List of Companies in Germany with Authentic Data


The List of Companies in Germany is your go-to list for all your telemarketing and email marketing campaigns. This lead generation list is designed to target exclusive prospects for all your businesses. Furthermore, our sales lead database will help you market your products and services successfully.


Our List of Companies in Germany includes information about companies which are currently active in the country. This sales lead database is useful for acquiring a huge number of prospects in less amount of time. Moreover, with the help of our catalogue, you would be able to improve your outbound marketing campaigns.


Furthermore, you are able to filter your search for prominent companies with our List of Companies in Germany. This is possible through the data points included in the catalogue such as company name, address, state, city, website and more. With our lead generation list, you would be able to expand your prospects base without any hassle.


Details about List of Companies in Germany

List of Companies in Germany

Deutsche Bank Twin Towers

The List of Companies in Germany comes with all-inclusive information on 40,00,000 companies operating in the country with their phone numbers. You get access to all the prominent corporations in the country with our listing. The list includes the company’s name, address, phone number, email address, city, state, website address, and also the fax number (if it is available). We have also included 14,00,000 email addresses of prominent businessmen in the listing. Furthermore, these companies are from various industries and business categories such as:

  • Architecture Firms
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Energy Companies
  • IT Companies
  • Insurance Companies
  • Banks
  • Health Care Centres

And more.


German Business Culture

Germany has some cultural standards that need to be followed. They are:


Germans are known for their focus on the business. So, they expect the same from you. The business is the central and dominant issue in all business interactions. It also determines the style of communication.


Rules & Regulations

German companies have countless rules, regulations and processes. They prefer contracts and written agreements of all kinds. Moreover, they adhere to them with utmost dedication. And the rigid consequences, as well as penalties associated with these rules, are severe.



Reliability along with Consistency is regarded as important German traits. Therefore, in order to avoid uncertainty, they develop binding rules and regulations while conducting business deals.



The Germans are very punctual when it comes to time. They book appointments with precise planning and adhere to that planning. For them, punctuality is a matter of good manners.


Separation of Professional & Private Life

Germans maintain a strict separation between the various spheres of their lives. Because of which their behaviour may vary vastly when they are meeting someone for a professional meeting. They might even come across as cold and unfriendly when conducting business.


Direct Communication

The Germans are very direct and explicit when conducting business. They communicate important statements directly and openly without any kind of “sugarcoating”. Because of which they may appear rude and threatening without meaning to or even noticing it. Moreover, because of this very nature, they don’t easily notice verbal subtleties such as indirect hints.


Accuracy & Compatibility

Our team of data brokers have prepared this List of Companies in Germany after validating them from multiple public and private sources. We can guarantee that the sales lead list would be at least 95% accurate, if not 100%.


Furthermore, as data brokers, it is our job to provide you with a list which is easy to use. Therefore, we have made the listing available in an MS Excel format. This format doesn’t require much computer knowledge and can be handled by anyone. Moreover, you won’t need to pay an expert to handle your data. Also, you have the option of downloading the list from the following formats:

CSV (Comma Separated Values)

XML (eXtensive Markup Language)

DIF (Data Interchange Format)


This way you can download the lead generation database in a format with which you are comfortable! Furthermore, our listing is compatible with various dialers used by the call centers.


Update & Delivery

The List of Companies in Germany is updated on a monthly basis by our team of data brokers. This way you would always have the latest information on prospective companies. Moreover, we also include information about newer companies that have started operating in the country.


Furthermore, the List of Companies in Germany is available for download using our instant delivery. That is, you are able to download the sales lead list digitally without any delay. That too, without waiting for it to arrive in a mail.



You would find the List of Companies in Germany to be cheap and cost-effective. The list comes at a very affordable price which is the same for everyone. That is, it doesn’t matter if you are a small company or large multinational corporation, the price is the same. Moreover, we don’t charge any rental or hidden fees during or after your payment.


Furthermore, using this lead generation list for your outbound marketing campaigns would grant you a higher ROI than any other list on the internet!

So, what are you waiting for? Purchase our List of Companies in Germany at $249 only!

German Work Culture


A Helpful Tip: Before you start using our listing for your marketing campaigns, you should go through the rules & regulations issued by the German Government.


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