10 Best Tools To Track Your Emails

If you are searching for a great Email Tracking Tool, then this weblog post is for you. However, that’s not all! We at, emailnphonelist, have gotten all the power of an email tracking tool lined up to assist you to create a knowing call.

Here are the 10 Best Email Tracking Tools which will assist you to progress forward:

1. SalesHandy


SalesHandy is one in every of the foremost widespread email tracking tool. It provides unlimited email tracking tool and programming free for period of time. You’ll be able to begin tracking your emails during this three easy steps:

Step 1: Sign in with SalesHandy

Saleshandy Email tracking tool sign in page

You can register using your Gmail account with only one click.

Another way to sign in is by filling up a type that is employed principally if you have got AN outlook account.

Step 2: download the Chrome Extension

Download SalesHandy Email tracking tool chrome extension

Step 3: Refresh your tab wherever Gmail is opened

SalesHandy Email tracking plugin in Gmail Dashboard

And rather like that, you’re able to start with tracking all of your vital emails.

Features of SalesHandy Email tracking Tool:

  • Free Email tracking tool for period of time
  • Desktop Notifications
  • Double tick email open notification in Gmail inbox
  • Reply tracking
  • Customized mute email notifications
  • Email open rate
  • Link tracking

You can additionally export the e-mail analytics report of tracked emails in an exceedingly CSV file. Apart from all this, the simplest issue regarding SalesHandy is that you simply can use it with any email client via SMTP configuration.

There is an additional to each tool we tend to mention, and thus we’ve extra the section wherever we are highlighting the extra Characteristics of the tools.

Additional Characteristics:

Email Planning

You can schedule emails to be sent later using this feature because the name suggests. This feature conjointly comes as a part of the FREE package. You’ll be able to schedule unlimited emails using any zone out of 240 time zones.

Email Templates

Using this feature of SalesHandy, you’ll be able to store those daily emails that you simply have to be compelled to shoot nearly on a daily basis. This could save 20mins of your everyday schedule and helps you get additional productive.

Link and Document tracking

If you’re the curious one, then this feature is for you. You’ll be able to track all the links and documents sent within the email tracking tool. An awfully helpful feature, particularly if you’re pitching somebody.

Mail Merge

Mail merge is simply the flamboyant name of mass emailing or bulk emailing. With this feature, you’ll be able to send up to 5000 customized emails in an exceedingly day.

Automated Follow up

This feature is combined with mail merge and helps you to follow informed those bulk emails by adding up to nine follow up stages. Adding automation to your follow-ups can skyrocket the open and reply rate.

You can take of these functions to your favorite CRM like Salesforce thru Zapier webhook integrations similarly.


Free Plan – Fourteen days Free Trial

  • Unlimited Email tracking tool for lifetime
  • Unlimited Email scheduling for lifetime
  • Email Support

Regular Plan – $9 / per User. It is billed monthly.

  • Unlimited Email chase
  • Document chase
  • Two hundred Emails per day
  • Shared Email Templates

Plus Plan – $20 / per User. It is billed monthly.

  1. All the options of standard plan +
  1. 1600 Emails per day
  • Link chase
  • Nine follow up stages

Enterprise arrange – $50 / per User. It is billed monthly.

  1. All the options of and arrange +
  • 2000 Emails per day
  • SMTP integration

2. LeadBoxer


LeadBoxer is an email tracking tool used for generating leads and enabling of sales that tracks your newsletters and emails. It’s a chrome extension that you simply will integrate along with your Gmail and email tracking tool opens, link clicks, and more.

The best issue regarding this tool is that it qualifies and scores the recipients based on their behavior.

Additional Characteristics:

Track your Leads

LeadBoxer helps you to seek out your potential leads and customers. You’ll be able to capture the behavior of your prospects from sources just like the web site, email, advertising or social media victimization LeadBoxer.


It profiles potential prospects supported their behavior by providing a leadscore. They calculate this supported numerous criteria parameters (specific locations, industry, size, campaigns and additional.) that you simply offer them.


LeadBoxer uses huge information technology that permits you to put together custom filters and use them to phase your audience.


Get real-time alerts once a particular event takes place.


