Phone List for Telemarketing Calls in the USA


The Call Leads in our database will create opportunities to enhance your brand awareness with phone calls to prospective businesses and consumers. Telemarketing has come a long way to make this possible. And with our Phone List, it is just as much easier! Telemarketing can be defined as contacting, gathering information, and selecting prospective clientele to conduct businesses with the help of devices used in telecommunications such as telephone, fax and internet. Thus, you can use our high-quality phone list to telemarket your products to prospective customers from countries such as the USA as well as Canada successfully.


Our Phone List covers information about various telemarketing leads from over 80 countries including UK. So that, you won’t have to break a sweat when searching for prospective opportunities. As we have done this tiresome job for you, all you have to do is buy the list and jump-start! There are two major categories of telemarketing. They are B2B or Business to Business and B2C or Business to Consumer. And our call list includes not only the phone numbers of various companies. But also the phone numbers of prospective consumers to whom you will market your products and services.


Best Selling Products

Few Business Jargons & Their Meaning:


Generation of Leads: Accumulation of information and contacts of prospective clients/consumers.


Sales: Influencing potential consumers to buy products and services.


Outbound: A marketing tactic where a prospective and pre-existing client or customer is contacted directly.


Inbound: It is the receiving of incoming orders and information requests.


Some Tactics that can be adapted for an increase in Sales & Brand Awareness 

  1. You can implement some call to action techniques to elicit the desired response from your prospective consumers & clients.
  2. You can enhance your telemarketing campaigns by setting a face-to-face appointment or a web conference with your clients.
  3. You can conduct surveys to collect data and information on your customer’s preference.
  4. Telesales with the primary purpose of making a transaction over the phone. Most importantly, it gives a personal touch to the sales.

What We Provide

Our website is not only limited to phone lists of different countries. We also provide Email Database and Cell Phone Numbers List (for SMS Marketing). That too at 1/3rd of the market price!


What You Can Do


With our database that includes call lists, telemarketing lists, email address database, and other assorted leads, you can:

  • Use it for your B2B and B2C telemarketing, email marketing and direct marketing campaigns
  • Find the right clientele for your businesses
  • Boost your marketing efforts by almost 60%
  • Have control over the sales in a cost-effective way
  • Expand your prospect database
  • Enhance your business relationships

What You Can Expect


Statistical Information of Phone List


The Phone List, Email Database, and other assorted lists contain crucial information about the businesses. These include the name, phone number, email address, city, state/province, zip/postal code, and even the fax number if it is available. We also provide the unique four-digit SIC/NAICS/ANZSIC codes of various corporations. With the above-mentioned information, you can geotarget a specific business or customer of your choice very easily.


Targeted Phone List


Our team believes in delivering you with a phone list which is more quality over quantity. You would find the perfect set of targeted Phone List on our website. These lists would help you reach the right target audience in a very short period of time. With the help of our targeted lists, your marketing campaigns would never fail!


Compatibility of the Phone List


We have compiled the phone list with keeping in mind the ease of us. So, we provide the list in an MS Excel format. This format is easy to understand and doesn’t require any professional assistance in using it. And the format is also widely used by businesses all over the world. On top of that, you also have the choice of downloading the telemarketing lists in the following formats:


CSV (Comma Separated Values)

XML (eXtensive Markup Language)

DIF (Data Interchange Format)


Accuracy & Verification of the Phone List


Our team of data brokers prides itself in delivering you with telemarketing lists which are at least 95% accurate, even though we strive for the full 100%. The phone list undergoes a thorough verification process for your benefit. As data brokers, we validate each and every information by authenticating them from various public and private sources. Plus, this is done every month.


Update & Delivery of the Phone List


The Call Leads are updated on a monthly basis by our team. It is done to ensure that the information you purchase is always the latest one. Also, we introduce our speedy delivery service. With the help of our download option, you would be able to purchase the entire list in a matter of seconds. That too, instantly without any waiting time!


Packaged Phone List


You would find our phone list to be pre-packaged with all the crucial data that you might need. But, you also have the option of asking for a customized list which will be according to your wish. Our new feature of a customized list not only ascertains more value but also gives you a wider range of options.




You would find our Telemarketing lists to be affordable as well as cost-effective. And it is available as a one-time payment! That is, you just have to pay once, and the list is yours forever. You can use it in any way and as many times you would want. Investing in the lists would guarantee a greater ROI. On top of that, our phone list doesn’t come with any kind of rental fees or hidden charges!


Who Benefits The Most


These leads would be especially beneficial to the many smaller businesses who are still up & coming in the business world. They would have the right amount of boost needed to jump-start their businesses. It would expand their client base and provide them with prospective customers in no time.


Legal Ramifications




DNC or Do Not Call list/registry is a list of phone numbers that are off to telemarketers in some countries. We have tried our best to deliver you with a list which has been cleared of any DNC.


Email Spam


Email spam, also known as junk email is unsolicited messages sent in a large number through email. You would find our lists to have a high inbox rate as well as low bounce rate. Some of the examples of laws in effect by various countries include the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 by the United States, Canada Anti-Spam Law, Australian Spam Act 2003 and more.


Telemarketing Regulations in Some Countries


United States: The Telemarketing in the United States of America is restricted at a federal level by the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 and the FTC’s Telemarketing Sales Rules (TSR). Some of the jurisdictions implement DNC through industry organization or legislation, where telemarketers are restricted from establishing contact with participating consumers.


Canada: The telemarketing in Canada is regulated by the Federal Government which are specifically handled by CRTC. The citizens of the country can register with National Do Not Call List to reduce the number of telemarketing calls which are received.


Australia: Telemarketing in the country is regulated by the Australian Federal Government which is governed by ACMA. The legislation provided by the Australian Federal Government implements a restriction on calling hours for both research and marketing calls.