About emailnphonelist.com Mailing List brokers, Data broker.

Emailnphonelist.com, the online list & data broker started in 2011 as one of the very few trusted mailing list brokers online.

And dedicates itself to provide a wide range of data-driven marketing solutions as one of the top email list brokers at the most competitive price.

We, sell database which are verified marketing lists for both business and consumer lists.

These sales databases are gathered from over 80 countries.

Our Goal as list brokers

We are here in the market to ensure your marketing dollars gets the best possible ROI.

With us you can get you targeted marketing list at a fraction of the amount you would spend anywhere else.

To help you achieve your sales goals, we have incorporated specific factors in the data for a complete marketing solution which other data broker companies lack.

All our databases are user-friendly and no special software is required to manage or operate the databases.

What we do better than other data broker companies

Emailnphonelist.com is the most user and budget friendly company in the industry.

Aas we provide a wide variety of custom data lists. Which includes but not limited to,

  •    Email list
  •    Phone number list
  •    Telemarketing list
  •    Fax list
  •    Sms list

As a leading data broker in the industry, we maintain a stringent quality check.

All the leads that we have are updated on a regular basis and they are segregated as per business target.

Our prices are the best in among data brokers

Even though we are one of the top notch email list brokers, our prices are still very affordable.

We only charge once. At the time of purchase and maintain transparency in our price quotes.  

Unlike other email list brokers there will not be any extra charges applied for using the data sheets as once you purchase it, it’s yours to keep.

We Lead in the industry with our leads!