Tips to Buy Quality List for Lead Generation

Tips to Buy Quality List for Lead Generation 1

Finding new leads can be fairly easy, but finding leads which turn out to be quality prospects can be difficult. Lead generation is an important part of the marketing industry which ‘leads’ to a huge number of prospects. However, what happens most of the time is, the businesses/clients fail to know which lists are perfect for them.


In these cases, you face various problems such as outdated information, unverified data points, grammatical errors, and others. And this is destructive for the businesses/clients as every moment you spend on the phone with leads who are unable to buy anything from you, is a moment you are unable to market your products to a potential prospect.


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As long as your leads are of superior quality, the more time you can spend on making a possible sale. Even though the internet is full of data vendors who sell various kind of telemarketing and email marketing lists, it’s not exactly possible that these lists would turn out to be invaluable. So, how do you determine which lists are perfect for your lead generation?! Let us tell you. But, before we move forward on that, the question which lingers on everyone’s mind is:


Why is Lead Quality so important?

Lead quality is a crucial factor which allows you to identify which prospects are more likely to be converted into your buying customers. The higher the quality of your leads, the more chances of them becoming your customers. Now, the exact measurement of the quality of your lead may depend upon the strategy you adopt for lead generation as well as the products you are trying to market. Even then, there are some methods for determining which prospects are right for your business:

Prospects communicate with your sales team. To ask them about the product such as how is it any different than the other products on the market, or any other query regarding the product.

Prospects spend a lot of time on your website. That is, they browse for different products, go through the pricing pages, add products to the virtual cart, etc. This means that they might be looking forward to doing business with you.


Some ways to measure Lead quality are as follows:

Tracking the Downloads: Tracking the download is done to check how many times the prospects downloaded your lead generation. The report can be found on Google Analytics.

Email Marketing Tool: Email marketing tools such as MailChimp helps in tagging or segregating your qualified lead generation to identify it’s quality.


Pre-sale Query Form: Pre-sale query form is a type of form that is given to the prospect to determine if they have any kind of questions about the products.


Visitation: Google Analytics lets you set up goals to track the prospects and whether they are browsing through your important and relevant webpages. It means that when a prospect browses through your relevant pages, they have interest in your products. And these prospects are qualified as a valuable lead generation. Once the prospects have been identified, you would be able to target them onsite and offsite by sending them marketing messages personally.


Onsite Retargeting: Onsite Retargeting involves showing personalized messages and marketing campaigns with the help of slide-ins, pop-ups, floating bar, etc. to the qualified lead generation on the brink of conversion.


Remarketing: Remarketing is an ingenious way to connect with the prospects on your website who might not have made an immediate purchase or enquired about any product. Basically, it allows you to send targeted ads to the defined audience who had previously visited your website and are now browsing elsewhere on the internet.


Now that we are done with the question. Let’s proceed to the reason you all are here:


Things to Consider before buying a Lead Generation list:

Know Your Target Audience

An ideal client is your best bet to make a successful sale. Because quite frankly marketing your products to someone who doesn’t have any need for it is a waste of time, money and resources! Furthermore, when you think about it, you should always purchase a list which would grant you total success with your sales effort.


There are many ways that you can identify your target audience for your products. For instance:

Ranking your prospects according to their characteristics, profitability, revenue building and with whom you can easily do business with. Then you can compare them with all the others who ranked the worst and create a satisfactory comparison to know which is which.

After the above point, you can go forward with checking their geographical reach, industry vertical, and the number of employees.

When you are done identifying the above things, you can finalize your target audience with psychographics such as culture, values and other internal/external problems which affect their decision-making process to buy the product.

You should always make sure that you have all the basic information about the prospect before investing.


System for Classifying Industries

Industries are classified according to a specific code which various government agencies use to classify their business category. You should always look for lists which include these codes as they are very helpful in geotargeting the right business for you. These codes are either four digits or six digits. The two most relevant codes that every business have are SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) code and NAICS (North American Industrial Classification System) code. The other codes are UK SIC, ANZSIC, ISIC, GICS, and ICB.



If you want to acquire a lead generation list with invaluable information on various businesses, then you have to think above the pricing. Yes, it is a well-known fact that a low-cost list would save a considerable amount of money. However, in the long run, you would end up spending more on searching for a quality prospect from a low-cost leads list. Therefore, to steer clear of wasting time, money and resources on bad lead generation lists, you should consider your data vendors very carefully.


It is so because not everyone will give you a good enough leads list. And you should always choose a vendor who has a history of providing top quality lead generation list, like us – Moreover, investing in the best would give you better leads, as:

With a cheap list, there is no guarantee that the information you receive will be 100% accurate. There have been instances where it has been seen that 60% of the contact information turned out to be of those people who had already left the company.

It takes longer to attain a lead with a cheap list. On top of that, most of the contacts would turn out to be invalid leading to the disqualification.


Data Vendor

Data vendors can be very impatient and are always on the lookout for selling their lists regardless of the customer’s wish. But, we at are rewarded by your satisfaction. That is, we strive for how well we serve you instead of how much we sell. Moreover, when you connect with us, you would have a constant supply of top quality lead generation lists. On top of that, we update our list on a monthly basis so that you would always have the latest information on prospects. Other than that, we assure that:

We DO NOT rent lists. You get to buy the lead generation list as only a one-time payment, after which you own the list. This is important because if you are looking for getting these lists, you should always opt for buying it, instead of renting the list. Many list providers let you rent the list which you can only use for a specific time period which isn’t good for a consistent lead generation.

We include all the necessary information which would be helpful in targeting and reaching the respective client.



The most important test that you should put your Lead Generation list through is using a sample of the list. It is done to determine how useful the leads list would be for your business. You should call the list to review if any of the data turns out to be a duplicate. You should check to see that the information you are about to purchase is up-to-date and complete. You should also see to it that the products and services you are marketing to your customers are actually meant for them. The target audience is the most important part of a lead generation list.


Therefore, it is wise to test the list with a sample before you buy the entire thing. This way if more than 5, say in a list of 50 fails, you would know that the list needs a thorough cleaning. By testing out a sample of the lead generation list, you would know if it actually includes prospective clients who are meant for your products.


That’s all we have to offer. We hope that these tips would help you choose from the very best of lists for lead generation. If you have some other tips, feel free to tell us in the comments below!

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