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Features of Call Center Softwares

Last updated on February 26th, 2024 at 01:18 pm

Are you within the marketplace for new call center software and with precise options that you need? If you confused concerning the distinction between an IVR and an ACD? Are you interested at the rate in which call center software has evolved since you acquired your on-premise solution ten years ago?

If you answered affirmative to any of these queries, this weblog post is for you! This post lists the foremost common call center software options as well as an outline of every other. It’ll bring you one step nearer to finally choosing the call center software solution and options that meet your business desires or offer you a bit insight into how call center software has progressed over the years.

The following are the foremost common Call Center Software features:


Call center software would be nothing without the telephone. In short, the telephone is a telecommunications technology. It permits for 2 or additional individuals to speak and is the heart of call center software. Most call center software solutions give their own telephone or let customers bring their own.

Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)

ACDs perform several essential functions and are thus thought-about the backbone of a call center. They’re a telephone system that routes incoming calls to the foremost applicable agent among a call center. ACDs conjointly acquire usage knowledge like decision volume, calls handled, call period, wait time, etc. They conjointly leave managers to have interaction in call observation, call conferencing, call barging and whisper work. Thus, ACDs are essential for any center.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

An IVR is a very common and useful call center software system feature. It’s a telemarketing system menu which identifies, divides and routes callers. Foremost applicable agent, department, waiting queue or pre-recorded message. In an exceedingly typical IVR state of affairs. A caller initially hears the IVR acknowledgement and is then asked to settle on from a series of prompts (e.g. “Press one for Sales, two for Support…”). The caller is then routed to the foremost applicable team member or waiting queue based on their choice. Thus, IVRs are nice for call centers that have distinctive groups or fields totally different decision varieties.

Skills-based Routing

This routing practicality is important for any centre that might wish to optimize the service they supply to their callers. Skills-based routing sends calls to specific agents, departments or groups based on custom rules. It works like this:

1) Managers assign labels to their agents based on their department, particular skill set, area of experience, language, demographics, location or any other meaning construct;

2) Calls are routed to agents based on their allotted tags moreover because the phone number the caller dialled to achieve the corporate, the caller’s phone number, the caller’s IVR choice and therefore the caller’s previous interactions with the corporation. Skills-based routing is a magnificent way to make sure that callers are routed to the agent who is most qualified to satisfy their needs.

Call Queues

Calling Queues hold customers in a waiting queue when all agents of a call center are busy. Most call center software system solutions can permit managers to put together distinctive decision queues for every department, agent, team or tags allotted to agents for skills-based routing functions. Agents who have access to metrics in their dashboards will read call queue statistics in order that they will create educated choices supported by real-time knowledge. Thus, call queues are essential for any team seeking to augment their performance.

Automatic Screen Pop

Automatic Screen Pop is a call center software system feature that displays data concerning the caller mechanically within the laptop because the phone rings. This data can usually be tailored to satisfy the call center’s desires. However, by default, it displays the caller’s name, picture, telephone number, address, email address, company, position among the corporation, telephone number they dialed, etc. Automatic screen pop permits agents to produce additional customized expertise to their callers, notwithstanding it’s the first time they have called their company.

Business Tools Integration

More advanced software for call center solutions integrate with business gears to produce comprehensive data concerning callers. The foremost common business gears to integrate with are CRMs, helpdesks, e-commerce platforms, marketing software system and chat systems. Once integrated, the call center software system can show the caller’s previous purchase history, phone calls with the corporate, chat transcripts, voicemails, notes, cases, support tickets, etc.

With two-way synchronization of information, once an agent updates data concerning the client in one business tool (i.e., their contact data, closes a support price tag, updates a case or writes a note).The data can mechanically be applied to any or all integrated business tools. Business tools integrations permit agents to produce higher service, modernized advancement and eliminate the input of redundant data into multiple systems.

Call Management

It mentions about basic call management functionality like hold, mute, conference, transfer or cutting the call. Moreover, this call center software system solution has call management practicality entirely within the browser, therefore call center agents can place callers on hold or transfer calls with a click of a mouse.

Call Recording

Call center software system feature that records and saves live calls so that they can be heard at a later time. This is useful for agents to reference before reaching out to a client and for managers to examine an agent’s performance when they can’t monitor live calls.

Call Observation

This Observation permits managers to concentrate on live calls without the agent or caller knowing. It is nice for making certain that freshly employed agents are up-to-speed and for keeping an eye fixed on the performance of a complete team. Moreover, this call center software system solutions run entirely within the browser. Managers can monitor live calls from anyplace – as long as they have a laptop and a net connection.

Call Barging

Call barging is a call center software system feature that enables managers to listen in on live calls to talk with both the agent and therefore the caller. This call center software system feature is useful once callers ask that their call escalated to a manager and to optimize agent coaching.

Conference Line of Work

The conference line of work is a useful feature that enables distributed groups to collaborate effectively. Call conferencing permits 3 or additional individuals (i.e., callers, agents, managers, etc.) to speak with one another. This feature eliminates the effort of transferring calls to a different department once addressing additional complicated problems.

Voicemail, Transcript, and Notifications

Voicemail is a call center system feature that enables callers to leave a message for an agent. Department or company if they aren’t available. Better call center solutions provide voicemail transcription that transcribes the voicemail and stores it within the caller’s activity feed. They also mechanically send an email with the voicemail transcription to agents and managers. Voicemail, voicemail transcription and notifications facilitate keep entire groups within the loop, regardless of when their customers call.

Predictive Dialer

A predictive dialer is a call center software system dialer that mechanically calls many contacts at an identical time simply before an agent becomes available. Once a caller answers, the predictive dialer transfers the live call to the accessible agent. Predictive dialers are options that are valuable to outward-bound sales groups. They permit them to contact additional leads, faster.


This is a call center software system feature that enables agents to click on any signalling among any business tool. Web site to create a call. Click-to-call works in call center systems, CRM, helpdesk, Salesforce, and e-commerce platforms. Marketing software system and any website with a telephone number. Click-to-call makes it easy for agents to position outward-bound calls and eliminates the effort related to dialling the incorrect number.

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