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A Thousand Internet Neutrality Comments Used Fake Emails

Senators try to stop the FCC’s gutting of internet protections and tech companies express their frustration with the rules, internet neutrality is dead. Sure there was an extension to the period of public opinion on the issue as it was discovered that over half of those comments were fake, but that did not stop Ajit Pai’s commission out of killing it.

Now there’s more proof showing just how imitation submissions into the governmental site were, including the fact that more than one million majority submissions used bogus email addresses out of erotica website

As reported by Ars Technica, Gravwell security researcher Leah Figueroa and her team examined the over 22 million comments submitted to the FCC to figure out that were real and which weren’t. The analysis separated “natural” comments sent by actual humans from automatic comments out of bots.

Hundreds of comments were registered with time stamps, while others were submitted in a steady speed, unlike how humans would send in comments. Still more were submitted together with all-caps emails, that have been probably created or submitted by a database, noted Ars Technical.

In addition, based on Ars, just 17.4 percent of those comments submitted were unique; yet another remark was even uploaded over 1 million times. While in the Shmoocon information security summit, Figueroa said that “the vast majority of their raw quantity of comments fall to the anti-neutrality camp,” however that most of the ones who proved to be from real humans (as determined from the analysis performed by her team), have been in favor of web neutrality

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