School Districts Call off Classes Due to Email Threat

School districts canceled classes in the Enfield-Howland and Camden-Rockport areas Wednesday after a security scare.

“One of our employees received an email that was, in it, revealing to this employee a potential threat that existed in our schools,” said Superintendent Michael Wright.

“It has been determined that it is not a credible threat to any one of our schools or either of our districts,” Wright said.

The email never specified a school, but both police and the school districts said threats like these are not taken lightly. They have to consider the safety of the students and staff.

“When a message is transmitted electronically, often there are artifacts left behind that are useful for us in any investigation to help identify the origin and identity of the sender,” Sgt. Kyle Willette said.

The superintendent said calling off classes for the day was the right decision to make.

“We will continue, any time we receive this type of message, that we will always err on the side of caution,” Wright said.

“We know that down at Camden Hills they received the same exact email that we did and also it stems as far as Florida so this is really a nationwide school for hoax, if you will,” Lt. Sean Hashey of the Maine State Police said.

“You never know where it’s going to come from or who is capable of perpetrating such an act so every message, every threat is considered credible until we determine that it’s not or somebody else determines that it’s not,” Willette said.

Authorities investigated.

State police dispatched their computer crimes unit to help track down who may have been responsible.

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