Postal Mail Converts to Email at Jail Service

Benton County imprison detainees are accepting their mail electronically, which has chopped down one way medicates or any booty gets into the office.

“Individuals would be astounded by what a few people endeavor to get in the prison through the mail,” said Sgt. Shannon Jenkins, representative for the Benton County sheriff’s office

The jail is utilizing, which enables prisoners to speak with family and companions who open a record with the administration, Jenkins said.

Jenkins said the administration started Jan. 1.

The prisoners never again get postal mail from family and companions at the jail. Every prisoner has an email account, and relatives or companions can set up their own free particular account, Jenkins said.

Smart Communications runs MailGuard in conjunction with SmartJailMail’s messaging system, as per Correctional News, a distribution committed to imprison development, upkeep and activities.

MailGuard gets postal mail for prisoners at a nearby post office, and the prisoners’ mail is checked into electronic reports and sent to their SmartJailMail accounts, as indicated by Correctional News.

The administration gives prisoners a chance to read their messages on tablets or at kiosks, however Jenkins said prisoners in the Benton County jail can just view their mail at kiosks since prisoners don’t have tablets.

As of Friday evening there were 575 prisoners and 45 kiosks in the jail.

Jenkins said there’s no cost to the jail.

Prisoners, alongside their family and companions, pay 50 cents for each message, an indistinguishable cost from a five star postage stamp, Jenkins said. It cost relatives and companions of prisoners $1 to send a photo to prisoners.

Jenkins said each message is just charged once. For instance, if a relative pays to communicate something specific, the prisoner isn’t charged 50 cents for opening it. It’s a similar when a detainee pays the 50 cents to communicate something specific – the individual who gets it doesn’t need to pay to open the message.

Prisoners don’t have access to print photographs, Jenkins said.

Jenkins said prisoners can send the same number of messages as they need as long as they have cash in their accounts. Prisoners can send messages, yet not photos.

Correctional News revealed in October that SmartJailMail was the primary electronic messaging system utilized in a county jail.

“MailGuard at long last wipes out a noteworthy issue and real security escape clause that each restorative organization has battled with since the start of detainment: stash, work and mystery correspondence from detainee postal mail,” Smart Communications CEO Jon Logan revealed to Correctional News.

Prisoners can in any case mail letters, however numerous incline toward email since they can get a reaction more quickly than sitting tight days for customary mail, Jenkins said.

Lt. Cody Burk of the Pulaski County sheriff’s office said they’re keen on the innovation and have taken a gander at a few sellers, yet there are no plans to change the correctional facility’s mail framework. Burk said they have an agent who opens and checks the mail for booty and the mail is then given to prisoners.

Detainees in the Washington County imprison get mail through the postal administration, yet that may change.

Maj. Randall Denzer with the Washington County sheriff’s office said they are taking a gander at two frameworks, and he expects a choice soon.

The main motivation for the change is to keep drugs from getting into the correctional facility, as indicated by Denzer.

“They are continually placing something via the post office,” he said. “Second, we are a little mail station. Six hundred and 50 prisoners resembles a little city.”

Denzer said utilizing one of the administrations could free help for different errands.

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