With 1.5 billion active users across a hundred and eighty countries, WhatsApp is considered as the most sought-after messaging application. Moreover, having realized the ability of WhatsApp, the thought of WhatsApp marketing is currently rising within the market.

Why should you use WhatsApp Marketing?

The best reason to use WhatsApp for business is that several of your customers are most likely already using it. More than sixty billion messages are sent through WhatsApp every single day.

Surprisingly, users of WhatsApp and similar services are willing to have interaction with businesses. Consistent with Nielsen’s Facebook Electronic Messaging Survey, sixty-seven percent of mobile app users said they expect to use chat more for communication with businesses over the next 2 years. What’s more, fifty-three percent of respondents say they’re more likely to buy with a business they can message directly.


If your customers and prospects are young, they’re more likely to be comfortable using mobile apps for his or her daily communication. A study by pew research facility shows that forty-two percent of smartphone house owners between eighteen and twenty-nine years old use electronic messaging apps like WhatsApp, compared with solely nineteen percent of smartphone house owners who are fifty or older.

Plus, electronic messaging apps like WhatsApp have unimaginable engagement rates: ninety-eight percent of mobile messages are opened and read, with ninety percent of them getting opened within 3 seconds of being received. WhatsApp could already be a key approach for your audience to share content.

In fact, an enormous majority of sharing online—84 percent—now takes place on personal channels like mobile apps, thus even if you’re not using WhatsApp to promote your business, your prospects are probably using it to increase your content’s reach already.

Benefits & Features of using our WhatsApp Marketing Software

Due to the high acceptance of WhatsApp amongst the users, it stands as a golden chance for marketers. However, bombarding users with messages who are not saved in your contact list will risk you to be placed on their blocked list. So, brands need to be more cautious to reach their potential customers through this platform.

Perhaps, WhatsApp marketing Software will aid you. Here, at Emailnphonelist, we have prepared and are providing as a service, one of the top WhatsApp Marketing software of 2019 to assist you to enhance your marketing methods smoothly.

Here are some of the best features offered by our WhatsApp Marketing Software:


  • You can send bulk messages from your info.
  • You can attach pictures, videos, texts with over 1,000 characters per message, or a viral YouTube video URL.
  • It provides statistics to measure the results of delivered messages.
  • It permits you to customize your campaign of bulk messages by the recipient’s given name, last name, city, or birthday greetings to confirm success.
  • Our software allows you to add more messages in a different writing way so that you don’t get blocked by the recipient.
  • The software lets you control the connection speed and also set delays for your messages.
  • Automatic free replies are sent once users reply to your campaign.
  • You can send unlimited texts with unlimited character limit to your shoppers.
  • You can attach a photograph or a video with a caption to outstand your messages.
  • You can even share a viral video’s link to attain thousands of clicks or views.
  • It permits you to make and transfer the info of your shoppers.
  • It provides you instant reports for the messages you have sent.
  • You can send a minimum of a hundred messages to an unknown person and 3000 messages to a notable person.
  • You can also add the WhatsApp list for promotion.

If used properly, WhatsApp will prove to be a good marketing channel for your business. Several brands have already realized WhatsApp’s potential and have started using it. Being innovative is what’s needed to form the foremost out of this medium.

Comparison of WhatsApp Marketing with other Marketing Methods

Social Media

WhatsApp has an inherent 100% distribution rate. It means that a WhatsApp message reaches all recipients of a broadcast list. In addition, a WhatsApp message reaches recipients by appearing as a notification on a smartphone’s lock-screen, one thing that doesn’t happen with different app updates.

As a result, this WhatsApp feature makes it hard for different social media apps like Twitter and Facebook to compete. One distinction is that these apps have algorithms that influence whether or not news or updates can ever reach users.

Email & Telephone

The following quote from an interview with Daniel Palm, Senior CRM Manager at HolidayPirates, highlights the comparatively high click-through rates on electronic messaging apps:

  1. “Our ability to achieve users is unmoving in the content that we tend to send. We tend to receive click-through rates of 50-60% for last-minute trips to Mallorca throughout the summer without any issues. What is more, our error fares, together with errant costs from agencies and airlines, generate a really positive reaction.”
  2. “It is usually hard to believe that some deals we have sent through WhatsApp are clicked on and opened by up to ninetieth of recipients. Overall, we are very happy with how well the messenger has served our desires, particularly because different platforms face shrinking user bases.”

These higher opening and click-through rates are partially the results of having a transparent and consistent content strategy, however, the impact of the messenger cannot be discounted. Through surveys, we tend to currently apprehend that today’s customers more and more wish to be able to contact corporations through WhatsApp rather than email or by phone, with fewer and fewer individuals selecting the latter choices.

This is also a result of not only Messenger’s real-time facet but also its ability to supply one-on-one communication in a chat window, one thing that’s less personal via email and too long over the telephone.


For a short while now, we have known that there has been a decrease in the download of other apps. A Tech magazine issued a written piece in mid-2016 referred to as “The App Boom Is Over.” In February 2017, the online selling magazine also wrote that “the age of apps is over.”

Compared to different apps for mobile devices, electronic messaging apps have the next retention rate. This suggests that the speed in which users come back to use these apps is considerably higher and more frequent, owing to the natural human need for normal communication.

WhatsApp Marketing List

Along with the WhatsApp Marketing software, we will also provide you with the lists of prospective customers with whom you can conduct businesses. These lead generation data would include:


You would be able to conduct businesses across:

And more.

Verified Data

Every information in the list has been validated by our team of data brokers. This is done to make sure that it has been taken from authentic public and private sources. Also, as a precautionary measure, our information undergoes an extensive verification process.

Different Formats

We, as data brokers, have an obligation of providing you with a sales lead database which is extremely easy to use. Thus, we have made the list in an MS Excel format. This format can be used by anyone with minimum computer knowledge and is used extensively by all. Also, you would be able to download the list in DIF, CSV, and XML.


You would find our database includes the information and demographics of various customers vital for your lead generation purposes.


You would find our Whatsapp Marketing leads to be extremely affordable and cost-efficient for all your business needs. Plus, there are no hidden costs and extra charges associated with the sales lead database. You would also get better Return-on Investments or ROI with our leads. So, what are you waiting for? Buy our Whatsapp Marketing leads at just $154 only!