Call scripts for financial advisior

Call Script for Financial Advisors

Financial Advisors in general advise clients and customers on how to manage their finance or money properly. However, their job just doesn’t end there. The advisors also render financial services to clients/customers based on their financial situation. And sometimes financial advisors need a call script to persuade a customer or a client to a financial product.

These products are deemed appropriate for the client based on factors such as risk discount, portfolio, gap risk, and others. Most of the time you try to suggest products which earn your customers a greater interest rate and also protect their investment at the same time. Now the question that comes to mind is, “Is there a perfect cold-calling script specifically designed for financial advisors?

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What if we say Yes?! We will provide you with some of the very best examples of Call Scripts which can be utilized to persuade customers/clients. But, before can use these scripts, you still need clients to persuade first. And our website has that covered as well.

You would find lists of customers and businesses from countries/states such as the US of A, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, China and more. Before we give you examples, we would like to explain the word Gatekeepers. A gatekeeper is a person who determines who gets to speak to the executive or the owner of the business. His/her job is to make sure that the person who calls scripts doesn’t waste the executive’s/owner’s time.

Okay, that’s enough knowledge for one day. So, let’s not dilly-dally anymore and jump straight to the call script:

Call Script Example 1: Retirement Plan for Employees

“If the phone is answered by the receptionist/gatekeeper, then

You (To the Gatekeeper): I’m not sure who I should speak with, but my name is [Insert Name], a local financial advisor at [Insert Company Name] (Pause). I am also a long-time [Insert City Name] resident and active with several organizations here. Let me ask you, who would be the most appropriate person to speak with concerning your retirement plan? Mr/Mrs/Miss?

If the receptionist is intrigued, he/she will tell you her name and tell you who to speak to.

Great. Could you put me through it?

(To the Business Executive/Owner): Hi [Insert Executive/Owner name], this is [Name] from [Company] at our [Place Name] office (Pause). I know you are not expecting my call script. I will be brief. Would you allow me 90 seconds?

My team specializes in maximizing companies’ current [Retirement Plan Name]. So, what this means is (Pause) we would help you get the most out of your current plan (Pause) without the hassle of changing to another provider! We specialize in company retirement plans because (Pause) well (Pause) it’s the most neglected part of the financial services industry. The bulk of people’s financial future lies within their company retirement plans.

Many plans only see their advisors once a year. We provide quarterly reviews for employees and employers.  provide educational programs for the employees (Pause) like asset allocation, diversification, retirement cash flow analysis, and adjusting to the retirement years.

We significantly raise employee knowledge (Pause) and most importantly, we conduct the required due diligence, making sure the company’s fiduciary responsibility has been met. The best part? (Pause) there is no additional cost to use our firm.

That’s my 90 seconds. I would like to set a 10-minute appointment with you. These appointments last no more than 10 minutes. How does next Tuesday at 10 am sound?

Call Script Example 2: Investment Roadmap

Hello [Insert Recipient Name], this is [Insert Your Name] and I am with [Insert Company Name]. Have your finances been affected by the recent market downturn?

If No, then Would you be interested in meeting to learn about how to get your financial roadmap back on track? Or Would you be open to discussing what would help you be more comfortable with your financial roadmap?

If No, then Thank you for your Time

If Yes, then I’m sure you are busy and to ensure that our meeting is beneficial for you, could you answer a couple of questions?

[Ask a set of Qualifying Questions to determine the Profile, Then set the meeting] Would you be able to meet me on [Set date, time and location for the Meeting]

Call Script Example 3: Tax-Free Bond

This is [Insert Name] with [Insert Company Name]. Our company is helping to issue a [X%] tax-free bond for [Insert City Name] school district.

Have you ever invested in tax-free bonds? And would it be alright for me to get some information about this out your way?

Call Script Example 4: FDIC Insured

May I Speak with [Insert Recipient Name], please?

[Recipient Name], this is [Your Name]’s Office from [Company Name] here in [Place Name]. You doing okay today? (The recipient replies) Great, I know I am calling out of the blue here so I will keep it brief. We are currently offering FDIC Insured (stressing the word) Certificates of Deposits whose rate of return is tied to the market. Have you ever heard of this before?

As you know, it works just like a traditional Certificate of Deposit meaning your money is invested for a certain period. The yield is determined by the performance of the S&P 500. It is FDIC Insured, your principal is 100% protected all the time.

