Generate organic leads without cold calling

4 Brilliant Ways to Generate Organic Leads Without Cold Calling

How to generate organic leads, and that too, without cold calling? Lead generation is something that many of you must do in order to get sales for your business, but you are not sure which way is the best, especially when it comes to generating organic leads.

Organic lead generation might be tricky for many. This is a common question that many start-ups and businesses have in mind because let’s be honest here guys, everyone wants to work in order to make their business grow by increasing the number of sales and it can’t get any better when the leads get generated completely free of cost.

Organic lead generation through social media marketing is one of the best ways you can gain some potential customers for your business. Digital marketing, and content marketing as a subset of digital marketing, will help you generate a considerable amount of organic traffic. 

We have compiled the 3 best ways to generate leads in detail – all of these methods will prove to be super effective for you. The following points have all the information for you on how to generate leads without cold calling. You can try them out at any time at your convenience. 

1. Free Facebook Lead generation

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The first step for a Facebook lead generation would be to optimize your Facebook profile, showcasing the products or services that you have to offer. 

Update your Profile Picture, Cover Photo, and Bio on Facebook regularly to keep your audience (people who are on your friend list or are following you) in the loop about your business.

 It is best practice to keep your Facebook account public in this case, since you want to reach as many people as possible. It is important that you build your own personal brand on Facebook, creating an identity for yourself so that people may reach out to you whenever they feel the need for obtaining a particular product or availing of a specific service.

Look for Facebook groups of your niche so that you are able to promote your business in these groups. For example, if you are a company that sells interior decor products, make sure that you are present as a member in groups where images of interior decor get posted regularly for bargaining and selling purposes.  You can also create groups of your own – start by sending invitations to known people and then grow gradually. Let word-of-mouth promotions work in your favor.

You can organize events in order to make people aware of all that you have to offer. You can take part in events as a participant as well, in order to promote your business among the masses. All of these methods of mass communication have a common objective – generating organic leads. You can even comment on posts made by similar accounts – don’t overdo it though, because Facebook marks too many repetitive comments as spam.

2. Free Instagram Lead Generation


Lead generation using social media marketing, which is a subset of digital marketing, is pretty effective when done correctly. One of the most popular social media platforms other than Facebook happens to be Instagram. Here’s how can you do Instagram marketing and generate organic leads? 

The first Instagram lead generation tactic would be similar to Facebook, craft a perfect Instagram Bio for yourself with a link to your website and put up a suitable Display Picture as well. 

You can follow accounts of the same niche as yours on Instagram and drop comments once in a while to get noticed! Use suitable hashtags in every post that you make in order to increase its reach among the masses. 

Be active on Instagram and put up stories frequently in order to get noticed by more people and increase the audience for your account. Put up posts, videos, and reels that celebrate the national holidays and other special events. When you put up something, remember that it will only get noticed when your content strikes a chord in the heart of the audience. Content is king here. 

3. Free Linkedin Lead Generation


The best way for generating organic leads on LinkedIn would be to connect with similar accounts in order to reach as many people as possible. 

There is a distinctive feature on LinkedIn which notifies users as soon as a comment is made on somebody’s post by a connection, or if a connection shares something. 

Make sure that you use this feature of LinkedIn to your advantage and use it for organic lead generation in a successful manner. You can post your content on LinkedIn, just like you do on Facebook, and let the LinkedIn community know more about your business. 

4. Content marketing for lead generation


If you have your own website on WordPress or Wix, create a catalog of your products which people visiting your website can view easily. 

You can create a Testimonials section where you can add testimonials of your previous clients. This will add to your credibility as a business. Have a separate Blog section on your website as well, where you can keep on putting up content in the form of articles. Send out invitations for contributions from guest authors as well. 

You can interlink articles on your blog with articles on other related websites. Contribute to the community on Quora by writing answers and promoting your blog on Quora as well to reach a greater audience. 


Lead generation through digital marketing is the way to go in this age of digitization, where everything happens online. The above discussed are a few of the easiest and effective ways for generating organic leads through content and social media. If you are someone who is heading a start-up, a business, or someone who wants to take up a new business venture, this article will provide you with all the ways of connecting with the masses and making your business a successful one over time. 


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