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6 Easy And Effective Ways To Generate Leads On Facebook

How to generate leads on Facebook? If you are someone who is keen to grow your business on social media platforms, you must surely be eager to know how to generate leads on Facebook.

Facebook Ad is one way you can generate leads, but there is more to Facebook lead generation than just ads. Here’s how you can generate leads on Facebook in an easy as well as an effective manner:

Facebook Lead Ads

Go for Facebook Lead Ads when your objectives include the following: market research, customer feedback, and hiking the number of conversions.

Facebook Lead Ads are ads that are sponsored by your business and reach people that are most likely to avail of your product or services, based on their online behavior.

Facebook Lead Generation can be done by creating Facebook Lead Ads in the Ads Manager section of your business page on Facebook.

With Facebook advertising, you also get to choose your Facebook Ad format, its target audience, budget, and schedule it accordingly.

When it comes to Facebook Lead Ad Creation, you are not likely to be super successful at one go. You have to test out different Facebook ads, try different content with variable lengths, and then optimize them as per the response that you receive.

Facebook Posts

“Think like a publisher, not a marketer,” – David Meerman Scott, American online marketing strategist.

What are the key features of a perfect Facebook post that will reach a wider audience? What content should you put up in your Facebook post in order to make it fulfill your social media marketing goals? Have a look here.

First of all, your Facebook post should have a clear, definitive objective. Do not make random posts that have no goal in mind for the audience.

Instead of keeping the post-text-only, make it a visual one with images that are appealing – stats have shown that images boost user engagement on posts 2.3 times.

Lastly, do not forget to make your Facebook post-well-linked to a landing page. After all, at the end of the day, you want more customers to click on the links you put out and reach you through the sales funnel.

Facebook Messenger

“When it comes to social media, your vibe attracts your tribe” – Felicia Lin, American writer, and social media strategist.

A built-in chat feature for your business page on Facebook, Facebook Messenger works great when it comes to having one-on-one conversations with potential customers.

Work on your communication, work on your convincing power as you interact with more and more customers directly on chat.

If you do not have the time or human resources to remain active on Facebook Messenger, you can install a bot that can work for you, respond to inquiries via chat and direct them to your website.

Facebook Live Videos

A considerable part of social media users’ online activities contributes to watching live videos – take advantage of this fact and go live on Facebook frequently in order to expand your audience circle.

Live videos are a great way for marketing because they are informative sessions where users can comment and ask questions on your real-time, live video. This way, lead generation happens through live videos in a very spontaneous manner.

When your live session on Facebook gets over, people can still get access to the recorded video on your page later on, which is an added bonus.

Facebook Forms

The biggest advantage of using Facebook Forms is that your potential customers do not have to face the inconvenience of leaving Facebook while filling the form.

How to create a Facebook form? There are several resources available online that you can try, such as Wufoo, JotForm, and Formstack. You can also try out the Facebook iFrame application to create custom forms for your page.

Facebook CTA

Facebook CTA stands for the Call-To-Action button on your business page on Facebook, which directs the audience of your page to something specific, such as a visit to your website or a call to your store, and is truly essential to have.

Changing your Facebook CTA button from time to time is a good idea because it makes more people notice and act on it. Instead of being simply keeping the “Contact Us” or “Shop Now” button as a static element on your page, you can change the button occasionally to get better responses from people who visit your page.

Facebook makes it easy to track the performance of your CTA, so you can check how well your CTA is doing every time you change the appearance of your CTA button. Compare the performance of one CTA button over another as well and see which one has worked best so far. 


Facebook Lead Generation can seem tricky to many. There are latest tools and technologies being introduced to the world frequently, which make Facebook Marketing an easy task. We hope this article helps you! 


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