So, if the S&P 500 is down, you’ve lost nothing. It is a great way to participate in the upside of the market with no risk of losing your initial investment. The trade-off is that the return is capped at [X%]. Would you like me to send you some information about it?

If the recipient is Interested then, Very Good. [Recipient Name], if you like the idea, would an investment of [$XYZ] be a problem for you at this particular time?

If the recipient has a money problem then, That’s fine. Tell me, when in the next 6 months do you expect to have some money to invest or re-invest?

All right. Tell you what I’ll do. I’ll send you a letter introducing our [Company Name] team and some of the services we provide. I’ll stay in touch from time to time and call script you back around [Give Date] when your funds should be available. Fair enough?

If the recipient doesn’t have a money problem then, Great. I’ll send it out to you right away. I have your address down as [Repeat the Recipient’s Address]. Is that correct?

Just one other question and I’ll take your leave. In case I can’t get in touch with you during the [Evening/Day], how can I reach you during [Day/Evening]?

Thank you very much, and have a great [Day/Evening]!

Call Script Example 5: Minimize Risk

Hello [Recipient Name], this is [Insert Name] with [Insert Company Name], how are you today?

The recipient replies.

Great! I’m sure you are busy. So, I’ll be very brief.

I’m calling you from my office located right here in [Insert Place Name]. I do a lot of work with folks in your area helping them minimize risk while achieving capital appreciation. I’d like to get you some information about myself and our capabilities here at [Company Name]. [Recipient Name], does this make sense to you?

If the recipient says Yes, then

Terrific! Now, [Recipient Name], I can provide you with the most appropriate information that concerns you and your financial objectives. Let me ask you…

The recipient answers the following questions:

What type of investments do you currently own?

In how many years from now are you looking to retire?

Now, if the recipient doesn’t get interested, then: [Recipient Name], I’ll get you some information immediately, and I’ll get back to you in a week or so.

If the recipient is really interested, then: I’d like to invite you to my office next [Set day, date & time] for a complimentary financial consultation.

These are the 5 examples of Call Scripts for Financial Advisors. But, don’t go anywhere! We have an extra example just for you followed by some tips.

Call Script Example 6: Retirement Income Distribution

Hello, this is [Insert Name] calling from your local [Insert City Name] [Insert Company Name] office. May I speak with [Insert Recipient Name] please?

The recipient comes to the phone (or already picked up the call script) and answers.

Good [Morning/Afternoon/Evening], [Recipient Name]. The purpose of my call is to help you make your hard-earned retirement income last throughout your retirement years. Many financial advisors are great at helping you to accumulate retirement income; I specialize in making it last for you. With that in mind, could you briefly describe for me your plans for the distribution phase of your retirement assets?

If the recipient replies with a Yes, then

At [Company Name], we build enduring client relationships based on integrity, experience, and trust by providing objective advice and superior service that lead our clients to the achievement of their financial goals.

Tips for Financial Advisors (Cold Calling)

Cold Calling is a part of the training for Financial Advisors. However, being successful in it depends entirely on them. Therefore, these are some helpful tips that will assist you while you are talking to a prospect:


Question Them: People love talking about their life and themselves. So, before you start trying to market your investment plans, ask them something specific. Such as, how was their day, etc.

Positivity: Having a positive attitude goes a long way. It helps in conversing with a happy tone which the recipient can feel while talking to you. This, in turn, makes it easier to secure a lead. However, keeping up the positivity can be a daunting task. Furthermore, there will be many No’s before some Yes. So, you shouldn’t give up so easily.

Having a Leads List: The most important tip for cold calling is having a list to cold call script! And our leads list would come in handy in this scenario. Plus, these lists are cheap and cost-effective!

Call Script: Last, but not least, is using an effective cold call script. A call script not only improves the chances of converting a prospect into a significant lead. But also, helps one keep track of what they are saying to the customer. And it so happens that a call script keeps check of the ultimate objective: securing a sale. It controls the direction of the conversation. Moreover, we hope the examples that have been provided would aid in making a successful cold call script.

That’s all for now. Now you have 6 CallScripts for Financial Advisors in the palm of your hands. Do tell us which one you plan to use and which ones resulted in success, in the comments below!

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