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Does TikTok Influencer Marketing Work With Growing Brands?

Does TikTok influencer marketing work in today’s time? With the craze of TikTok and the scope of the internet, it surely does. That is how most brands are reaching their target customers these days.

If you scroll through the social media app daily, you will see loads of TikTok influencers making sponsored posts. Most of them consist of product reviews and PR videos that get a good amount of views. What does a brand get out of such a partnership?

These posts and videos are probable reasons every next person is buying from the brand. But, how well do these TikTok ads reach the right people? How is this form of marketing making millions for a brand? Let’s talk about it.

Is TikTok A Good Platform For Influencer Marketing?

 TikTok has been the biggest social media platform ever since the start. In the previous year, it had projected a growth of 20%, capturing some of the top spots for content creation. So, why not use TikTok for Marketing, right?

TikTok influencers are one of the most powerful   to shape consumer behavior. A creator’s endorsement of a product, service, or brand can significantly boost a company’s growth. For example, 49% (almost half!) of TikTok users have bought something after seeing a promotion, or simply from the TikTok shop. 

Influencer marketing on TikTok is one of the easiest ways of grabbing attention. Especially from the targetted consumers. This marketing strategy is obliged to bring a brand to its audience much more easily. 

What is TikTok Influencer Marketing?

TikTok Influencer Marketing is a marketing strategy used by businesses in the modern world to reach the right audience through TikTok. This allows brands and companies to work with influential people in the app who have good media exposure.

Of, course, it goes without saying that it is a paid collaboration. Brands pay these influencers a negotiated fee in return for brand promotion. This allows the brand to gain more value and reach its target audience.

tiktok influencer marketing


Depending on products or services, the brand reaches out to influencers. Although, not just any influencer. For instance, Let’s talk about OtterBox, one of the best-selling phone case brands. They may only reach out to a TikTok creator who makes content on phones and gadgets.

What Strategies to Implement in a TikTok Influencer Campaign?

  •  Leveraging TikTok Influencers for Brand Awareness
    Start by finding influencers whose creative style and audience align well with your brand’s values. Combining products and brand spirit can make every video work as both an extension and enhancement of your image, while also connecting you to possible customers.
  • Collaborating with the Right People for the Job
    The right influencer should share ethos and follower base with your brand. Their appreciation will make any product integration convincing — which will be beneficial on both ends.
  • Utilizing The TikTok Creator Marketplace for Content Creation
    If you want talented content creators ready to partner up at your fingertips, then use The Creator Marketplace. It helps companies to get in contact with suitable creators so that everything resonates properly and drives engagement.
  • Analyzing Engagement Metrics For Success
    Creativity may drive influencer marketing strategy but data drives decisions. Analyze engagement rates, view counts, follower growth — you name it. The more you know about the success of your campaign, the better you can refine future strategies and get closer to your target audience with every TikTok collaboration.

How to create the best content for a TikTok influencer marketing campaign?

It’s just not about collaborating with a creator. It is about delivering an ad campaign that resonates with the audience. You must encourage content that reaches people beating all the algorithm setbacks. 

TikTok influencer marketing campaign

Here are some steps to keep in mind:

  • Crafting Catchy Content for TikTok
    It’s no secret that creativity thrives on originality and trend-savviness on TikTok. So, make sure your content captivates and engages viewers by participating in what trends. Doing challenges, using popular music, or utilizing creative editing techniques really does make an impact.
  • Incorporating Relevant Hashtags
    Hashtags are signposts that guide users to their desired content. Therefore, using relevant and trending hashtags is essential if you want your audience to notice the ad. This is to target people who might like your content enough to notice your products/services.
  • Leveraging User-Generated Content For Authenticity
    Endorsements from fellow users are a brand’s best friend on TikTok. Not to mention, it is the most authentic way to reach potential consumers. By encouraging user-generated content (UGC), brands put trust into a campaign that spreads its message organically.

What is the Impact of TikTok Influencer marketing?

TikTok Influencer marketing, in the current scenario, affects business in lots of ways. From creating social media visibility to generating sales, the results of it are huge. Let’s look at these impacts.

1. How does TikTok influencer marketing shape purchasing decisions?

Influencers are the face of their own content, which is why people like watching them. The more personal the content is, the more people engage with it. Hence, products or services promoted by the influencer seem trustworthy to their audience.

Having said that, this is a great strategy that influences the audience to be consumers. These viewers find reliability in the said products/services. Hence, influencing their purchasing decisions and increasing sales for the brand.

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2. How does influencer marketing help in growing brand visibility?

Influencer marketing has a rather significant function of creating brand awareness. Influencers with an active following are always engaging through posts and stories. This helps brands to get proper exposure from an active audience.

Newspapers, TV ads, Billboards- these only cater to certain demographics. Influencer marketing allows brands to reach people who are not following traditional media. This is significant because brand visibility and relevance are what keep sales alive.

