UK Phone Numbers List

Price $399.00

Data Count

  • Total Records: 8 Million
  • Phone Numbers: 8 Million


  • Title
  • First Name
  • Middle Initial
  • Last Name
  • Address
  • Town
  • Post Code
  • Telephone


  • MS-Excel
  • CSV
  • XML Data
  • DIF

Data Accuracy:

  • Over 95 percent


  • Data is verified once a month

Last Update:

  • Lists are updated every month.


  • Through Instant Download


UK Phone Numbers List


This UK Phone Numbers List is the most reliable collection of information on prospective customers for all your marketing campaigns. Our UK Residential Database works as a B2C telemarketing list as well as a direct marketing list too. With the use of this phone number list, you would see a 60% boost in all your business endeavours!


Our UK Phone Numbers List has been cleared of any DNC, so you would push through to the right target audience without any obstacles. With the help of this phone numbers database, you would be able to solicit sales and enhance your business relationships. This list also has a low investment risk.


The UK Residential Database boasts of a higher ROI and a targeted set of information on prospective consumers. Our list of phone numbers in the UK would help you reach prospective consumers in a very short amount of time. This cost-effective and affordable list of UK telemarketing leads would make conducting businesses easier all across the United Kingdom!


This phone numbers list of consumers in the UK comes as a pre-packaged deal. But, if you want, you can also order a customized set of lists according to your wish!


And this list is available to you at no extra cost or any hidden charges. So, what are you waiting for? Get the entire UK Phone Numbers List at just $399 only!




UK Phone Numbers List
The Financial Conduct Authority, United Kingdom

Collecting and gathering a list of prospective customers for doing business with can be time-consuming. So, we have prepared a targeted set of lists with detailed information about the clients for you!


The UK Phone Numbers List comes with the key demographic information of every client in the list. It would lead to a successful growth of your business. This phone number database collects the prospective consumers detailed information pertaining to his/her first name, middle name, last name, initial, address, telephone number, estimated income to determine the spending power, marital status, number of children (if the client is married), owned properties, postal code, and some more.


With this information, you can geotarget any potential customer from any area of your choices such as London, Belfast, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Glasgow, Leicester, Canterbury, Everdeen, Salisbury and many more. Our list also provides you with a higher conversion rate and deliverability of almost 95%.


Compatibility & Accuracy of UK Phone Numbers List


Our job as a data broker is to deliver you a UK Phone Numbers List which is easy to work with and understand. So, we have made the list available in a Microsoft Excel format which is used by many in the business community. Using this format won’t require you to pay for any kind of professional help.


Other than that, there is also an option of choosing another format with which you would be comfortable. These formats include CSV (Comma Separated Values); XML (eXtensive Markup Language) as well as DIF (Data Interchange Format).


The UK Address List has been prepared by our data brokers by keeping in mind the hygiene of the information being provided. It means that we try our level best to deliver you a clean UK Phone Numbers List with at least 95% accuracy.


Verification & Update of UK Phone Numbers List


The information about the clientele in the UK Phone Numbers List undergoes an extensive authentication process. Whereby our data brokers validate the data in the list for any kind of mistakes. Our team verifies this every month.


This UK Residential Database is also updated on a monthly basis so that you receive the latest information about the data on the list at all times. This involves changes in the name, address, postal code, or even sometimes the phone numbers of the prospective consumers.


Delivery of the UK Phone Numbers List


With the help of our instant delivery service, you won’t have to wait for your order ever again! You can download the entire UK Phone Numbers List in a matter of seconds. And our list of phone numbers doesn’t come with any rental fees!


We also provide a detailed order receipt, so you know what you signed up for.


Don’t wait! Buy the UK Phone Numbers List right away!


A Helpful Tip: Before growing your business with our UK Phone Numbers List, do read through the Rules and Regulations issued by the British Government.