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Singapore Company Database


Data Count

  • Total Records: 225,000
  • Phone Numbers: 225,000
  • Email Addresses: 65,000


  • Name of the Business
  • Street address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Phone Number
  • Email address


  • MS-Excel
  • CSV
  • XML Data
  • DIF

Data Accuracy:

  • Over 95 percent


  • data is verified once a month

Last Update :

  • Lists are updated every month.


  • Through Instant Download


Our Singapore Company Database is a comprehensive business database that is designed to take care of all your marketing needs. It is a powerful tool that can be utilized to generate a considerable amount of leads. This lead generation list will help you target the right audience for your products and services.

The Singapore Company Database is your single most qualified resource for generating thousands of leads. With the help of our listing, you would be able to market your products and services with ease. Moreover, the sales lead directory gives you the power to enhance your business relationships exponentially!

This Singapore Company Database is your all-inclusive database for various telemarketing and email marketing campaigns. You would reach potential customers in a very short period of time with our database. Furthermore, this data is compatible with various CRM software used by the call center agents!

Information on Singapore Company Database

The Singapore Company Database gives you access to 2,25,000 records of prospective customers with their phone numbers. Our company list includes some of the top companies in Singapore. The lead generation info includes the company’s name, phone number, address, region, areas, email addresses and fax number (if available). With the help of our listing, you would target specific clients from some of the below-mentioned business categories:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Health Care Centres
  • IT Companies
  • Electronic Companies
  • Energy Companies
  • Media Companies
  • Insurance Companies

And more.

Furthermore, the lead generation list also includes 65,000 email addresses of several prominent business leaders and their associates. And the email addresses on the listing have been checked for spam for your benefit. However, we recommend that you check the data again to conform to the rules & regulations issued by the Singapore Government.


We don’t ensure that the phone numbers included in the Singapore Company Database have been checked for DNC. Therefore, we recommend that you check the database once more to conform to the rules by the Government of Singapore.

Reasons to Conduct Business in Singapore


The Taxation Laws in Singapore is especially beneficial for many smaller businesses. For international businesses, the country offers corporate tax rates which are significantly lower than any other country’s tax rate. The law states that for the first three years of taxable income, non-residential corporations are exempted from taxes. The Government also introduced Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements which protects Singaporean suppliers from accumulating taxes on profits made overseas. This is good for businesses as lower taxes on goods means lower prices.

Business Friendly

The Singaporean economy is considered to be business-friendly. That is, the economy makes it easy for domestic and international businesses to conduct trade. Moreover, the island is home to the world’s second-most competitive economy as a result of its friendly framework. Furthermore, the country welcomes foreign businesses with attractive legal frameworks and public legislation.


Singapore’s unique cultural background makes it a place of colonial history and a diverse population. The country harbors Asian, European, and American cultures. And it is especially helpful for many foreign businesses. Moreover, Singapore has struck a balance between East and West which welcomes all and distances itself from no one.


Our team of data brokers prides itself on providing you with a truly authentic Singapore Company Database. We have accumulated information from multiple public and private sources. This way, you won’t have to worry about whether the prospects you call/email are authentic or not.

Customization & Format

The Singapore Company Database is available to you as a pre-packaged list. However, if you so want, you can ask for a fully customized info as per your wish. All you have to do is contact us by phone, by email or by our live chat.

On top of that, we provide the Singapore Company Database in an MS Excel format. It is an easy to use format, which doesn’t require much technical knowledge as well as paying an expert to operate the data. And that’s not all, you can also download the lead generation data in CSV (Comma Separated Value), XML (eXtensive Markup Language) and DIF (Data Interchange Format).

Furthermore, the list is compatible with various dialers and CRM software used by call centers and their agents.


You would find the Singapore Company Database to be cheap and cost-efficient. We offer quality substance at a cost-effective price. Moreover, the data doesn’t incur any rental charges or hidden fees during or after the payment is done. Furthermore, this pricing is the same for everyone. That is, it doesn’t matter if you are an established company or a start-up business. And investing in the list would grant you greater Return on Investments than any other info on the internet.


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