List of Companies in the Philippines


Our List of Companies in the Philippines is the collection of highest quality company leads on the internet right now. This leads list includes information about eminent businesses from various industries. And it is the one-stop solution for all your marketing campaign requirements!


With the help of our leads, you would reach the target audience in a very short period of time. Also, the information in the list has been authenticated from multiple public sources. This way you are assured of its invaluable nature.


You would find our List of Companies in the Philippines to be an extremely useful asset in conquering your business goals. And you wouldn’t find a better list of business leads with in-depth information about philippine companies in the internet.


Details of the List of Companies in the Philippines


List of Companies in the Philippines

World Trade Center, Manila

You would find the List of Companies in the Philippines to be the most comprehensive list of data on various companies in the country. The list involves a record of 10,000 companies with their phone numbers and email addresses. It includes key information of the enterprises such as the company name, city, zip code, phone number, email address, industry and also fax number (if available).


You have the option of filtering through the information by the company’s category, industry, the number of employees etc. It would also help you geotarget a specific business from the city of your choice such as Quezon City, Caloocan, Manila, Cebu, Pasig, Pasay, Davao and many such places.


The business categories include IT Companies, Shipping Companies, Mining Companies, Local Companies,  Food Companies, Manufacturing companies and many more in and around Philippines.


Availability of the List


The List of Companies in the Philippines is available to you as a pre-packaged list. It includes a set of prominent companies compiled by us for your benefit. However, you also have the option of ordering a customized list to your liking.


Compatibility & Accuracy of the List of Companies in the Philippines


As data brokers, our job is to provide you with a list which is easy to use. Hence, we have made the list of companies in the Philippines available in an MS Excel format. This format doesn’t require you to pay for any professional help. Also, it is used by multiple corporations worldwide.


On top of that, we have also given you the choice of selecting from the following formats: CSV (Comma Separated Values); XML (eXtensive Markup Language) and DIF (Data Interchange Format). This way, you can select a format with which you are comfortable.


Since 100% accuracy is not possible, we try our level best to provide you with a list which is at least 95% accurate.


Verification & Update of the List of Companies in the Philippines


The list of companies in the Philippines goes through an extensive verification process. The data is verified from multiple business organizations to ensure its validity.


The Philippines company list is also updated on a monthly basis. The process involves making changes in the information such as phone numbers, email addresses when the data gets outdated. This way, you will get the current information at all times. We also update the list with information about newer companies too.


Delivery of the List of Companies in the Philippines


We have become completely digital with our instant delivery service! You have the option to download the List of Companies in the Philippines in a matter of seconds. Our instant download gives you that power. With the help of our speedy delivery, you won’t have to worry about getting an incomplete list.


Why Us


  1. The Philippine Industry List is available to you at half the price of any other marketing lists.
  2. No monthly charges of any kind.
  3. Investing in it gives better ROI.
  4. An option of availing a customized list.
  5. No hidden charges or rental fees.
  6. Cost-effective and affordable.
  7. The list comes with a one-time payment.
  8. No usage restrictions.


So, don’t wait. Purchase the List of Companies in the Philippines at just $49 now!


2019 Philippines Economy (Predictions)

A Helpful Tip: Before you go ahead and use our list for your business campaigns, do read the Rules and Regulations issued by the Philippine Government.


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