Benefits of Setting up Hong Cong Company

Hong Kong is famous for its skylines, skyscrapers and shopping. Most sections of these skyscrapers are home to offshore companies from across the world. A casual search for Hong Kong business directory will lead you to a good number of offshore companies. Why is Hong Kong such a popular destination for offshore companies to set shop? Geographic Location of Hong Kong Hong Kong is located strategically right in the heart of Asia. It is a gateway to Mainland China, both in the sense of its geographic location and also as a business point. Beijing, Shanghai and other popular places of business in

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The Declination of U.S. Manufacturing Jobs From 1979 – 2018

The declination of U.S manufacturing jobs has started during the end of 20th century. Millions of job holders were forced to leave their jobs due to the computer revolution and other exporting businesses, that came into the highlight in Americans mainstream business field. Here is the following chart describing the fall  of the manufacturing jobs in U.S.Ary

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How did Germany Become the strongest Economy in EU?

What do Audi, BMW, Ford, Mercedes, Opel, Porsche and Volkswagen have in common? They are all automobile manufacturers. What else do they have in common? They are a list of companies based in Germany. What else do they have in common?

  • These German companies list of great automobile manufacturers has been there forever
  • All these companies have stood the test of time and have emerged strong
  • They make some of the most technically advanced and classy designs of automobiles
Wow, one country that makes such great machines. Out of curiosity I checked what other companies are based out of Germany. I

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How is Business Different in Japan?

A friend of mine, an American was sent to Japan by the company he works for. He was to stay there and oversee all operations of the company for half a year. He had an interesting experience during that time that holds the mirror to Japanese ways of doing business. japanese greeting My friend is single, didn’t have many friends in Japan and hence used to stay back in the office until 8 p.m. The usual working hours were 9 am to 6 pm. He found that all the employees on his floor

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Strategy for Successful Text Marketing for Restaurants

sms marketing New Year is literally round the corner. It’s the perfect time for people to host treats, take friends out for a good lunch or make up on the promise of a special dinner for two. These last few days of the current year and the first few days of the upcoming year are a time for celebration. What celebration is complete without food? None at all! It’s a brilliant time for restaurants to cash in on the celebrative mood. If you are a restaurateur looking at some good ways to give

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How to choose a telemarketing list for your next telesales campaign?

Telemarketing list The internet, YouTube especially has thousands of jokes on telemarketers. It is not a very happy observation to see that something you do to earn your bread, butter and probably jam is a butt of jokes for so many. You spend so many sleepless nights and restless days to come up with a product/service for the sake of humanity. You make a viable business out of it. Then you launch into educating the masses about this brilliant product/service. After all, how else will they know about it? Read More

Why Leverage Social Media to Build Your Email List?

Social media is a great channel to create a buzz about something. The instant reach and the visibility a social media campaign creates has is unrivaled in the marketing world. You can reach out to a person one-on-one real quick. The engagement and the response rates are far high too. [caption id="attachment_689" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Social media and email listing Social Media goes perfectly Hand-in-Hand with email Marketing![/caption] The only catch with social media is that a campaign does not live for long. Once the buzz is over, a campaign fades out of the minds of

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50’s and Above – A Segment Not to Be Missed in Your Marketing Campaigns

There was this YouTube video of Paddy and Nico doing a salsa dance that went viral. It hit about 55,262,684 likes – a really huge number. The reason why this video went viral according to me is that it features an 80 year old woman, Paddy doing the salsa. online marketing for older people Salsa is a dance known for its moves – the sensuous and also the quick ones. Imagining Jennifer Lopez doing the salsa like in the movie, ‘Shall We Dance?’ is easier compared to Paddy! Now this is called successful marketing. Talking

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How Funny Email Subject Lines Boost Business and Reader’s Mood?

I love shopping! I completely agree with the sentiments of Rebecca Bloomwood, of the Shopaholic Fame. She says somehow shopping makes everything look alright for a while and certainly, most of the people feel the same. Successful subject lines for email marketing Out of everything, I love online shopping to the moon and back. Why you ask? For starters, it doesn’t involve running or walking my way through all the isles in a mall. I can sit in the comfort of my home, sip my latte and

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