Manufacturing Companies in the USA with Monthly Updates


If you are looking to market products & services across all 50 states of USA, then the Manufacturing Companies in the USA is just for you. With the help of this lead generation list, you would be able to expand your prospects and double all your sales. We provide you with the database of prominent businesses at your fingertips!


We have eliminated all the hard work of searching for prospects by bringing you a catalogue full of potential clients. And we have done this to make your outbound marketing campaigns extremely easy. With this list of USA manufacturing companies, you would be able to get access 50,000 records of potential customers for telemarketing purposes. This catalogue can be used to maximise all your marketing endeavours.


Our list of Manufacturing Companies in the USA would help you find clients from all over the United States.


Information on Manufacturing Companies in the USA


Manufacturing Companies in the USA

One World Trade Center, New York

The catalogue of Manufacturing Companies in the USA has a total record of 50,000 businesses in the country with their phone numbers. The sales lead includes key informations on various manufacturing companies such as the company name, phone, address, city, state, zip code and other such details. It also includes the unique SIC code of the listed companies.


With the use of this list, you would find it helpful to geotarget a specific business of your choice according to its category, industry or any other filter. These can be from the areas in and around the United States such as New York City, Chicago, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Texas, San Diego, Seattle and other cities.



The catalogue of Manufacturing Companies in the USA comes with 50,000 phone numbers for you to market your products and services easily with telemarketing campaigns. Although, we don’t ensure DNC scrubbing. We suggest that you should check the list once more according to the Rules and Regulations issued by the FTC before you proceed. This lead generation record can be used for cold calling by call centers in the USA.


Compatibility & Accuracy of Manufacturing Companies in the USA

Our job as data brokers is to make your jobs easier as much as possible. So, we have prepared the list of Manufacturing Companies in the USA in a Microsoft Excel format. This format doesn’t require payment of any professional assistance and is used by many in the industry. This list is also compatible with various dialers and CRM tools.


Other than that, we have also given you the option of downloading the list in the formats of CSV (Comma Separated Values); XML (eXtensive Markup Language) and DIF (Data Interchange Format).


Our team of data brokers also make sure that the directory you receive is at least 95% accurate, if not 100%. Furthermore, the accuracy of the list prevents customer care representatives from calling contacts with wrong information.


Verification & Update of Manufacturing Companies in the USA

The list of USA Manufacturing Companies undergoes a thorough check-up of its information. Our data brokers validate each and every data from various public sources before putting it up for sale. And it is done every month.


This list of USA Manufacturing Companies is also updated on a monthly basis. It involves updating obsolete information such as phone number, address, industry etc. This ensures that the data you receive is the latest one. We also include information of young companies in the list whenever possible.


Delivery & Pricing of the Manufacturing Companies in the USA

Our instant delivery service would allow you to download the list digitally in a matter of seconds. You don’t have to wait for your database to arrive through mail anymore. And it is a fast and secure way of downloading the list of USA Manufacturing Companies!


This catalogue is available as a one-time payment. It means that you just have to pay for the catalogue once and it is yours for the lifetime. You can use it in as many ways and as many times you would want! And it is available at a fraction of a cost!


So, what are you waiting for? Buy the entire database of manufacturing companies in the USA at just $99 now!


The U.S. Manufacturing



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