The term Email marketing in its broadest sense can be the act of sending a commercial message to a potential customer. Our lead generation list of Purchasing Email List can be used to send advertisements, request businesses and most importantly solicit sales.

The outbound marketing campaigns you undertake would help you build loyalty, trust and brand awareness. You can send these marketing emails to our sales leads and your current customer database. Email marketing can be used to send email messages with the motivation to enhance your relationship with prospective clients and customers.

Purchasing Email List

Also, our Purchasing Email List can be used to encourage customer loyalty, repeat businesses, and acquire new customers. With the help of our lead generation database, you can boost your marketing campaigns by almost 60%. It would help you to convince your customers to purchase something immediately! And, our leads would in turn also make your direct marketing campaigns much easier.

It is truly an effective means of direct communication with your prospective clientele.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing:

  • It allows you to identify the return on investments.
  • Measure and improve the efficiency of your marketing campaigns.
  • It allows you to see feedback from prospective consumers in real-time.
  • Reveals a channel’s communication scope.
  • Helps in monitoring the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns to achieve market penetration.

Types of Email Marketing

There are different methods to carry out email marketing. Other than commercial messages, preference messages, and sales messages; all of which are designed to compel a prospective client to purchase a product or avail a service. Some of the other marketing tactics that can be carried out through emails are as follows:

Transactional Emails: Transactional emails involves the customer’s action with a company. According to Wikipedia, transactional emails are qualified as communications that facilitate, complete or confirm a commercial transaction that the recipient has previously agreed to enter into with the sender. That is, transactional messages include password reset emails, dropped basket messages, purchase or confirmation of order emails, order status messages, reorder emails and email receipts. A transactional email’s sole purpose is to inform the customer regarding the action that triggered it.

Direct Emails: The purpose of direct emails is to solely communicate a promotional message such as special offers, discounts, product catalog and more. With the help of our Email Leads, you would be able to send direct promotional emails to numerous potential clients!

Fun Facts about Purchasing Email List:

  1. It is significantly cheaper and faster than traditional advertising emails. It is so because most of the cost falls on the recipient.
  2. It can be used to gather crucial information about the behavior of the clients. That is, how are they reacting, or how much is the click-through rate, etc.
  3. An average person receives 86% percent of emails (if 100 emails are sent) per day and opens 47% of them. Half of them opens or checks email on a typical day. It has also been seen that emails delivered between 1 am and 5 am local time had more click-through rates.
  4. Businesses and corporations who send a large volume of emails every day can use popular and effective email marketing tools such as MailChimp, AWeber, Drip to send mass emails! These can especially help smaller businesses that are still up and coming.

What You Get

Information on Purchasing Email List

The Purchasing Email List contains key statistical information such as name, address, email address, zip code, and other such relevant information. These pieces of information would help you to geotarget a specific business or a customer of your choice.

Our list of email addresses has been checked for any spam filter. Because of which you will have a high inbox rate and low bounce rate. It means that most of the emails that you send would end up in the inbox page as opposed to the client’s spam folder. And that your sent emails would always find a destination instead of the server sending an error.

Compatibility of Purchasing Email List

We generally provide the email address database in a Microsoft Excel format which is easier to use. This format doesn’t require any help and is used by many corporations in the business community. Moreover, our list is compatible with various CRM tools and dialers such as Predictive Dialer, Power Dialer, etc. Other than that, we also provide the list in the following formats:

  • CSV (Comma Separated Values)
  • XML (eXtensive Markup Language)
  • DIF (Data Interchange Format)

This way you can download the database in a format with which you are comfortable.

Accuracy of Purchasing Email List

We pride ourselves in providing you with the lead generation list which is at least 95% accurate. This way you can be sure that the information that you purchase is legit and not a heap of junk!

Deliverability of Purchasing Email List

Deliverability of Emails mean the sent transactional or marketing emails are successfully sent to the inbox of the potential client. We can guarantee that most of your emails would reach the inbox page of potential clients. Thus, we can say our list has deliverability of almost 95%!

Verification of Purchasing Email List

Our list of email addresses in the email marketing database undergoes an extensive verification process. The data brokers validate each and every data in the list from authentic public and private sources. And this is done every month so that you never get any obsolete information.

Update of Purchasing Email List

The Purchasing Email List are updated on a monthly basis so that you would get the latest information at all times. Our team makes changes to the list whenever any new information regarding the clients is available. Furthermore, we also update the list with information on newer customers and companies.

Delivery of Purchasing Email List

Purchasing Email List With the help of our delivery service, you wouldn’t have to wait for the sales lead database to arrive through the mail. You can download the entire listing instantly using our speedy delivery service. That too, at your leisure.


Our Email Leads are extremely affordable and cost-effective. All it needs is a one-time payment. That is, you just have to pay once and the list is yours for the lifetime. Without any rental fees or hidden charges, you can use the list as many times and in as many ways you would want without any restrictions!

Legal Requirements

United States

The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 was passed by Congress as a direct ramification to the growing number of spam emails. Congress determined that the US government was showing an increased interest in the regulation of commercial electronic mail nationally. That those who send commercial emails Purchasing Email List should not mislead recipients over the content of them. And that all recipients of such emails should have a right to decline them.

However, it does not mean banning spam emailing outright. Instead, it imposes laws on using deceptive marketing methods through headings which are “misleading“.


The Australian Spam Act 2003 is put into by the Australian Communications and Media Authority, widely known as “ACMA“. The act includes the term unsolicited electronic messages, states how functions to unsubscribe must work for commercial messages, and gives other key information.

These are only the requirements in the United States and Australia. We have provided the links of governmental laws in the Email Leads of various countries that you should read through.

Who Reaps the Benefits

This business Purchasing Email List is not only for the businesses who have already made a mark in the industry.

Our Email Leads would be extremely beneficial for many small and up & coming businesses who are still growing in the business community. This list would help expand your clientele base as well as giving you a much-needed boost for your business ventures. This would help you grow exponentially!


To sum it up,Purchasing Email List is:

  1. Affordable
  2. Cost-effective
  3. Available in different formats
  4. A one-time payment
  5. Without any rental charges
  6. Without any hidden costs
  7. Downloaded instantly
  8. Updated monthly
  9. Verified monthly