WhatsApp Marketing Software is the Latest Dais for Business Connectivity

Last updated on February 20th, 2024 at 01:21 pm

After the new version released, Whatsapp marketing software is the tool which businesses have started getting in touch with their customers beyond the barrier of distances. Now, what makes it so interesting and helpful to the ones incorporating it in their marketing ventures. Good old Facebook hacks might have earned a ramson profit, but the latest update of Whatsapp marketing software is the key to everything. 

Whatsapp marketing

Why use WhatsApp marketing software? 

Why not? Social media has been a great platform for almost a decade now. Every messaging application is used for Business to Customer (B2C) communication. Like that of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Business and lastly, Whatsapp. Each has its own set of benefits and specialities and to be honest. Moreover, WhatsApp is one of the most used applications around the globe, that connects people in almost all the ways possible. 

1. Over one billion users around the world

More than the number of hairs on your head, and more than one can imagine. Whatsapp has over 1.5 billion active monthly users! Yes, now you can imagine the number when counted for a year? That is the extent to which people have entrusted their faith and privacy over this application. Then why not use the most downloaded platform for your business?  

2. Daily usage time is more than 30 minutes on Average 

I literally have seen people saying, “Whatsapp that to me” or “I will send you over Whatsapp”. That is how popular it is among common people who might not be extremely connected with other technologies but know how to spend their leisure on this app. People spend over 40 minutes a day here, so sending over your business brochures sounds like a great plan.

3. Only 5% of entrepreneurs use WhatsApp for advertising

That is nothing new to people aware of the advertisement world. We have seen offline pamphlets, banners, posters all over the place. Even when online, Facebook and Instagram is flooded with sponsored advertisements. But it is a virgin location for multiple companies who have not started their deals on WhatsApp. Companies who have somehow made their way here are places like, Absolut Vodka, Hellmann’s, Yoox and many other online websites. 

4. WhatsApp marketing software is inexpensive, rather absolutely FREE. 

Remember the time when people paid one rupee per text message or had to fill text balances in order to send a limited number of messages to one another. Well, those days are gone with the emerging hype of Whatsapp. Now, people can exchange an unlimited number of texts and conversations within seconds. The biggest plus point for having it with Whatsapp marketing software is that it has no subscription charge or membership cost. Which makes it the most extensively used platform. 

5. WhatsApp is meant not just for good old texting

Not just good old texting, but also sending over what so ever one wants to. Pictures, Videos, document files, PDFs, Website links, Application links, Songs, audios and even recorded audios. Not only that, but it offers the facility of video and audio conferencing with more than four people at once. All that for free! Now imagine how one can incorporate all these features for their WhatsApp marketing software campaign?

How to use it tactfully?

Well, lets come to the technical part of Whatsapp Marketing software. With the above benefits and advantages, comes a list of dos and don’ts for a clean and healthy marketing strategy that is going to help entrepreneurs in the long run. In order to achieve what the application promises, one must abide by the given set of tricks and hacks. 

1. Make a proper WhatsApp business account

This is the very first step without which one cannot even start climbing the ladder of WhatsApp marketing software. Create a business account, by following few really simple steps over the internet. Now, Google Play has two sets of applications that allow users to download WhatsApp. First, the common “Whatsapp Messenger” which is one used by every potential customer and secondly, “Whatsapp Business”.  

You need to download the second one for a detailed WhatsApp marketing software strategy. Download the application, and don’t forget to use the official phone number of your business while creating the account. You need to use your companies email address, and it is suggested not to use personal email account details. Remember all your WhatsApp conversations, will be held backup in that email drive. 

Brand image as the display picture

So, the next option that is shown after phone number and email address approval is name and display picture. Well, here you have to be original and verified for getting organic customer deals. Use your own company name for the Business account, and obviously the real logo or picture associated with your business. Whatsapp marketing software is never going to work without a proper brand image and name; so do it wisely! 

Website URL

No one actually, sees and checks the about section anymore. But, if you are creating your business account and want to have proper marketing via WhatsApp then you need to put up the official website URL on the about portion of the account. This is going to act as a help to the ones receiving texts from you for the first time. 

Texting and third party application

By texting, the auto-reverted messages are being talked off. If someone is sending a message to your WhatsApp account for the first time, then you can create an automated text message introducing your business and agenda to them. Even when you aren’t around to check to revert back to the customer, this is going to help keep the person engaged to your service. So, it is suggested to use texts that are oriented with a possible request related to your business moto. 

A third party application is the one, which is going to help you receive and understand the motive of your customer’s query. Places like GB Whatsapp or Whatsapp Plus has such features for a better experience of marketing via WhatsApp.  

2. WhatsApp marketing software

Places like Rapbooster, Brsender, Truelinesolution, Vfirst, Whatstack etc. are the ones which help in generating potential customers interested in your brand. This WhatsApp marketing software also has a greater influence on the algorithm of your brand’s customer dealing. Sending pre-decorated offers, brochures, and seasonal greetings to all the contacts of your brand. 

3. Other platforms for more engagement

To generate more traffic on your Whatsapp Business account, you need to market that onto other social media platforms and websites. For example, displaying the number of pictures and posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The post is supposed to have an aligned number to your brand’s account, which is later going to help them reach out to you. 

Whatsapp marketing software is a familiar dais for people good at socializing their account on Facebook, and other social media platforms. Though it doesn’t generate Advertisement monetization, there is a chance of that in near future.  WhatsApp Advertisement is a good deal for almost all businesses in the twenty-first century where technology is spreading like wildfire. 


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