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South Korea’s Foreign Ministry To Boost Up Email Security

South Korea’s foreign ministry is to introduce an improved email verification feature this week to counter rising threats of hacking sources said Monday.

The ministry is currently working to adopt a QR code email verification system by Tuesday, which Is added into its current two-tier anti-hacking measures, the sources told Yonhap News Agency on customary condition of anonymity.

“Related preparations are under way and will be finished by Tuesday,” a ministry source said.

The foreign ministry is just one of those government agencies which is most targeted by hackers, frequently from North Korea. From the face of growing threats in cyberspace, the ministry launched the “Cybersecurity Team” last year aimed at intensifying monitoring against cyber attacks.

The new system will require all ministry workers to scan a QR code, which pops up on the screen, using their phone when attempting to log into their personal email accounts.

Currently, a verification process is in place where its workers have to type in their IDs and passwords and then also punch in a changing pattern of numbers and letters.

“Whether the QR code will replace the existing combination feature or serve as an additional security measure has yet to be determined. However, for now, the three-tier anti-hacking verification process will stay in place,” the source said.

Email accounts are cited as the most vulnerable hacking targets, as hackers are using diverse tactics to steal personal and classified work-related information.


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