4 Steps to make your Email copy multilingual

My sister loves to travel. She finds visiting foreign nations a very entertaining and enriching experience. She explores the food, the local cuisines, and shops (a lot!). She also spends time understanding their cultures of that country. She was once in Japan and was in a similar culture understanding mood. In the flow of conversation, she wanted to say something. The twist is, she wanted to say it in Japanese. She found the relevant words for it and said it with full confidence much to the delight of her listeners. After she delivered her newly learned Japanese line, her audience went

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3 Important Steps to Make Your Email Better for Foreign Visitors

What happens when you end up talking business with a Spanish client who takes your English to be French? Or a Chinese client who thinks you are speaking Tamil with them? You feel stuck in the midst of an ocean with no rescue and no companion to understand your pain, cause they don't understand your language! Trust me, it's not funny, you are trying to expand your business to every corner of the world and if language serves to be a barrier it is simply intolerable.

So is the case with email marketing for non-English speaking customers. I

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Benefits of Setting up Hong Cong Company

Hong Kong is famous for its skylines, skyscrapers and shopping. Most sections of these skyscrapers are home to offshore companies from across the world. A casual search for Hong Kong business directory will lead you to a good number of offshore companies. Why is Hong Kong such a popular destination for offshore companies to set shop? Geographic Location of Hong Kong Hong Kong is located strategically right in the heart of Asia. It is a gateway to Mainland China, both in the sense of its geographic location and also as a business point. Beijing, Shanghai and other popular places of business in

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The Declination of U.S. Manufacturing Jobs From 1979 – 2018

The declination of U.S manufacturing jobs has started during the end of 20th century. Millions of job holders were forced to leave their jobs due to the computer revolution and other exporting businesses, that came into the highlight in Americans mainstream business field. Here is the following chart describing the fall  of the manufacturing jobs in U.S.Ary

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How did Germany Become the strongest Economy in EU?

What do Audi, BMW, Ford, Mercedes, Opel, Porsche and Volkswagen have in common? They are all automobile manufacturers. What else do they have in common? They are a list of companies based in Germany. What else do they have in common?

  • These German companies list of great automobile manufacturers has been there forever
  • All these companies have stood the test of time and have emerged strong
  • They make some of the most technically advanced and classy designs of automobiles
Wow, one country that makes such great machines. Out of curiosity I checked what other companies are based out of Germany. I

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How is Business Different in Japan?

A friend of mine, an American was sent to Japan by the company he works for. He was to stay there and oversee all operations of the company for half a year. He had an interesting experience during that time that holds the mirror to Japanese ways of doing business. japanese greeting My friend is single, didn’t have many friends in Japan and hence used to stay back in the office until 8 p.m. The usual working hours were 9 am to 6 pm. He found that all the employees on his floor

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Strategy for Successful Text Marketing for Restaurants

Are you a restaurateur and looking at some good ways to market your delicious food?  Then this article is for you. Find out the exact ways to improve your customer list count for your restaurants. Naturally, you will need a channel of communication. What better than a mobile phone marketing to your loyal customers?

Why Text Marketing for Restaurants?

Even before we delve into the answer for this important question, let’s understand the type of customers who frequent restaurants. People who want to treat their close ones to a different spread of tastes. Working professionals. People who have an active social life. In

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How to choose a telemarketing list for your next telesales campaign?

Telemarketing list The internet, YouTube especially has thousands of jokes on telemarketers. It is not a very happy observation to see that something you do to earn your bread, butter and probably jam is a butt of jokes for so many. You spend so many sleepless nights and restless days to come up with a product/service for the sake of humanity. You make a viable business out of it. Then you launch into educating the masses about this brilliant product/service. After all, how else will they know about it? Read More

Why Leverage Social Media to Build Your Email List?

Social media is a great channel to create a buzz about something. The instant reach and the visibility a social media campaign creates has is unrivaled in the marketing world. You can reach out to a person one-on-one real quick. The engagement and the response rates are far high too. [caption id="attachment_689" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Social media and email listing Social Media goes perfectly Hand-in-Hand with email Marketing![/caption] The only catch with social media is that a campaign does not live for long. Once the buzz is over, a campaign fades out of the minds of

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