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The New Zealand Consumer Database is an exceptional tool for all your telemarketing and direct marketing needs. Emailnphonelist’s consumer database makes it easier to reach your target market in a short period of time. And the right target market makes it possible to market your products effectively. This way you won’t reach someone who has no need for your products or services. Our database of the Kiwi’s holds contact details of 8,50,000 citizens in New Zealand.


New Zealand Consumer DatabaseThis New Zealand Consumer Database is useful for generating numerous prospects. The consumer database also boosts your telemarketing campaigns as well as outbound marketing campaigns. You can also use it for other B2C purposes such as advertising, surveys, research and more through multiple channels of distribution. You can even appeal to the ‘recreational shoppers’ this way!


The lead generation database maximises your marketing efforts and helps to locate your prospects with the given information easily. As data brokers, we have prepared this list of prospects in New Zealand after searching through a clutter of information. You are getting a database which is guaranteed to be of highest quality than all the other records available on the internet right now! You would be able to reach people of all ages directly on their landline phones.


Authenticity of the Consumer Database

With our New Zealand Consumer Database, authenticity is the key. You won’t find a prospect whose information has not been checked thoroughly in the database. Furthermore, our team of data brokers have verified the information on the database from multiple public organisations for your outbound marketing needs. It has been done so that the data you acquire is 100% useful to your call center.


Telemarketing Code of Practice

The Telemarketing Code of Practice, developed by the Marketing Association of New Zealand, is a set of rules. These rules are to be adhered by those who are engaged in telephone marketing or telemarketing. We are going to give you a quick preview of what to expect in these principles along with the DNC. Although, if you want to know all the principles, you should visit the link given above.


Principle 2

Principle 2 of the Code of Practice states that the offers you are about to present to the customer should be clear and truthful. That is, the product, service or offer should not mislead the customer in any way. Below are the rules you are supposed to comply to before making the call:

  1. Identity: During the call, you are supposed clearly disclose your identity and state the general nature of the call. It means you should tell your prospects who you are and why you are calling them.
  2. Disguise: You should not make offers or solicitations in the name of, say research or survey when your real objective is to sell or to raise funds.
  3. Contact Details: The telephone number and name of the corporation, on behalf of whom you are calling, should be made available to the customer. Plus, it is supposed be given to the client through a recognized Directory Service.
  4. Calling Line Identity: When making an outbound telemarketing call, callers should not block the transmission of the calling line identity to any calling number or calling name display of the consumer who receives the call. Wherever it is technically convenient, callers should ensure that when outbound calls are made from within the company, the number which is displayed or transmitted on the receiver is a telephone number which can be used by the consumer to call back.
  5. Survey Calls Duration: When a survey call is made by you, the duration of the call should be clearly disclosed to the consumer. That is, you are supposed to honestly state the exact time that the call is going to take. For example, 5 minutes, 10 minutes or more.


Offers & Bonuses Principle

  1. Offer Clarity: The offers that you are presenting to the customer should be clarified properly. It must be honest and complete so that he/she understands what is being offered. And also the commitment involved in making a purchase.
  2. Guarantee: When a money-back guarantee, or for that matter any other guarantee, is included as part of the offer, the terms of that guarantee is supposed to be clearly stated. It should be confirmed in writing as part of any contractual obligation.
  3. Bonuses: When a bonus item is given as a free gift on the purchase of another product, the conditions that come with it is supposed be clearly stated and confirmed.
  4. Contest Rules: When prizes and contests are used as a promotional tactic for the sale of a product, the rules that the consumer is to follow should be clearly stated. Moreover, the contests should adhere to New Zealand law.


Compatibility & Pricing of the Consumer Database

As a data broker, it is our job to provide you with a Consumer Database which is easy to use. Therefore, what we have done is, we have made the directory available in a Microsoft Excel format. This format is pretty easy to use, doesn’t require you to pay any professional, is compatible with various dialers and is used by many call centers. And it would especially be helpful to the call center agents who would find it easier to sort through the list. Furthermore, you have the choice of downloading the database in the following formats:

  • CSV (Comma Separated Values)
  • XML (eXtensive Markup Language)
  • DIF (Data Interchange Format)


We have also given you the option of customizing the lead generation list as per your liking. All you have to do is contact us. Moreover, the New Zealand Consumer Database is cost-efficient and cheap. And we charge no hidden fees or rental charges during the purchase or even after that. Plus, it is available as a one-time payment. Once you buy the database, you own it and can use it in any way you want. That too without any kind of restrictions.


Get access to 8,50,000 records of potential consumers at just $299! You would be able to geotarget them from the regions of Northland, Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Hawke’s Bay, Wellington, Marlborough, Canterbury and more.


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