Jordan Companies List

Jordan companies list is the best possible summation of around 18,000 records of companies and small businesses in Jordan.

This list is for those who are planning to open a new venture in Jordan or who wants to develop new contacts in the country.

Jordan is the 86th largest export economy in the world. Opening a new business in this country is not an easy job. However, list of companies in Jordan has made it a little feasible for you.

The list consists of all the details required to start up a business, the company name, company address, contact numbers, email address, website details, postal address and fax numbers (if available).

Why to choose Jordan email database for your marketing campaign?

  1. Important details- the list contains the website details of each company along with other information. The website will help you to look into the works done by the company and the type of products that they sale.
  2. Up-to-date Data- the data provided in the list are collected from authentic sources. The list is updated and verified every month. We provide you with 95% data accuracy.
  3. Categorized Demographically- Jordan is a huge country, we have made it easier for you to select the company’s area, state, or city wise. This will help you to target areas you want to campaign your products.
  4. Customized list- even though we have a pre-packaged list for our clients. If you want to have the list of a particular area, we can customize it for you. In that case you don’t have to buy the whole list and waste your money.
  5. Formats- we provide four different user-friendly formats for you. It can be downloaded in CSV (comma separated values), XML, DIF (data interchange format) or MS Excel sheets, whichever is suitable for you.

You can add this to your list like Dubai company list to grow your business.

Buy Jordan email database at just $49 and download it instantly to boost your business.




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