They offer a comprehensive on-line lead generation, sales intelligence and promoting campaign analytics platform which has a feature for account & Email tracking tool thus, they need custom valuation for the answer.

3. Yesware


Yesware is a sales engagement platform that gives real-time open notification and tells you who opened your emails, clicked on your links and downloaded the attachments.

The email tracking tool feature that produces Yesware thus economical is its integration along with your Gmail account. It seamlessly fits in along with your Gmail account like shown within the image on top of.

The email tracking tool gives you access to all open rates, click rates, and reply rates right in your Gmail on Yesware dashboard. This helps you target the most popular lead at the right time.

And some alternative options that build Yesware one in every of the most effective tool are as follows

Additional Characteristics:

Email Templates

Save it slow and might your daily emails with Yesware email templates feature. You’ll be able to A/B check and track the success rate of those templates similarly.

Meeting Scheduler

Scheduling meeting is simply a click away. You’ll be able to produce a tailor-made link with times accessible, and folks will book their conferences with you victimization Yesware meeting computer hardware.

Automated Follow Up

Yesware conjointly has Mail merge with auto follow up feature same as SalesHandy. However with Yesware you’ll be able to integrate your sales calls similarly.

Send Later / Reminder

You can set reminders to emails that you wish to follow up and send them at the specified time similarly. With this, you would let your inbox work for you.

Phone Dialer

This feature makes it damn simple to position a decision to anyone from your inbox. You’ll be able to even record notes supporting the decision outline.

Salesforce Integration

The best feature is that each one of these data is simply integrated along with your favorite CRM Salesforce.

Pricing Plans:

Free Plan – Twenty-Eight days Free Trial

  • Email chase
  • Email Templates
  • Salesforce Correct

Professional plan – $15 / per user. It is billed monthly.

  • Real-time email tracking tool
  • Personal templates & reports
  • Presentation chase & analytics

Premium plan – $35 / per user. It is billed monthly.

  1. Includes professional options
  • Mail Merge Campaigns
  • Role-based permissions

Enterprise plan – $55 / per user. It is billed annually.

  1. Includes Premium options
  • Salesforce inbox sidebar
  • Email and calendar CRM correct

Enterprise + Phone – $100 / per user. It billed annually.

  1. Includes Enterprise options
  1. Inbox phone dialer
  • Call synchronisation to CRM
  • Telephone system integration

4. Bananatag


Bananatag is additionally thought of within the high ten email tracking tool. You’ll be able to use Bananatag to grasp what happens to your emails when you hit that send button. Rather than waiting around for a reply, you’ll be able to install Bananatag chrome plugin for Gmail. Besides this, Bananatag is additionally accessible for Outlook.

It simply integrates along with your compose box and provides you AN choice of tracking the emails separately. All the tracked emails are sent from Gmail or Outlook servers, thus you won’t have to be compelled to worry regarding your emails obtaining blocked or progressing to spam.

The email metrics are given in an exceedingly} very precise manner that helps the user take an honest investigate all the interaction through emails and take the selections once required.

Some other options of Bananatag are as follows

Additional Characteristics:

Email Scheduling

Just like each alternative tool mentioned here, Bananatag conjointly provides email scheduling feature using that you’ll be able to send emails at 1:30 within the morning and also the recipient can still get the e-mail at the correct time once it’s presumably for him to open it.

Email Templates

You can store your day to day emails that you have got to write down nearly each alternative day and save your loads of time. And this feature is additionally accessible right in your compose box.

Attachment Tracking

This feature creates a heat map for the attachments that you simply send to your recipients, and you’ll be able to grasp that slide is that the most participating and what works best for your presentation.

Email Analytics

See the larger image with all the open, click and reply rates and choose that email pitches work the simplest for you.

Pricing Plans:

Free Plan

  • Track five Emails/Day
  • Basic Notifications & Email Metrics
  • Email scheduling

Professional Plan – $12 / Per User. It is billed monthly.

  1. Includes Free plan options
  • Track a hundred Emails/Day
  1. Attachment chase
  • Custom Reports

Team plan – $25 / Per User. It is billed monthly.

