How Email Newsletters can Improve your Customers Engagement


Advertising and branding are the two things email newsletter that help move a company forward. While branding is dependent on how your product is, and how its performance. Advertising doesn’t have any such fixed measures. The main motive of advertising is to grab the attention of customers, bring them to your business and persuade them to buy the product or service you have to offer.

Now companies do have a firm grip on the conventional methods of advertising like billboard advertising, display of ads on television, in magazines and even on paper. These do attract a good crowd and potential customers. However, many businesses tend to forget that email marketing campaigns also play an important role in gathering customers and potential buyers. Such companies that do not focus on email marketing can be considered leaving out a bag full of money out on the table.

We would suggest you try out Designmodo email newsletter templates, they will help you pace your work. These templates are pre-coded and pre-structured email designs, which come in various choices.

Email Newsletters

Importance of Email Marketing

It is vital that people understand the importance of email marketing, it can help boost customer engagement. However to get decent responses you need to make sure your emails are reaching the right audience. As an email marketing campaign is an audience-oriented marketing strategy, it tends to get generous responses if done correctly.

It should be noted that every email newsletter needs to personalized in order to grab the attention of the viewer. Now for this, you can sit and draft a hundred emails a day but after a while, it will turn out to be futile and time taking.

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All a person has to do is select an email newsletter template they deem fit and write the content they want to display. It will then automatically create a newsletter template that can easily be circulated to an audience. By doing this, you can draft hundreds of emails a day.

Now with all of that being said, let us focus on some points which will help enhance your customer engagement.

Points to refer to for a successful Email Newsletter

Email Newsletters

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Target mobile users

There are more mobile phone users than there are PC or laptop users. And many companies structure their emails in such a way that it is only fully viewable on PCs or laptops, on any other device the mail shows an error.

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In doing so businesses tend to lose half of their potential customers. To give you an idea of how many users there are in the mobile industry, here is an example. In a world where everyone is in a hurry and doesn’t have time for even eating breakfast, who would especially take out a laptop to read an email? Wouldn’t it be easier if the person could just view that email on their mobile phones?

Well, obviously it would be as it is the fastest way. Consider it essential that you target mobile users for it will give your products and services more potential customers.

Email Newsletters

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Construct your Email Newsletters to look appealing

An email newsletter is termed good when it is appealing as well as detailed, but not too long. These factors help grab the customer’s attention and make them want to read what you have to portray. A decent email newsletter also contributes to making sure your email marketing campaign gets a good response.

 To make your email newsletter attractive you’re going to have to code it from scratch, which will be easy if you know HTML5 and CSS. But, what if you don’t, then? Well, we would suggest you opt for newsletter templates, they come pre-designed and give you a variety of choices to choose from. This will help save time, as all you will have to do is insert the information and circulate it forward!

Don’t mislead your customers

The biggest mistake a business can make is by misleading their customers with incorrect or exaggerated information.

Subscribers won’t blindly trust every word you have to say, they might check some things up. And, when they realize that the facts don’t add up they will lose faith in you and might even unsubscribe to your newsletter. Such actions will make you lose potential customers and turn out to be harmful to business.

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