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Pakistan Sales Directory

Working with a well developed Pakistan Sales Directory, would benefit any business. Especially the ones who have a widely advanced telemarketing team. They can make the highest use of such a developed List for Pakistan, as that consists of contact information related to a potential clients personal number, alternative cell phone number, address, email marketing information and other details. 


Every information on the Pakistan Sales Directory has been verified by our data developing team. Who makes sure that all the details and pieces of information have been collected from substantial sources and nonetheless have been verified overtime without a failure. The better the information, the more authentic it is to be checked. 

DNC and Telemarketing

Even after a thousand scrutinizes and checking, the data has to be checked all over again by the purchaser, as we do not assure that for the DNC. Some numbers might become invalid overtime, in such cases it isn’t our liability to keep it updated after purchase. The conversion of a Sales Lead to a potential client is entirely based upon the caller and not our Pakistan Sales Directory. 

Customized Database

No additional charge is taken for customizing any particular Pakistan Sales Directory. The information is related to the business, and it has been checked on a regular interval by our data brokers team. This is a one time purchase case, as no hidden charges or future costs are included after the delivery of our product.