  1. Includes professional plan options
  • Track two hundred Emails/Day
  • Role-based permissions
  • Team Templates

5. MixMax Email Tracking Tool



Know exactly once somebody opens your email and acquire notified with this email tracking tool. Take necessary actions consequently. With Mixmax, if you’re sending an email to a group then conjointly you’ll be able to track individual opens. This helps in following up with preciseness.

With Mixmax, you’ll be able to quickly set the e-mail tracking as a choice. You won’t have to be compelled to worry regarding enabling email tracking each time you send AN email. Mixmax conjointly provides period of time desktop notification and Mixmax email tracking feature conjointly shows once your email was opened, what number times and shortly they’re launching Advanced Email tracking which can offer you AN insight of recipient’s geographical data.

Additional Characteristics:

Instant conferences

Mixmax claims to possess one-click conferences wherever you’ll be able to avoid shooting emails to check your recipient’s handiness and set conferences consequently. With Mixmax Instant conferences, you’ll be able to simply share your multiple availabilities and so let the recipients opt for.

Send Later

They have simply supplementary this feature to their tool. You’ll be able to schedule the emails and hit the recipients’ inbox which makes the possibility of them reading very high.


Again, a flowery name of causing the majority emails. You’ll be able to send the drip campaigns victimization Mixmax sequence feature from your Gmail, Google Inbox & Salesforce similarly.

Polls and Surveys

This is one the distinctive options that you simply can realize in these tools. You’ll be able to transport polls and conduct surveys within the emails itself.

Salesforce Integration

All of those options and their results is seen right in your CRM. All the info at one place to form decisions a lot of quickly.


Free Plan – Fourteen Days Free Trial

  • Track a hundred Emails / Per Day
  • Schedule ten conferences Instantly
  1. alter ten Templates Per day

Starter Plan – $12 / Per User. It is billed monthly.

  • Unlimited open and per recipient chase
  • Unlimited conferences Instantly
  • Counselled send times

Growth Plan – $65 / Per User. It is billed monthly.

  • Shared Templates
  • Mail Merge
  • example and Sequence Stats

Little Business Plan – $29 / Per User. It is billed monthly.

  • Customized Sequences
  • Salesforce and Greenhouse Automation
  • Dedicated Account Manager

There is an Enterprise Plan as well, that you might be compelled to contact their Sales Team.

6. Mailtrack


This is one in every of the foremost simple email tracking tool. With no fuss and intensive options. This can be excellent for tiny business house owners, freelancers or solo entrepreneurs, people who simply need to trace their emails and don’t need alternative trickeries.

Simple double tick showing before of the sent emails to allow you to grasp if your recipient has opened their email or not. It’s similar to the WhatsApp blue ticks. This can be one in every of the simplest Free Email tracking Tool and one in every of the favourite similarly for the clean and sleek programme seekers.

Mailtrack utterly works among Gmail and Google inbox. It conjointly tells you precisely once somebody opened your email and from that device.

Pricing Plans:

Free Plan

  • Unlimited tracking
  • Mailtrack signature

Basic plan – $1.50 / Per User

  • Unlimited tracking
  • No Mailtrack signature
  • Real- time notifications

Professional plan – $2.49 / Per User

  1. Includes Basic options
  • Full chase history
  • Support among twenty-four hours
  • Link chase
  • Reminders
  • Daily report

Team Plan

  1. Includes Professional plan options
  • G Suite compatible
  • CRM Integration
  • Unified charge
  1. Account Manager
  • Multiple recipient chase

7. Streak for Gmail Email Tracking Tool



After a less complicated choice, here’s a sophisticated email tracking tool. Streak for Gmail comes with improved options and careful email chase. With Streak, you may be able to grasp once and wherever your emails were opened. Not simply once, however “Where” similarly. A feature that Mixmax and alternative email chase tools are still obtaining around and attempting to implement.

Streak claims to be a CRM within your inbox with its improved options like:

Additional Characteristics:

Integrated With Email Sidebar

Streak for Gmail provides a sidebar in your inbox for higher email chase and shows you a visible history of your messages so that you’ll be able to cram down the knowledge simply.

Sort by Response

You can type your emails by the kind of responses you get. They’ll be classified beneath recently viewed and awaiting replies. You’ll be able to even use the syntax “has: tracking” to check all the half-track emails at one place.

