New Zealand Companies List at a Fraction of a Cost


The New Zealand Companies List is complete with the contact information about 2,50,000 companies with whom you can connect in New Zealand. The list comes with all the necessary data you would need to enhance your business relationships with these companies. And the data has been cross-checked with multiple sources to ascertain its authenticity.


Using this New Zealand Companies List will open up new revenue streams for your business. This list would surely show results regardless of the way you plan to use it! And if used in the right way, it would even help you with your struggling outbound marketing campaign.


After purchasing this list, you won’t need to look for another list on the internet. this refined list of invaluable contacts would make cold calling much easier. Still wondering why you should buy this particular list when so many are available?


Here’s why…


We Include:


Information about New Zealand Companies List

New Zealand Companies List

Millennium Business Centre

Our New Zealand Companies List contains a collection of 2,50,000 data including phone numbers and email addresses of companies currently active in the country. With key statistical information such as the company name, industry, address and fax number (if given). On top of that, we also include the unique ANZSIC code.


You can filter your search according to category, number of employees, company name etc. Also, you would be able to geotarget a specific business of your choice from the cities in and around New Zealand. You would find information on corporations currently doing business in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton, Napier-Hastings, Dunedin etc.


Business Categories included in the New Zealand Companies List:

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Schools & Universities
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • IT Companies
  • Agriculture
  • Food Companies


And many more.


Our List is:


Compatible & Accurate

As data brokers, it is our responsibility to give you a lead generation list which is simple and easy to use. Hence, we provide the New Zealand Companies List in an MS Excel format. This format is user-friendly and is used worldwide as the go-to format for these lists. And you don’t even need to pay any professional for using this list.


Also, we have given you the choice of choosing a format other than Microsoft Excel. These formats include CSV (Comma Separated Values), XML (eXtensive markup language) and DIF (Data Interchange Format).


You would find our list to be clean and free from any errors. Delivering a list which is a full 100% can be difficult. So, if you do check, you would find the list to be 95% accurate, not less than that! Furthermore, this list is compatible with every dialer that is used by a call center


Verified & Updated

This list of companies in New Zealand undergoes an extensive authentication process every month. Our team of data brokers validate each and every information in the list from various business organisations!


The Auckland Business Directory is also updated on a monthly basis so that you won’t use any information that has become old. It involves changes in the phone number, email address or fax number. This way, the information you download is always the current one.


We also update the list with data on young companies that are forming everyday in the country.




Delivery of the New Zealand Companies List is Instant

With our instant delivery service, you won’t have to wait for the New Zealand Companies List to arrive through mail. You can download the list immediately at the comfort of your chair.


Pricing & Investment

This list requires a one-time payment. That is, you pay once and the list is yours for the lifetime! You can use it in any way and as many times you would want! Moreover, our list is affordable as well as cost-efficient. And investing in the list would grant you better investment returns too.


Customised List

Even though our New Zealand Companies List comes pre-packaged with its set of company information, you can demand for a customized list of your choice from us. That too, at no additional cost.

So, don’t wait! Purchase the New Zealand Companies List right away at just $99!


Open For Business

A Helpful Tip: Before you start your marketing campaigns with our list. Do read the Rules & Regulations issued by the New Zealand Government.


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