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Factors to keep in mind while choosing a Call Center Software

A corporation or a call centre not only thrives because of well-trained employees and executives or excellent cold calling scripts. Other than some of these prerequisites, excellent Call Center Software plays a vital part too. And it doesn’t matter if you are a digital marketing company or a traditional marketing company, you need perfect software to keep your company going.

You want your company to be better than every other company in the industry! This can be achieved by having excellent staff, proper equipment, great scripts, and great software. But, how do you choose a call centre software from so many of them on the internet? Well, worry not, that’s exactly why we are here! We will help you pick the right one for your business.


Call Center Software


Choosing a perfect call center for your enterprise can be a formidable task. However, by reading our selection of important factors you can easily overcome this task.

So, here are the 8 factors to keep in mind while choosing a Call Center Software:

Call Center Software Type

Type of the call center plays a huge role in the increase or decrease of your workforce’s productivity. The type determines what kind of features you want for your business. There are four types of call center you can choose from. They are:

Hosted Call Center Software

Cloud-based Call Center Software

Browser Call Center Software

On-spot Call Center Software

This way you can choose the software which is right for your business. For example, you can choose the Cloud-based call center software if your business takes you travelling a lot or the On-spot Call Center Software if your work involves a fixed working place

Call Center Software Feature

After deciding the type of call center  that your workplace needs, you should choose the features that you look for in your software. These can be Unlimited Concurrent Calls, Automatic Call Distributor, Interactive Voice Response, Queuing of Calls, Call Control, Call Recording, Disposition Codes, Call Monitoring, Voicemail, Voicemail Transcription, Callback Scheduling, Contact Management, Predictive Dialer, Progressive Dialer, Power Dialer, Real-time Reporting, Lead Capture, Call Transfer, Lead Management, Click to Call and more.

The knowledge of what features you want in your software makes the task easy and efficient in terms of productivity. Moreover, when you consider a call center solution, you know what you want specifically and can ask the same from the vendor.

Ease of Use

Ease of Use is a critical factor when choosing a Call Center. You surely wouldn’t want a software which would waste time and resources figuring out how to make it work, right? You want the software to be very convenient to use. For example, a Predictive Dialer helps to dial numbers which have been screened for busy signals, voicemail, no answers or have been disconnected. And predictive dialers with CRM integration would help in organizing data for leads, sales, contact information, and customer history at the same time making the data available to the customer care representatives.

Integration of Business Tools

The one feature that you need in your call center is integration. It means that your software should be able to integrate with the CRM, your platform for e-commerce, social networking websites, and other platforms. The integration lets you know how seamlessly your call center software will work.

Furthermore, if you want to improve upon the efficiency of your operations, you can always select an automated feature for your call center software. For example, say you miss a call from a buyer, the software comes to the rescue by logging the call data and voice transcription in the system. Similarly, when you create a new contact in your CRM, the software automatically updates its database too.

Eliminating Call Delays and Drops

The main goal of a telemarketing campaign is generating numerous leads that can be easily converted into sales. Although, call delays or call drops can make it near impossible in achieving this goal. Therefore, you need an excellent quality dialing software which removes this delay by transferring the calls to the next available agent. It also helps the customer care representative to prepare in advance when the call is routed to him/her.


A Call Center Software is only as good, as long as it is flexible. Flexibility in a call center software is essential because it grants you the power to adapt to any kind of situation. In the case of Cloud-based call center software, the corporation can hire as many employees as you want. That is, you don’t need a physical space for them to work, the employees can work anywhere as long as they have an internet connection.

You can hire the most qualified person for the job regardless of where they are situated. And with the elimination of the requirement for a physical location, you can host your call-center entirely on the cloud and have your employees work remotely too.

CRM Compatibility

A Call Center Dialer which comes with an in-built mechanism for supporting the integration of CRM is extremely useful. The CRM Compatibility of a call-center software determines how easily you can keep track of your contact list, call list, and your marketing campaigns. The compatibility also enables your call-center agents to check detailed information such as prior engagements with the company, call logs, purchases, etc. on each contact.

Call-Center Software Deployment Time

The ease of usage for call-centre software is not exactly enough sometimes. This is because the software still needs to be operational for use. And the time taken to implement the software can make or break its usability. Therefore, if the deployment time is not a few minutes for small businesses and a few hours for established ones, then the software is not right for you. We say that because the longer the software takes to be up and running, the more time, money and resources are spent.

These are the 8 factors you should look out for while choosing a Call Center Software. But, since you have been so patient in reading the post, we are giving you some bonus factors as well!

Automatic Emails

The perfect software comes with solutions for your email marketing campaigns. That is, you should be able to send pre-written emails to your prospective customers and clients while on the call. And this feature is very convenient when it comes in-built with a dialer.

Call Reminders

Call Reminders, or Callback Reminders, is a crucial feature of various software. The feature enables customer care representatives to set a reminder for missed calls from prospects.

Free Demonstration

A free Demo or Trial is an absolute must before you buy the software. The free trial enables the user to test the product for some time. It gives the user an ample amount of time to check out its features and decide whether it is perfect for their enterprise. And if need be, many software companies even extend the trial period. Therefore, during this time you should try out every feature to make sure that it is the best for your company.

Choosing the best software can be difficult, but not impossible. And keeping in mind our factors will make it even easier. However, if you think we have missed out on some factors, do contact us and we will update the same.

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