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If you are searching for an affordable UAE Business Directory for all your outbound marketing campaigns. Then, you are at the right place! At Emailnphonelist, you would find the perfect sales lead database for all your business needs. Our lead generation list is designed to take care of all your marketing efforts!


You would find the UAE Business Directory to target the right prospect within a matter of minutes. Moreover, this sales lead catalogue works as a B2B telemarketing list and also as an email marketing list. Plus, you would find the lead generation list to be of the highest quality on the internet currently.


This UAE Business Directory helps you expand your prospect list by twofold. Moreover, the sales lead database gives you the power to filter the prospects according to their company name, industry, category, and more. Plus, the listing contains information of 65,000 corporations in the country.


Information on UAE Business Directory

UAE Business Directory

Burj Mohammed bin Rashid, Abu Dhabi

The UAE Business Directory gives you access to information on 65,000 companies currently active in the country. That too, with their phone numbers. The information in the lead generation database contains the company’s name, address, city-states, phone number, fax number (if available), and more. Plus, you also get to choose from some of the following categories of business:

  • Oil Companies
  • Gas Companies
  • IT Companies
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Construction Companies
  • Hardware Stores
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants

And more.


Moreover, the phone numbers provided in the catalogue help you schedule appointments very efficiently. Although, we don’t ensure that the numbers in the sales lead database have been checked for DNC. Therefore, it is recommended that you check the UAE Business Directory once more to conform to the rules issued by the UAE Government.


Email Marketing

Our UAE Business Directory also includes 29,000 email addresses of prominent businessmen to do business with. You would be able to send emails to CEOs, COOs, HR Managers, Executive Managers and others with ease. The email addresses in our lead generation list enhance your email marketing campaigns by many folds.


However, we don’t ensure the checking of the database for spam. So, it would be wise to go through the listing again so as to conform to the laws of the UAE Government.


Authenticity & Customization

As data brokers, we have validated the UAE Business Directory from multiple public and private sources. Our team of data brokers guarantee the authenticity of the sales lead database. Moreover, you would find the catalogue to be 95% accurate, even if it isn’t 100%.


Other than that, you also have the option of customizing the database according to your need. You can choose from the companies of your choice by filtering them from their industry, category and other information. And for that, all you have to do is contact our support desk through the phone, email or our very own live chat!


Verification & Update

The UAE Business Directory undergoes an extensive verification process for your benefit. Our team of data brokers validate the listing from a cluster of information at no extra cost. The verification ensures that you are purchasing a sales lead database which is free from any misinformation and error. And it is done every month.


Furthermore, our team of data brokers also update the lead generation catalogue on a monthly basis. This is done so that you would purchase the latest information at all times. Moreover, the changes include updating the information in the list along with including information of newer companies operating in the country.



The UAE Business Directory is compatible with the softwares used by the various call centers. You would be able to use the sales lead database for your CRM tools and dialers such as Predictive Dialer, Power Dialer etc. Moreover, it would especially help the call center agents with their cold calls.



This UAE Business Directory, with its instant delivery service, has eliminated the wait time entirely. That is, you won’t have to wait for your database to arrive through the mail anymore. All you have to do is download the listing at the comfort of your office. Our digital download has made purchasing the sales lead database much easier.

UAE in Business


Pricing & Investment

The UAE Business Directory is affordable and cost-efficient. You would find our listing to be better than any other list on the internet. Moreover, there are no hidden charges or rental fees attached to the catalogue, neither during payment nor after. Furthermore, the lead generation catalogue is available as a one-time payment. That is, you just have to pay once and the database can be used in any way without any restrictions. On top of that, investing in the sales lead database would grant you a better ROI than any other catalogue. And the pricing of the UAE Business Directory is the same for everyone. Meaning, it doesn’t matter if you are an established company or a start-up venture, the price remains the same for everyone.

So, what are you waiting for? Purchase the UAE Business Directory at just $49!


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