What happens when you end up talking business with a Spanish client who takes your English to be French? Or a Chinese client who thinks you are speaking Tamil with them? You feel stuck in the midst of an ocean with no rescue and no companion to understand your pain, cause they don't understand your language! Trust me, it's not funny, you are trying to expand your business to every corner of the world and if language serves to be a barrier it is s
Your business is unique and so are your plans. Starting from the idea of expansion to lead generation and customer loyalty, you have planned it all. However, to bring success to this plan you need to focus on branding. Let's find out those -
Text marketing
Are you a restaurateur and looking at some good ways to market your delicious food?  Then this article is for you. Find out the exact ways to improve your customer list count for your restaurants. Naturally, you will need a channel of communication. What better than a mobile phone marketing to your loyal customers? Why Text Marketing for Restaurants? Even before we delve into the answer for this important question, let’s understand the ty
Telemarketing list
The internet, YouTube especially has thousands of jokes on telemarketers. It is not a very happy observation to see that something you do to earn your bread, butter, and probably jam is a butt of jokes for so many. You spend so many sleepless nights and restless days to come up with a product/service for the sake of humanity. You make a viable business out of it. Then you launch into educating the masses about this brilliant product/service.
Social media and email listing
Social media is a great channel to create a buzz about something. The instant reach and the visibility a social media campaign creates has is unrivaled in the marketing world. You can reach out to a person one-on-one real quick. The engagement and the response rates are far high too. The only catch with social media is that a campaign does not live for long. Once the buzz is over, a campaign fades out of the minds of people. Here’s where
Marketing Campaign for people over 50's
There was this YouTube video of Paddy and Nico doing a salsa dance that went viral. It hit about 55,262,684 likes – a really huge number. The reason why this video went viral according to me is that it features an 80-year-old woman, Paddy doing the salsa. Salsa is a dance known for its moves – the sensuous and also the quick ones. Imagining Jennifer Lopez doing the salsa like in the movie, ‘Shall We Dance?’ is easier compared to Pa
I love shopping! I completely agree with the sentiments of Rebecca Bloomwood, of the Shopaholic Fame. She says somehow shopping makes everything look alright for a while and certainly, most of the people feel the same. Out of everything, I love online shopping to the moon and back. Why do you ask? For starters, it doesn’t involve running or walking my way through all the isles in a mall. I can sit in the comfort of my home, sip my latt
How many SMS’s do you receive in a day? I get anything between 50 to 60 messages. A large portion of these messages is from various things I like. Restaurants, spas, malls, movies, baby shops, and even my mobile service provider, the last one I don’t like that much. I am sure it’s a similar case with you too. How many SMS' list do you respond to in a day? I respond to all the personal SMS's. Depending on the offers from restaurants,
Text Marketing
2017 has seen a sharp rise in text marketing. You receive a text message from practically every business entity you transact with. Be it a restaurant, baby shop, a salon, clothing chain or even a small time eating joint. Text messaging is everywhere and it is here to stay. The sheer number of users with a smartphone is an encouraging fact for making text marketing a part of your telemarketing campaigns. Adding to this trend is the fact tha
student email list
“Students these days, have changed so much!”, said my professor aunt. She teaches Biological Science to undergrads. She had an interesting conversation with one of her students. She was in her elements, teaching the class about molecular genetics. George, one student offered to share the link of a video related to the topic on a text message, after the class. True to his promise, George sent her a youtube link video on an SMS to her. S
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