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USA Business Database




This USA Business Database is a powerful tool that will help you with all your marketing campaigns. The data has been collected from business organizations across all 50 states in the USA. This business list can be used in various ways such as generating sales leads, building a directory for business, telemarketing, email marketing, and other B2B purposes.

With our B2B Database in the USA, you can reach the right target audience with ease. Our business phone list would help you easily connect with department phone numbers without any problem! And using this comprehensive US Business Database would help you solicit the maximum number of sales.

Our US Company Database also works as a direct marketing list. That is, you can sell your products and services directly without the meddling of any middleman. We have provided you with a quality list which has the full company contact information. On top of that, our USA Business Database doesn’t incur any hidden or rental charges at the time of the purchase.

Our data brokers have given you a leads list which has been cleared of any DNC, with the sole purpose of reaching through to your clients without any hindrance. And once you buy the list, it is yours to keep. You can use it in any way and as many times as you want without any restrictions! So, buy our USA Business Database at just $399!

Details on the USA Business Database

This US Business Database has a record collection of information on 6 million companies currently in the US. You have the choice of filtering through the data on the basis of business name and title, phone number, its location, number of employees, sales volume and much more. We have also provided the unique four-digit NAICS code of the respective enterprises.

You can geotarget the companies from the location of your choices such as Washington, New York, Michigan, Illinois, California, Minnesota, Massachusetts and many more. The business database list also gives you a higher return on investments and the data provided has been taken from various authentic sources. This way you won’t have to worry about whether the data is valid or not.

Why Choose our USA Business Database

You would find our USA Business Database to be 200% cheaper than other list providers on the internet. And our business database is no different than our competitors as we have extracted all the information from the same sources just as them. We offer the company information database at a very cost-effective rate because we target smaller businesses who cannot afford the price stated by our competitors. Why pay monthly charges when you can buy our USA Business Database for a one-time payment of $399!

Business Categories

Some of the examples business categories included in our USA Business Database are:

  • Flowers & Florists Supplies
  • Jewellery Shops
  • Construction Companies
  • Agriculture
  • US Bridal Stores
  • Hotels
  • Electronic & Hardware Stores
  • Art Galleries
  • Restaurants
  • List of IT Companies
  • Real Estate

And many more.

Compatibility & Accuracy

Our most important task is to deliver to you the US Business Database in a format which you would find easy to understand. Our database list is available in an MS Excel format which is simple, doesn’t require any professional help and is known by many in the business community. Other than that, we have also given the choice of downloading the full list in the following formats: CSV (Comma Separated Values); XML (eXtensive Markup Language) and also DIF (Data Interchange Format).

This USA Business Database goes through an extensive validation process from various sources to make sure the data you get is at least 95% accurate. We also make it a point to serve you with clean information!

Verification & Update of the USA Business Database


Our data brokers verify the information in the USA Business Database once a month to ensure it’s validity. It involves changes in the information such as the company name, its phone number or any other data that have become obsolete.

The US Company Database is also updated on a monthly basis to serve you with the current information at all times. Whether it is changing the data of some company or updating the entire list, we do that without any additional charge. And it is done whenever any new data becomes available.

Delivery of the USA Business Database

With the help of our instant delivery service, you won’t have to wait for the US Business Database to be delivered. We have made the list available for you to download instantly without any wait time at a format of your choosing!

Our business database list is available as a pre-packaged list. If you so want, we can even deliver a customized list to your choosing. So, don’t wait. Just buy!


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