Top 10 Email Tracking Tool (Infographic)
Over the years we have grown a weird obsession for measuring things, naturally that has been extended to analyzing and more importantly tracking our emails too. There are plenty of services available online which helps you keep track of the emails you send. Some are downright simple and purpose built only to track emails while others are a bit more complicated, which can be integrated with your website to gather emails or with a CRM and even
Are Students More Receptive to SMS Than Emails?
Are Students More Receptive to SMS Than Emails? “Students these days, have changed so much!”, said my professor aunt. She teaches Biological Science to undergrads. She had an interesting conversation with one of her students. She was in her elements, teaching the class about molecular genetics. George, one student offered to share the link of a video related to the topic on a text message, after the class. True to his promise, Georg
Marketing to Consumers vs Businesses. Is Just Apples vs Oranges.
Marketing to Consumers vs Businesses. Is Just Apples vs Oranges.   ‘Apples and Oranges’, is the very first thought that pops in my mind when I think of B2B and B2C marketing. They are both marketing aimed towards people who decide, but the differences are enough to make them as different as an Apple compared to an Orange. B2B or Business to Business marketing is when you as a business owner are marketing your product/service
White House or Trump House? In a result that surprised many, Republican candidate Donald Trump galloped his way to the White House. In an electoral campaign marked by several controversial statements made by Donald Trump, his vision for America found a majority of takers who cast their precious vote in his favor. Ever since the historic win, there have been speculations galore as to how Trump will revive the economy and elevate America
Does The Image of Burj Khalifa Come to Your Mind First When Someone Mentions Dubai.
Does The Image of Burj Khalifa Come to Your Mind First When Someone Mentions Dubai? The mere mention of Dubai brings to the mind images of an affluent city, shopping, really tall buildings offering all kinds of luxuries and not to forget, the Dubai Shopping Festival. It is probably the only city on Earth where there are so many magnificent man-made things. The Palm Islands, the Burj Al Arab, the Burj Khalifa, Ski Dubai, and the Dubai Dolph
Newsletter designs for Xmas.
Newsletter designs for Xmas. Christmas is a time to make merry and celebrate. It is also the time of the year to share, care and let people in general know how much you love them; more so, if it’s your customers. Your customers are like the dearest extended family members. It is your job to keep them engaged and stay at the top in their memory when it comes to holiday shopping in general or Xmas in particular. What best way to do all
Telemarketing still works. You had a long week at work and a successful one too. You are looking forward to the weekend. The weekend is here. You just want to relax, sit by yourself, and catch up on a favorite movie with your favorite drink in hand. Everything rolled out just the way you planned in your mind. There are the drink and the movie. Your cozy ergonomics recliner is adding to the joy of the moment. Nothing can go wrong! You
Target your sms campaign towards the right audience.
Target your SMS campaign towards the right audience. A funny quotation I read recently goes like this – “The Target Audience is Males, Females and everyone in between, aged zero and up”. Funny but true, especially in the case of SMS marketing. Everyone carries a mobile phone these days. There is nothing to limit the use of a mobile phone by a school going kid or a septuagenarian in an old age home. Needless to say, everybody in betwe
Catch email receivers' attenton
Catch email receivers' attention. I recently took an online course about email marketing. Why? You ask. Hmm, just to stay on top of the latest trends in all things content. After all, content is the king, in this flourishing market of online businesses. I was asked by my tutor to check the “promotions” folder in my mailbox and come up with 5 examples each of emails I liked and didn’t like. When I first heard this task, it felt sup
Strengthen Customer Relationship With Email.
Strengthen Customer Relationship With Email. I was 15 when I was introduced to Orkut. “What is Orkut? Some kind of a food joint?” you must be thinking. You are not to be blamed. It’s the first ever social networking site designed by Google for us teens those days. Then came Facebook and Orkut became ancient past. Why are we talking about Orkut then? Since Facebook, it’s been a fast track advent of all things internet and social.
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