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Jordan Company List


Data Count

  • Total Records: 18000
  • Phone Numbers: 18000
  • E-mail Address: 2000


  • Name of the Business
  • Street address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Phone Number
  • Email address


  • MS-Excel
  • CSV
  • XML Data
  • DIF

Data Accuracy:

  • Over 95 percent


  • data is verified once a month

Last Update :

  • Lists are updated every month.


  • Through Instant Download

Jordan Company Database

If you are searching for an affordable Jordan Directory for all your outbound marketing campaigns. Then, you are at the right place! At Emailnphonelist, you would find the perfect leads database for all your business needs. Our lead generation list is designed to take care of all your marketing efforts! You would find the Jordan Company Record to target the right prospect within a matter of minutes. Moreover, this lead generation info works as a B2B telemarketing list and also as an email marketing list. Plus, you would find the record list to be of the highest quality on the internet. Also, you would find our company list to be useful for your campaigns.

Unique SIC Code

We provide you with a unique four-digit code of various businesses. The SIC or Standard Industrial Classification is a system which classifies industries with a unique four-digit code. It is basically a classification to identify industry areas by the Government. In the United States, it has been replaced with NAICS or North American Industry Classification System. Although most of the governmental bodies still use the SIC code including Jordan.

A Number of Formats & Compatibility with CRM Software

We, as data brokers, have an obligation of providing you with a sales lead database which is extremely easy to use. Thus, we have made the list in an MS Excel format. This format can be used by anyone with minimum computer knowledge and is used extensively by all. Other than that, this format saves you money as it doesn’t involve paying an expert to handle your data. However, you also have the choice of downloading the cell phone directory in other formats too such as Comma Separated Values (CSV), Data Interchange Value (DIF), and Extensive Markup Language (XML).

Moreover, our database is completely compatible with several CRM software and dialers such as Predictive Dialer, Power Dialer, Preview Dialer, Progressive Dialer and more. This makes it easier for your sales agents to successfully convert a potential client. Plus, this way they won’t have to go through any invalid number or inaccessible numbers.

Price of the Directory

You would find our lead generation directory to be cost-effective, affordable and efficient. Not only will you be able to save money when purchasing the list, but you would also be able to save time when searching for your perfect set of a sales lead. Moreover, our sales lead databases are available at a fraction of a cost of what is being offered by other data brokers on the internet. On top of that, our pricing is transparent and the same for everyone. That is, whether you are a small start-up venture or an established multinational corporation, the price will be the same.

No Rental Fees

Our list of Sales Lead is available to you at no hidden or extra charges. And we give you the list at a cheap and cost-efficient price. On top of that, there are no rental fees during or after the payment. That is, you just have to pay once and the list is yours without any restrictions. Furthermore, investing in our Sales Lead would give you greater ROI’s than any other list on the internet.

Authentic Sources

As data brokers, it is our job to provide you with a list of Jordan which is verified every month. And we make sure that the information you receive is from the various authentic public and private sources. Our list has been cross-checked with every source to ensure that the listing is not filled with any outdated information.


We don’t ensure that our sales lead databases have been checked for DNC. Therefore, we recommend that you check the database again so as to conform to the rules & regulations issued by the country’s government.