found your business through Google ADs. (Pause) If I told you I have a way to drastically cut your monthly advertising spend while driving better results, would you be interested in hearing more?


If the client says Yes, then


Awesome! Our firm specializes in SEO. SEO is the process of getting your business to appear higher up in Google rankings than your competitors.


I did a little research and found that your exact services get typed into Google an average of 2,000 times each month…


You’re currently investing in Google ADs. They can be effective, but they’re expensive and temporary…


Is getting more customers at a lower cost something you’re interested in?


If the client says Yes, then


Perfect! We’re a small firm based in [City Name], but of the partners, [Enter Name], will be in your area on Thursday, [Enter Date]… How does 3 PM work for you?


Similarly, if the client says Yes, then proceed with your script according to the website.


Note: The above conversation isn’t the complete script. If you would like to read the entire script, please visit the website given above.


What makes these cold calling scripts work?

First of all, the tone of the cold calling scripts is polite and pleasant. It helps in lightening the mood of the customer.

It asks if the client is interested in hearing more, which gives him/her the freedom to choose. The script gives them the power of whether or not they would like to invest their time in listening to the sales pitch.

The script compels the client to invest their time in listening to what the marketer has to say.


Example 4: Cold Calling Scripts for B2B Call by ProfitBuilders

Hi, [Prospect’s Name]


Prospect: Yes?


[Your Name] here (Pause) from [Company Name]. Do you have a quick minute?


If the client replies Yes, then


Great! [Prospect Name], I’m sure you’re a busy person and want to respect your time, so I’ll be brief. The reason for my call is this. (Pause) We specialize in [working with small business owners, salespeople, managers, etc.) so that you/they can [state a compelling reason]


Well, Mr/Mrs/Miss [Prospect Name], depending on what you are currently doing, I don’t know whether you have a need or an interest in our services. But, with your permission, I was hoping to ask you a few questions and see if there is anything we are doing that you could benefit from. Would you be comfortable spending a few minutes with me if I stick to my timetable?


If the client replies with a Yes, then you can ask a few clever questions to establish the prospect’s pain points. It can be followed with confirmation and scheduling the next step.


Note: The above conversation isn’t the complete script. If you would like to read the entire script, please visit the website given above.


What makes these cold calling scripts effective?

The script is precise and professional in its tone and voice. It influences the prospect to listen to what the salesperson has to say.

It is brief and to the point. It doesn’t waste time taking the customer on a ride.

The script asks for permissions and is polite enough to ask the customer what it wants. In other words, it raises curiosity.

It asks all the right and smart questions to the customer.

The script tries to learn about the prospect’s needs in the questions itself.

The above examples of cold calling scripts would help you get a basic knowledge of effective scripts for telemarketing purposes. But, that is not all, now we will tell you how to write your own Cold Calling Scripts.


Writing your own Cold Calling Scripts

cold calling scripts


Cold Calling Scripts are very useful if it has been prepared with excellent research which covers everything about the prospect. However, most of the scripts nowadays fail to influence them. So, let’s not waste any time and get down to ‘business’:


Step 1: Categories

The very first thing that you should do is select who you will call. Don’t waste your time as well as theirs by selecting a market/category which isn’t relevant to your product. Decide who your best customers are by looking at past records and look for things in common. For example, maybe your categories are Real Estate and Hotels or Bakeries and Bridal Shops. And once you have figured out which category to target, you are ready for the next step.


Step 2: Identifying a minimum of 20 Potential Prospects

Now that you have identified the category which is the perfect fit for you, you can start your search for potential clients with whom you would be willing to do business. It would be much easier now to find specific people or corporations who could use your product.


Say, you are using LinkedIn to look for hotels who would benefit from your on-site massages. You can search for “People who work at a Hotel” with the filter for hospitality on. Just a small tip, people doing businesses with local or regional companies. So, if you are an Arab looking to do business in Dubai, then luck is on your side! That takes us to the final step in the creation.


Step 3: Research your Prospects and Create the Script accordingly

Patience is the key to success. Rather than making a rash decision and cold calling scripts your list of prospects immediately, spending time doing some research and preparing a script would do you much good. Since you are already on LinkedIn, checking out the prospect’s profile to gather information would be a wise move.


This way you would know what their company specializes in, what they do specifically and a ‘fun fact’ about them. The research would help you create an effective script to market your product or services. One more thing to keep in mind is how they pronounce their company name, it would help in creating a good impression.


That’s all for now. If you would like to know some helpful tips on how to properly utilize your Cold Calling Scripts, then read our Cold Calling Tips.

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