TikTok Influencer Marketing

3. How does influencer marketing help in appealing to the audience?

As we mentioned, influencers are personal about what kind of content they make. They are the face of their own brand, sharing their authentic selves. And, authenticity is exactly what is appealing to the audience.

Nobody will trust a tech guy on skincare no matter how good the product is. Similarly, no viewer will ever consider a gadget recommendation from a Beauty Guru. People will only buy what they think is relevant and reliable.

4. How does influencer marketing help in reaching out to the target audience?

TikTok Influencers have an audience that leans toward a specific niche. Be it fashion, tech, beauty, food. But, this is what is the focal point for a brand.

If a brand has a similar message to the influencer, they reach their products/services to a targeted audience. By choosing influencers who connect to the brand’s purpose, they connect to their ideal consumers. Hence, it is helping them in direct connection to their market.

What kind of brands should avoid TikTok influencer marketing?

Influencer Marketing is almost flexible for every type of business these days. Having said that this strategy might not be the best option if the brands are:

tiktok influencer

  • Niche-specific and cater their service or product to a very specific consumer base.
  • Operating on a limited budget.
  • Lacking a brand identity, in terms of goals, and brand message. 

What are the plus sides of using Influencer Marketing?

Working with TikTok influencers is a great way to boost brand visibility and interaction on the platform.

  •  For one, these influencers have strong and trustworthy relationships with their fans. It’s so important that an influencer has this kind of bond because it helps them sell products much better. Way better than traditional advertising ever could.
  • Secondly, TikTok offers the freedom to create its own unique content. This allows the influencers to perfectly integrate the message of the brand. This is because they incorporate the message into something they would normally do. 
  • Finally, this platform has primarily young users from ages 18-24 with Gen Z outpacing old millennials. Trying to reach out to these younger audiences through traditional media channels would be very difficult but luckily working with an influencer who speaks the language of this generation can get your point across more naturally and organically.

Are There Any Negative Sides to Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing, like most other marketing strategies, has its ups. But, that doesn’t necessarily make it a hassle-free plan for brand promotion. There are quite a few drawbacks if we take a closer look into it.

  • Difficulty in finding the right influencer

    The Internet is swarming with influencers and it is not getting any easier to find the right one. Brands might often reach often reach out to people who don’t have the needed audience. Not to mention, there is also a matter of trust and reliability. Additionally, there is no way to tell if the ad campaign will even bear good results. One could pick the best person, and yet not reach a good number of buyers. Which, in the end, is a loss to the brand.

  • High Cost

    The effectiveness of Influencer Marketing comes with a cost to bear. Influencers, with a good amount of followers often charge rates that are over the bar. While that may be a reasonable one, it still does not guarantee a supposed outcome. Startups that have a tight budget will likely collaborate with small influencers. But, how many influencers would you pay altogether? The overall cost of this kind of marketing will still fall hefty.

TikTok Influencer Marketing32

  • Fraudulent behavior

    Sometimes, brands might face difficulties with an influencer, which is very possible today. There are influencers out there who may have bot followers. These individuals practice unethical means of staying relevant on social media.
    In this scenario, a brand might suffer a significant loss, both in terms of money and reputation. Not only will they get no conversions from the ad campaign, but also suffer face loss. Hence, Influencer Fraud is the biggest downside to this strategy.

  • Difficulty in measuring ROI

    The ROI measurement through Influencer Marketing is difficult as it considers many aspects. The returns might differ from the expected outcome in many ways. But, that is not all.
    The conversions and sales coming from an influencer are difficult to calculate. This is because consumers navigate through loads of Touchpoints before purchasing. Hence, one cannot pinpoint how much an influencer post is helping with sales.

Other than that, the possible difficulties of Influencer Marketing revolve around the financial aspects. Differing fees, availability of the right influencers, longer, negotiations, etc are all setbacks when it comes to implementing this marketing strategy.

How to Tell if Influencer Marketing is Working for Your Brand?

If you have implemented this marketing strategy for your brand, you need to know the returns you get from it. But, how does one do that?

TikTok suits businesses well by providing a set of free analytics tools for brands to track their campaigns’ performance. You get follower demographics, video views, engagement rates, and so much more. These metrics allow a deep look into where things go right or wrong with the TikTok creator partnerships.

TikTok Influencer

You get the upper hand in pinpointing whether the content creator has done well with the campaign. Now, based on the output, you can decide if the partnership can go long-term.

Is TikTok Influencer Marketing a Good Choice?

Influencer Marketing, as a business strategy, has a wide scope. It makes a brand reach the right audience and reach people who might be interested. The best part is that brands are able to connect with their consumers and get feedback that helps them grow.

There are certainly many considerations and setbacks, but Influencer Marketing has its potential. No wonder thousands of businesses are opting to make full use of this strategy. 


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