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Our List of Companies in Indonesia is a high-quality list of 3,20,000 companies currently active in the country. This listing would expand your prospects base in a very short period of time. You would find this database to be better than any other list available on the internet currently. Moreover, this Indonesia Company List would boost all your marketing efforts by almost 60%!


The B2B Indonesia Business Directory works as a direct marketing database which can be used for all your email marketing as well as telemarketing campaigns. You would find this marketing utility filled with invaluable information on various companies active in the country. This List of Companies in Indonesia would help you market your products, services and information effectively.


With the help of this database, you won’t have to worry about finding new prospects to conduct business with. As data brokers, we have compiled the record after verifying them from multiple public and business organisations. And the Indonesia Database is your one-stop solution to all your marketing problems.


Details on List of Companies in Indonesia

List of Companies in Indonesia

World Trade Center, Jakarta

The Indonesia Database holds a total record of 3,20,000 companies with their phone numbers for you to obtain. It includes information pertaining to a corporation such as a name, address, city, province, country, phone number, email address, industry, or any other important data. And the database gives you the power to filter through the content according to the business category.


With the help of this catalogue, you can geotarget from a range of businesses operating in the cities of Indonesia. The cities can be Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, Medan, Semarang, Palembang, Makassar and other such cities in Indonesia.


Some of the major business categories you can choose your prospects list from are given below:

  1. Palm Oil Companies
  2. Travel Companies
  3. Pharmaceutical Companies
  4. Coal Companies
  5. Multinational Companies
  6. Construction Companies
  7. Real Estate
  8. Hotels
  9. Hospitality
  10. Telecommunication Companies


And more.


Email List

As stated above, the List of Companies in Indonesia can be used for email marketing purposes. The company database has been designed in a way which would make your email marketing campaigns go smoothly with 90,000 email addresses. Although, the catalogue hasn’t been checked for any spam. So, we recommend you conform to the Rules & Regulations of the Indonesian Government by checking the listing once more.


Compatibility of Indonesia Database

Microsoft Excel is a format which is easy to use and doesn’t require much computer knowledge to operate it. Hence, we provide the List of Companies in Indonesia in this format. With this format, you don’t have to pay any professional to handle your data. On top of that, this format is used worldwide by various business corporations. Plus, you can use our business database with your predictive dialer and your CRM softwares.


Other than that, you also have the choice of downloading the database in CSV (Comma Separated Values), DIF (Data Interchange Format) and XML (eXtensive Markup Language) formats.


Things to remember when conducting Business in Indonesia

Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world with GDP growing at a rate of 6% per annum. And doing business in Indonesia needs more than a capital, resources, and market. You should know that business in Indonesia goes beyond the outbound marketing techniques of call centers such as scheduling an appointment. Culture plays an important role in Indonesia that is different from the west. Below are some of the points to remember when conducting business in Indonesia:


Just as Westerners are known for their punctuality, Indonesians are known for a more leisurely approach. That is, for them, business is all about relationships and taking a casual route. They believe, for a partnership to become a long-term success they should become friends first and take time in knowing each other. This will be especially helpful for your customer care representatives as they can improvise on their cold calling scripts, and be more casual with their customers. Patience is the key. Therefore, you should prepare yourself before conducting business in Indonesia.


A conference room is always the go-to place for business deals and appointments. However, for the Indonesians, they favour restaurants, cafes or even lobbies of hotels for businesses. It might also include an invitation to dinner, some tea time or even a weekend holiday excursion. Being leisure-loving people, they like to mix informal with the formal. Therefore, you should always go for a casual look while selecting an equally suitable place for your appointments.

Unanimous Decisions

Most of the times it happens that, at the end of a meeting or an appointment, your customer/client makes a decision. While many are upfront about their decisions in the form of a Yes or a No. However, Indonesians are a bit sceptical about making a decision on the spot. It is because they believe in the concept of a consensus or a unanimous decision. That is, your client likes to make a decision after he/she has got approval from his/her superior, board member etc.


Delivery & Pricing of Indonesia Database

Our instant delivery service would help to download the List of Companies in Indonesia instantly. And since our files are available digitally, you won’t have to wait for a mail any more.


You would find the database to be cost-efficient and cheap. And it comes as a one-time payment. Once you buy the list, it is yours. You can use it without any restrictions. Also, investing in the list grants you higher returns. We even don’t charge any extra money or rental fees during or after payment. So, don’t just stare at the website!


Buy the List of Companies in Indonesia at just $99 now!


Doing Business in Indonesia



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