Viewable From Inbox

Everything is visible right within the inbox, and you get period notifications similarly. It’s easy to access, and also the data is obtainable in an exceedingly shot.

Pricing Plans:

Free/Personal plan – fourteen days Free Trial

  • Basic CRM options
  • Email Power Tools
  • two hundred tracked Emails/month

Professional plan – $59 / Per User, billed Monthly

  • Unlimited Email tracking
  1. Advanced reportage
  1. API Access
  • 900+ Integrations (thru Zapier)

Enterprise plan – $129 / Per User, billed Monthly

  • Custom Permissions
  1. information Validation
  1. information Recovery Service


img-9 is another nice email tracking tool. Aside from being a good email tracking tool, it conjointly has the options like email scheduling, link tracking and notification of identical. It works with Gmail solely.

Additional Characteristics:

Email Scheduling

Schedule your emails to arrive in your recipient’s inbox at the correct time by email computer hardware by

Link Click Tracking

With this feature, you’ll be able to resolve whether or not the recipient clicked on the link that you simply sent along with your email or not. Simply hover your mouse over your email tag icon to look at your link clicks.

Real-Time Notifications

This feature allows you to the notifications from your email tracker in real-time. Thus if you’re performing some alternative work on another tab of chrome, Mailtag can inform you the second your recipient engages along with your email.

Pricing Plans:

Mailtag has only 1 arrange that charges you 25$ if paid monthly and 18$/month if paid annually.

  1. Email Tracking
  2. Email Scheduling
  3. Unlimited Ping Sequences
  4. Link-click tracking
  5. period of time Notifications
  6. Auto-bcc To CRM
  7. Govt. Support

9. Cirrus Insight Email Tracking Tool



It is another sensible email tracking tool within the list. Cirrus Insight helps you increase your sales productivity with its options like email tracking tool chase, follow-up reminders, example previews, and far additional. It’s accessible as AN extension in chrome & Firefox for Gmail users and as an outlook plugin for outlook users. Also, they need an app accessible on the Android play store and the IOS app store.

Additional Characteristics:

Follow-up reminder

You can set a reminder regarding taking a follow-up in the future simply just in case someone doesn’t reply to you sent emails. Email Tracking Tool may offer you a fast reminder on the highest of your screen and you’ll be able to take the follow-up then.

Email Templates

If you have got some regular email templates that you simply transport a day after day, save it. With Cirrus Insight, you may be able to share pre-saved email templates promptly.


Starter- $27 per user / Month

  • Email templates & open alerts
  • Follow up reminders
  • Mail merge email campaigns
  1. Attachment tracking

Closer – $45 per user / Month

  1. Attachment tracking for groups
  • Personal scheduling pages
  • Document management

Rainmaker – $72 per user / Month

  • Email nurturing campaigns
  • Save and share telephone scripts
  1. Individual and team metrics

10. Email Tracking Tool


Email Tracking Tool used to focus on the e-mail finding and verification space has currently taken upon the chance to serve in email tracking similarly. This email tracking tool has a supply drip email feature wherever you’ll be able to effectively track all the emails that you simply sent through Gmail.

Additional Characteristics:

Email Verification

You can verify the listing before causing the email tracking tool. They need AN algorithmic rule which can offer your email one in every of these 3 standing.

  • Valid email address – the e-mail is correct and exists.
  • Catch-all email address – the e-mail will or won’t exist.
  1. Invalid email address – the e-mail address doesn’t exist or is inactive.

Pricing Plans:

Small – $26 per user / Month

  1. 1,000 credits
  • Email Drip Campaigns
  1. 1,000 distinctive recipients
  • Verify 2,000 email addresses

Medium – $39 per user / Month

  • 5,000 credits
  • Email Drip Campaigns
  • 3,000 distinctive recipients

                Verify 10,000 email addresses

Large – $69 per user / Month

  • 25,000 credits
  • Email Drip Campaigns
  1. 10,000 distinctive recipients
  • Verify 50,000 email addresses

eXtra Large – $125 per user / Month

  • 50,000 credits
  • Email Drip Campaigns
  • Unlimited recipients
  • Verify 100,000 email addresses
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